How to Understand Men

How to Understand Men

The main rule is to pay more attention not to the words of men, but to their actions and actions. That, in fact, is the whole secret.

If a man, for example, writes you a couple of messages in WhatsApp that he loves you and sends you a couple of emoticons, what kind of work is it for him?

Well, maybe a minute or two. And what volitional efforts? Of course, the most minimal. Although some men, even this is too lazy to do. They put a kid next to your photo and write something like “Cool”.

He is even too lazy to write what exactly, in his opinion, is cool in this photo, that he liked why.

And if the courtship of a man is reduced mainly to this behavior, then proceeding from our rule, how much does he value you?

Most likely not very. (As an option, he is extremely infantile) After all, you can spend a few minutes in the morning, a couple of minutes in the evening, and seem to be paying attention. In this mode, you can “take care” at the same time for 10 girls.

Something like this is somehow permissible before the first date. But if this continues to be the main thing that a man does for a woman, then, in fact, he does nothing and it is clear that a woman should treat such a “suitor” accordingly. I think in this case it’s not difficult to understand a man.

It does not matter what beautiful words the man writes and how wonderful the pictures are sending. Such a man is not suitable for a relationship.

And what if such a man (who does not do anything for a woman) is rich, handsome and intelligent?

This is where the main difficulty arises in applying the main rule on how to understand men.

If a man is rich, handsome, intelligent, etc., but does nothing for the girl (it’s not just about material things), then you still need to apply this rule. It does not matter, is handsome or ugly man, no matter how much money or not. If he does not show enough attention to the girl, does not make constant efforts to win it, does not respect her and her needs, then there is no prospect for developing relations with him. On how to understand, respect man or not a woman, read in the article “5 Signs Of True Love From A Man”

It is not necessary after this to look for a poor and not very intelligent man. It is possible that just another man will treat you quite differently.

And now another option.

The second man does not write any particularly beautiful words, and SMS does not send you messages, he does not send smiles.

He just came to your house, brought some food, helped to do some minor repairs in the apartment and helped something with the car. Even when it comes to the first dates, he will listen carefully about your problems. Maybe find some useful information for you. Maybe it will even print something, try something in some way, etc.

How to understand men

How much time does this take for a man? Already, of course, not a few seconds or even minutes. And besides this, it’s not just a waste of his time. Often you need to show some minimal will, attention, to find information, go somewhere, spend some little money.

So let the simple actions – it is a volitional effort and time labor in 10, and even 1000 times more than in the first example with messages.

After all, to help find some kind of information for you, to select from it an important or even just to meet with your girlfriends, with whom it is not interesting for a man to meet – it’s not the same as licking your photo.

What other features are there in applying this rule?

The second feature is that nothing permanent can happen.

If yesterday the man was spending a lot of energy, time and effort to win you, it does not mean that in a week or a month the situation will be the same. As, however, it happens the other way round. If a man did not pay attention to you yesterday, then maybe today he changed his mind.

Often the girls fix at the very beginning of the relationship, for example, that a man is active and does a lot to get the girl. (or vice versa) However, after a month or even less, things can be completely different. Look not only at what was at the beginning of the relationship, but how things are now. If a man has reduced his investments at times or by an order of magnitude, then there is no point in acting with him in the same way as at the beginning of a relationship.

The third feature in the application of the rule on how to simply understand a man in order not to waste his time on it is to correct the difficulty of some actions in accordance with what a man is.

Appreciates man woman or not, manifested not only in the actions of the men themselves, but in how they are difficult for individual men. For example, if a man is a millionaire, then a gift in the form of a bouquet of flowers for him is obviously greed. If a man is a professional in some area, then advice on the topic, where he is a professional, is obviously simple for him.

And, conversely, of course. If a man does not have a very high income, but he spends money on a girl, if he does not have time, but he allocates this time to the girl, etc., then by such actions one can understand that the girl likes him.

The fourth feature is that it is desirable to take into account basically what the man did himself, and not under the strong pressure of the girl.

The man did something for you after long hints, talking straight into scrap or even hard manipulation and did. Maybe it’s good for a girl or not, it does not matter.

But in order to assess how a man treat a girl, you need to remove those actions that he did under severe pressure. After all, if he helped you, for example, to find some information at work and printed something, but it was after 17 reminders and 20 crying, then this is one thing. And if he did it himself, when he learned from outsiders about some of your difficulties, it’s completely different.

To assess the relationship, you need to take into account basically what the man did himself or at least under insignificant pressure.

The fifth feature – it is necessary to make a short pause with men to understand how they treat you.

90% of homegrown Donjuan, psychopaths and other unpleasant men, can not and do not want to invest in relationships for a long time.

Their strategy is a strong onslaught on the girl, some rough manipulation and all. Further they are not ready to invest in relationships with their actions and actions. Therefore, it makes sense to at least slightly hold their assessments of a man or not fall in love immediately to the very ears of the first date.

And fine, you understand how a man treats you. What to do next?

In fact, this is an extremely important point in understanding a man, so as not to waste his time on it.

If a man treats you well, does a lot for you, you must definitely take counter steps, and not pretend to be a princess, which you need to conquer for years of exploits. What you will do is not so important. Can you kiss a man on the cheek, can you say something pleasant in return, maybe just smile.

If a man does not do anything for you, then it makes sense to think less about him, less to meet with him, to switch attention to girlfriends, a profession, etc. After all, you are not interested in him, and he tells you this quite frankly. (The next level is a constant criticism of the girl, then – reflections on how you do not fit each other and then, in fact, parting)

How to understand men

Summarize. In order to understand a man, you do not need to know much and use some cunning techniques. It’s enough to sit down and record his actions and actions against you just sensibly (without a veil of love). Actions, and not words – I repeat for especially enamored girls!

Write down what was useful and necessary for you man. Again, this should not be a sms message with pictures or without. Write down exactly those moments when you needed real help and support and how the man behaved. This will already help to cut off those who are not serious about you.

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