13 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

13 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Many girls and women received luxurious long hair as a gift from nature. But most of the fair sex have to try hard to grow the length. We had collected the most effective advice from leading stylists of the world, which will help fulfill your dream of long curls in record time.

How to Grow Your Hair Long:

Patience is Key to Hair Growth

“Hair usually grows by 0.6-1.2 centimeters per month,” says star stylist by hair Mark Thousand. He helped “fix” the asymmetric bob Ashley Olsen, so that her hair now reaches the waist level. “An important condition when growing hair – no endings”, the expert insists. Hair should be not just long, but beautiful!

Be friends with scissors

Ironically, the scissors are the best friend of women who grow their hair. No, they will not make them grow faster, but they can prevent fallout. Plated ends make the hair brittle and brittle. “If you choose a wait-and-see attitude, growing your hair, you will eventually get a shorter length than if you cut off unnecessary ends. Sent hair breaks about half its length, “- says stylist Mark Thousand. Ask your master to cut 3-5 mm of hair length every 10-12 weeks. Such a measure will smooth out the effect of split ends, keep the gloss and volume of curls.

Give up the idea of turning into a blonde

Ashen blond and light strands with golden tint look chic. But the transition from a dark shade to a light one can cost you the health of the hair. “When the cuticle is damaged, the hair becomes weak and grows poorly. The less chemical impact on curls, the faster they will grow, “explains Elizabeth Hayertt, a colorist from New York. “Coloring and lightening are two things that you should keep away from, while growing your hair,” stylist John Kovacs said in solidarity with the opinion of his colleague.

Drink vitamins

“Virtually all the celebrities who grew their hair, drank special vitamins. Biotin and vitamin E work wonders!

Use castor oil

“Make masks with castor oil 2 times a week,” advises Mary Yalda, a hairdresser from New York. “Apply oil to your hair and scalp before bed.” This will accelerate growth and will make the head of hair stronger. Before you leave the house, make sure that you have washed your hair well. Oil tightly envelops every hair, it is difficult to wash it off. “

Wash your head no more than 3 times a week

Do you know why you can’t wash your hair every day? “Washing the head 2-3 times a week allows natural oils (the secret of the sebaceous glands) to penetrate deep into the hair, thereby moisturizing it and restoring its structure,” says Dr. Fusco. “But excessive accumulation of secret is also not good.” It can lead to the appearance of itching, dandruff, problems with the scalp. “

Always apply conditioner

“If your hair is wet after washing your hair, it does not mean that you have moistened it,” says stylist Mark Thousand. – After repeated staining and hot styling, the strands become thinner, especially at the bottom. The conditioner helps to replace proteins and lipids inside the hair. Be sure to apply it every time you wash your hair with shampoo.

Rinse the hair with cool water

Hot water during showering and washing the head opens the cuticle of the hair, washing out nutrients and damaging the structure. While water at room temperature gives the curls extra softness and shine. “Always rinse your hair with cool water to seal the cuticle and prepare the hair for further styling,” advises Dr. Fusco.

Take care of the condition of the scalp

“The growth of hair begins with a healthy skin of the head,” – explains the stylist Chaz Dean. Think of hair as a tree with branches! If the soil is good and the root is strong, the tree can grow tall and hard. “Clean the scalp with special means,” – calls the stylist Chaz Dean. Buy peelings for the scalp – they are in every professional line. Such agents stimulate microcirculation of blood in the scalp, so that hair growth is markedly improved.

Protect and protect curls

Wet hair is very fragile, so before switching to styling, dry them by 60-70% naturally. To hot air blow dryer did not bring to nothing your efforts to grow hair, apply a drying agent before drying the hair.

13 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

“If you have to use hot tools to stylize hair, never set the temperature above 230 ° “.

Wake the sleeping bulbs

The life cycle of the hair is the three stages through which each hair passes successively. Stage 1 – anagenesis – the period of active growth, 2 stage – catagenesis – transitional, hair ceases to be supplied with nutrients, and 3 stage – telogenesis – rest period, after which the hair separates from the root and falls out. But to replace it comes a new hair and all the stages are repeated.

Stimulate the growth of new hairs helps massage the scalp. Do it every night. On the wooden comb, apply 2-3 drops of essential oil of mint, lemon balm or sage, and comb the hair in different directions for 10-15 minutes.

Look closely at the means for growth

Before you buy a new beauty product, consult a trichologist or a hairdresser. The beauty market offers many excellent products. The most effective of them contain minoxidil or propyl, amino acids and natural oils. Sell drugs in the form of serums, fillers, ampoules for hair growth. The specialist will choose a format that is convenient for you, which will give excellent results in a short time.

Try salon treatments

Among the salon procedures, mesotherapy is a good result. During a beauty session, injections based on vitamins and minerals are placed in the scalp. The composition of the cocktail specialist selects individually. As a result, hair is supplied with nutrients, grows more actively and their condition improves.

Be beautiful!


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