How to Effectively Manage your Time

How to Effectively Manage your Time

Time management is fashionable and modern. Look at the specialized sites: which only educational programs for the competent planning of their time they are not offered. Teach “all the time” is promised literally for one visit. Perhaps among the “disciples” there are also such capable ones who, immediately after leaving the training, begin to skillfully dispose of the working and personal time and find an answer to the question “how to manage everything”.

They were lucky, because time management is really useful. If you master this science, then in the day will be not 24, but 48 hours, that is, a person will be able to do very much. You do not need to postpone learning a foreign language any more, training on auto-courses and visiting exhibitions. Life will become more focused and shine with new colors. (Often, we miss opportunities because of chronic fatigue. Arrange yourself breathing space.

But to learn how to plan your time competently and not everyone can manage everything. You can go to specialized courses at least every day, listen carefully to the time management guru and sincerely believe in your success, but there will be no result. Why? There are many types of people: hypochondriacs, choleric persons, extroverts, etc. All of them fall into two categories: rationally and irrationally.

The first distinguish punctuality, consistency, striving for order. People with similar characteristics easily master time management. It is enough for them to understand the essence of the issue in order to begin to follow certain rules and achieve success.

How to Effectively Manage your Time

Irrationally – the exact opposite of rationally. They are impulsive, spontaneous, do not tolerate monotony, are illogical. As a rule, representatives of creative professions are irrational. It is very difficult for them to master the art of time management, no matter how hard you try. I belong to this group of people. “Time does not like being lost,” said Henry Ford. Correct remark, with which I completely agree, but here’s how to learn how to distribute it correctly, to suffice for family, work, friends, and self-care?

I also attended training on time management. I learned something about them, but as a whole there was no result. While I was not caught in the same magazine article of a psychologist, a consultant, a lead time planning class. She forced me to review my schedule, analyze its weaknesses and build an effective scheme of work and leisure. Do not think that I turned into a robot, for which the main thing is a clear plan and the goal “to make it all in time.” In no event do I want this and I do not call you. But when I learned to take care of time, it really became in the course of 48 hours!

I want to share the general principles of time management, which came up to me.

60 against 40. Get in the habit of planning things for the upcoming week. Make a list of mandatory tasks that must be completed. At the same moment, give them 60% of your time, and leave 40% for solving unforeseen cases. So you will kill two birds with one stone: first, when a person has a clear plan of action, he understands the scale of the “disaster”; secondly, the 40% of the time put on unexpected tasks will give you confidence, because you will understand that if the time trouble happens, the situation will not get out of hand, the schedule of cases will not be violated. In time management, this principle is called “rule 60/40”. At first I reacted to him skeptically: they say, to lay, in fact, no matter what 40% of their precious time! And suddenly the unforeseen will not happen, why should I lose so many hours?! But I decided to listen to the opinion of specialists.

It turned out that the rule 60/40 very much helps. There is some kind of calm and you manage everything. And 40% can be spent on a favorite activity! (For me, this is reading books, especially on the subject of love.)

“Frogs” and “elephants”. The working day consists of large (“elephants”) and small (“frogs”) cases. They can be simple, complex, incomprehensible, boring, etc. In any case, whatever they seem to you, they will have to be carried out. To time was spent more effectively, experts advise starting the day with the decision of small cases. After their successful execution, you will feel a surge of energy and strength. After all, nothing gives such confidence in yourself, as a result of your own labor. With such positive emotions, it will be much easier to take on a great deal. To also cope with it on “excellent”, break the global task into many small ones and move to the intended goal.

Time pressure is coming! If you can’t avoid time pressure, and you feel that there are only hours left before the deadline, and nothing has been done, ask yourself the following questions:

Can I solve this problem in another way? It happens that in a state of stress, we lose the ability to think sensibly and thereby only aggravate the situation. At my first job I always waited in horror for the day of putting the issue of the newspaper into print. The head was nervous and forced his subordinates to double-check the facts and figures in the articles. There was a mess in the editorial office.

Colleagues were running back and forth, the phone was ringing, not stopping. How here not to get confused?! And I decided to go the other way. I asked in advance all those who provided me with any information, send data to the e-mail. I printed them out and checked them with my articles on the day of the issue. This saved a considerable amount of time.

How to Effectively Manage your Time

The task that I need to solve is really important and requires immediate action or is it rather desirable? It often happens that the manager asks to do unplanned work at the most inopportune moment. Subordinates – people who are servile, have to fulfill. But if you are currently facing a more global task, do not rush to leave it and grab for the boss’s order. They are all different, and you probably already know your approach. My former leader, for example, liked to give out such unforeseen tasks at the wrong time. Most of them were desirable, but not mandatory, and the chief immediately forgot about them. Therefore, I completed important matters, and then proceeded to what I was “loaded”. With the other leader, you could always talk frankly and ask to postpone the assignment due to employment. Always made concessions. More than half of the problems are in our head. Chiefs are also people,

Can I delegate the task to another? Many people are embarrassed to ask for help from others. In this there is nothing shameful. If your colleague has time and he performs the same functions as you, why not turn to him for support?

Time pressure should not be the norm of life. He says that you do not know how to plan your time. Learn this!

And finally I want to give some more recommendations to those who do not always have time, but want to do everything in time:

– If there is an opportunity, work for yourself. An excellent option for irrationals is freelancing. (By the way, there is an article “How to Make Money Online” ). This will allow you to work in a mode in which you are comfortable, avoiding time pressure;

– Irrationally quickly get tired of monotony. To do everything, they need to constantly switch from one activity to another. Such a regime helps the irrationals to be in good spirits and fulfill their responsibilities with a creative approach. Therefore, experts in time management recommend that they take on several projects at once.

Do not scold yourself, if you plan time will be obtained with great difficulty. But do not indulge your own desires to postpone everything by habit for later. Remember your own feelings when it seems that so much time is wasted, and nothing is done. They are unpleasant, are not they? Why repeat the same mistakes? Appreciate your life, you have it alone.

I wish success in time management!



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