10 Things You Need to Know About Coffee

10 Things You Need to Know About Coffee

Coffee is an amazing drink, it is drunk all over the world. Someone prefers to cheer up with a fragrant drink in the morning, someone likes to drink it after a hearty dinner. Long since coffee was endowed with magical properties, around it arose various myths. However, there are facts about coffee, which even devotees of this drink did not hear.

Coffee does not invigorate all

It is generally believed that coffee energizes. However, psychologist Jay Hosking conducted a number of studies and made an interesting conclusion. It turns out that coffee only invigorates those who are lazy – then it acts as a stimulant. The experiment showed that those who were initially active, on the contrary, became lazy and became less mobile.

There is another interesting fact: coffee more invigorates women than men. After a few cups, they become energetic, while men begin to doubt their decisions and do not want to do anything.

Interesting fact!
American scientists came to the conclusion that coffee connoisseurs who drink 1 to 3 cups a day a day are less likely to think of suicide. They explain this by the fact that caffeine contributes to the development of the “happiness hormone”.

Coffee expands the boundaries of consciousness

No wonder they say that coffee brings together! It is proved that in its composition there are elements that have a special effect on the brain. They increase the ability to perceive information and analyze arguments. Therefore, it is easier to take someone else’s point of view.

Interesting fact!
Did you know that in some countries coffee is inhaled? For people who do not drink this drink, a special inhaler has been developed. To accept a “portion”, it is enough to pull the edge of the “cartridge” and inhale.

Coffee helps to lose weight

It is proved that caffeine accelerates metabolism, promotes burning of calories and reduces appetite. With regular coffee consumption, fat burns by 15 – 20% faster. If you add physical activity and proper nutrition, you will be provided with a beautiful figure.

Interesting fact!
In Brazil, coffee was associated with slavery. The African slaves labored halfway to the plantations, so that the “white people” could drink this drink.

Drink coffee to cure a hangover

After a stormy party, a man suffers from a headache. It prevents you from concentrating on important tasks and further worsening your state of health. Unpleasant sensations are caused by the formation of acetate under the influence of ethanol. Natural coffee blocks this process and the pain subsides. However, you should not get involved – just drink 100-150 ml.

10 Things You Need to Know About Coffee

Did you know?
You can make tea from coffee! From the leaves of the coffee tree prepare a fragrant drink – to taste it resembles tea. It contains less caffeine, but a lot of antioxidants.

Once coffee was a prohibited product

In the 16-17 centuries in many countries, the authorities forbade drinking coffee. Especially strictly this prohibition was observed in England and Mecca. The authorities believed that the initiators of revolutions were gathering in the coffee houses. Therefore, they dispersed the conspirators and declared a taboo on coffee.

In part this was true. The Great French Revolution was planned at coffee shops, and Boston Tea Party was also discussed there. So to some extent coffee is a revolutionary drink.

How to cook delicious coffee: secrets of professionals

To cook a fragrant coffee with a rich taste, you need to know the subtleties of the cooking process.

Fill the ground grain better with cold water, and cook – on a small fire. The cooking time increases, but the taste becomes bright and saturated.

If you like coffee with a fried flavor, before you pour the grains of water, burn them a couple of minutes in a dry turkey.

Experiment with spices. In Turk you can put a stick of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg. Hold a little on the fire and then pour water. To coffee has a caramel flavor, put 2 – 4 g of cane sugar in a Turk.

Coffee will have a very rich taste if you know a little secret. When the water starts to rise, remove the Turk from the fire. Foam put in a cup. Repeat this procedure three times.

To pour a fragrant drink without sediment, in a round with freshly brewed coffee pour 1 tsp. cold water. Wait a minute and pour over the cups.

To fix the taste, put the Turk on the fire, lightly warm it and put salt on the tip of the knife. Only then put the ground grain and fill it with water.

If you do not like black strong coffee, you can dilute it with milk. Pour in only hot milk, or even better – melted.

Did you know?
It is believed that the most expensive coffee is made from elephant excrement. He was given the name “Black Tusk”.

Mexican coffee

To the ground coffee add a pinch of cocoa powder and cook it in a Turkish. In a separate container, whip the raw yolk – one for two or three servings. In coffee, add sugar and top with a spoonful of foam in each cup.

Coffee cocktail with nutmeg

Pour the coffee, pour into a cup without thick. Whisk the raw yolk with sugar, add to this mixture 30 g of heated cream. Put a few spoons into the coffee, sprinkle with nutmeg.

Did you know?
Irish coffee was invented by the restaurant’s chef at the airport of Foynes. He wanted to warm up American passengers and added whiskey to the coffee.

Latte with Pumpkin

2 cup cold milk mixed with ground cinnamon, nutmeg, cane sugar and baked pumpkin, mashed in puree (2 tablespoons). Preheat this mixture on a small fire, but do not boil. You can add some vanilla. In freshly brewed coffee pour 2-3 tbsp. l. milk mixture, decorate with whipped cream.

Coffee with honey and garlic

This method of cooking is very popular in Turkey. In Turk, pour in 3 tbsp. l. of natural honey, bring to a boil and remove from heat. Grind a small clove of garlic, add to the Turk and bring it back to a boil. After pour the ground grain and heat the mixture, but do not boil.

Pour a glass of boiling water in the Turk, put it on the fire and wait for the water to rise. The secret is to do all these manipulations quickly – then the taste will be rich and bright.

Each person reacts to caffeine in different ways – it depends on the metabolism. Coffee drinkers should remember that the maximum allowable dose is 400 mg per day.


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