Do What You Love & The Money Will Follow

Do What You Love & The Money Will Follow

Do what you love and the money will come. A wise saying is really true. It is impossible to achieve success in a business that you do not like. Can a man spend hours, days and years with enthusiasm engage in what he does not particularly like? How can people improve constantly, interested in novelties, continuously raise the level of professionalism, innovation and coming up with different ideas to improve what is – if he only tolerates his job and goes to her in order to get money for the cost of living?

I think both these questions, so to speak, are rhetorical, with an unambiguous answer: “No, if a person does not like what he does, firstly, he will not achieve some really worthwhile successes and wealth. And secondly, he will not experience the real happiness and satisfaction that you get from when you spend hours, days, months and years doing what you like. Doing that from which the soul sings, and grow up like wings, which help to move forward, to explore new heights and conquer the unknown distance. “

So should we do what we do not like? Should we continue to suffer by ourselves, experiencing the greatest discomfort from the unrealizedness of our desires and dreams, and our discontent and dissatisfaction with life to leave discomfort to people close to us? After all, if a person is unhappy, if a person feels that he can do more, he can do better and differently, but he does not allow himself that, and tries to suppress this dissatisfaction with his life in himself – from this he will not become happier. From this, he can not shine with happiness and thereby give people around him love, faith in themselves and in life and their support in new goals and endeavors.

A person who leaves his talents and needs unrealized will sooner or later understand how deeply he is unhappy. And is this what we live for?

Do What You Love & The Money Will Follow

Think, is it why we came to this beautiful planet to remain unhappy? Allow yourself and start realizing your dreams and desires. For this, there is no need to abandon everything and as they say “to start life first”. In the beginning it is necessary to resolve oneself within oneself happiness. First you need to imagine yourself inside yourself, at least in your thoughts, what you want to be. In the beginning it is necessary to allow yourself to realize in your beliefs and dreams that which your soul has always sought.

Dream First, Money Will Follow

Do not be afraid to dream. It just does not have to be not backed up by the actions and the plan of dreams. In fact to dream it is necessary to be able too. It’s one thing if you sit in front of a computer, read various useful articles and books and say to yourself: “Oh, I would have such opportunities, then I would have done it, and that would have done, and that would have been studied, but this would transform, and still here I went here and would have been here. “

And quite another thing, when you do not just tell yourself and others about your dreams, and sit down and ask yourself:

“And what, dear Manaljav, what exactly can you do with your dream?” What can you do now, in this particular situation, to bring the time when your dream has turned out to be a reality?

To what do you Manaljav, that is, you yourself, respond:

– Yes, much I can, most importantly, stop being lazy and afraid of not only failures, but also success. And the possibilities are always mass. But in order not to get confused with you, let’s start by drawing up a plan of operations, or rather, a plan for achieving our dream, and then we will start implementing it. And in order for us not to lose the course, we’ll sit down and reread our records every evening. And we’ll work out the habit, fix every day what was done, what happened, and what does not.

– Well, how do we plan this plan with you, we really do not even know anything about our dream ?!

– Here is the first point of the plan – to learn in detail about what you dream about.

Do you dream of learning how to draw? – You dream. And not only to draw, but still you like to take pictures. And you do not want to sit in the stuffy office for hours, fearing that you will sooner or later be cut, but you want to work for yourself, so to speak, be a free artist. You dream that your work will bring you joy, you want to run around with the camera through fields and forests, take stunning pictures, and then sell them. And you want to paint pictures, and you want to organize your exhibition.

So, to you now the main thing is to decide, to make a choice between these two desires. And in order to determine and make a choice, for this purpose it is necessary to collect as much information about your dreams as possible. When you understand what you are aiming for, then the next points of the plan will appear.

– And if I do not want to be determined? If I want to do both, and at the same time?

– It’s always please, no one will forbid it. But if you really want to achieve at least some success, to become a popular and highly paid specialist, you will have to make a choice in any case. Then, in a few years, when you create a financial reserve, achieve financial independence, you can realize your next dream. But now, in order for the matter to move even in some direction, it is necessary to understand, and in which direction do you want it to move?

So the first point of the plan will be approximately as follows:

“Understand what I really want?” What do I want to do all day long?

After the choice is made, let’s say you decided to realize your old dream and become a professional photographer, you decided on the following points of the plan, like this:

– find out what courses there are in the city for photographing;

– to find at least 5 books on the subject and read them, to finish in detail what will
interest me , and then try to implement all this in practice;

– start saving for a more professional camera, every month from the salary to save at least 20% on a special account;

– to take courses, get acquainted with other photographers, periodically communicate and improve their professional level;

– get a job as an assistant photographer, even in the evenings after the main job, or just for the weekend;

– working as an assistant, carefully absorb all the information, and in the evening at home, the knowledge to analyze and record;

– to study Photoshop;

– find out which photos are in demand among the masses and become the best specialist in this field, etc.

This plan is quite exemplary, and perhaps some specificity has been missed. But it’s not that. The fact is that after you make a plan to achieve your dream, it will be quite difficult for you to just sit and do nothing. And it’s not just difficult, but embarrassing in the first place. After all, you will have a plan, perhaps somewhere you set a date for yourself, to what number and what exactly you want to do. And now it will be difficult to find an excuse why this evening instead of studying special literature, watching a movie or talking all evening with a friend on the phone.

Do What You Love & The Money Will Follow

The plan is the first step on the way to starting to realize your goal, your true dream. Step by step, gradually, you will come to what you dreamed of. And you will become someone you would never have become if you had not been this way to achieve your goal. And only having reached it, only becoming what it should become, inner satisfaction with yourself and with your life will come to you, a sense of happiness will come to you from what you are doing, success will come to you, and it is very important that money will come to you and wealth.

Money will definitely come, as we wrote above, if you do what you like, you will constantly grow and develop in your area, learn new trends and trends, will be a professional in your business, you will become a popular and highly paid specialist. After all, good professionals have always been valued, valued and will be valued in this world. So without money you will not stay. And for your speedy success read the article “5 Ways to Become Financially Independent“.

The main thing is , tell yourself: “Why am I still sitting! Well, I have to lose, because from the fact that I will start at least something to do to achieve my old dream, it will not get any worse. So what am I losing? Yes, I do not lose anything, and I am worthy to become happy. And I am worthy to feel, but how is it to live and enjoy what you do every day? And how is it – to live and do what you like, to be already from this one happy, and even get good money for it? “ – Allow yourself the realization and fulfillment of your desire, let me necessarily, I’m sure you will succeed, just stop sitting and just dreaming, start at least doing something in the direction you are dreaming about. Well, at least one thing, at least one step … and then the second, third, fourth …

I believe in you, you will succeed, and good luck on this difficult but very pleasant path!


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