Are You A Positive Or Negative Person?

Are You A Positive Or Negative Person?

Many people consider me a positive person. How much I remember myself, I have worked out such a philosophy since my childhood. Probably, genes are “to blame”. My mother and grandmother can also relate easily to life.

How to recognize whether you are a positive person or not? I pondered this for a long time. Can I somehow classify the traits of positive people? For myself, I came up with such a table, maybe it will come in handy for you. With its help it will be possible to develop positive thinking in oneself.

You can consider yourself a positive person if you:

– Do not be mean to praise and compliments;

– Respect for all people regardless of their social status, faith, clothing size, etc .;

– sincerely rejoice at the successes of other people, not only those closest to you, but also acquaintances, colleagues, neighbors;

– Do not be afraid to “jinx”, so gladly share your achievements and ideas with others. Do you already know that everything will turn out, why these superstitions?

– find occasions for joy every day;

– Do not be afraid of change in any sphere of life;

– take responsibility for your life for yourself;

– know how to forgive. For you there is nothing insulting in asking forgiveness for the first;

– you keep a diary where you write down your ideas, goals, good events that happened to you, and love to reread it (read this article Learn How to Get Joy and Pleasure!);

– constantly learn something new, strive for knowledge, improve yourself, read a lot;

– your life has a purpose. You clearly understand what you want to achieve. You plan ways to achieve goals and move towards them.

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You have something to work on in yourself, if you:

– do not miss the opportunity to boast of your victories in front of others, let everyone know what a fine fellow you are!

– your favorite pastime – watching TV and “walking” on entertainment Internet sites. You do not want to hear about any self-education. Enough of you school and university!

– it’s hard for you to forgive a person, in your heart you have piles of grievances, which are difficult to get rid of. You consider it a blow to self-esteem to ask forgiveness first, even if you were wrong;

– you often criticize people and their actions;

– you do not know how to control negative emotions. You are often prone to anger, aggression, a strong word may fly out of your mouth;

– Your position: it’s not me who is to blame for doing something I do not like, I live with a selfish husband / wife, I have disobedient children, and the boss is a tyrant. All this – the tricks of fate, villain. You do not want to admit that our happiness is in our hands. It’s much easier to blame everything around;

– it is not easy for you to tell others about your plans. You are 100% sure that the fewer people know about them, the better for the cause. And if you only tell something, it will not come true. Everywhere only enemies!

– you envy people even in small things and consider that many of your successful acquaintances do not deserve the benefits that they have;

– you are afraid of change and diligently avoid them;

– you like to teach and impose your point of view as the only true one;

– you do not have goals, you go with the flow.

I do not in any way apply for a scientific basis on the question of positive thinking. This is so, developments for themselves. They help me to better see myself from outside and understand other people!


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