How to Attract Money Into Your Life

How to Attract Money Into Your Life

Let’s talk today about how to raise money in your life. And not only about attracting money, but about how positively money affects our lives.

What does the attraction of money give us in our life? And why is somebody in excess of money and attracts them quite easily, and someone seems to be not against becoming a little richer, but for many years the situation in his finances despite his desire has not changed?

How to Attract Money Into Your Life Regularly

As a rule, all the events of our life take place in our head, in our subconscious images and in our beliefs. And if you want something, but are convinced that it’s “embarrassing and bad”, in this case you will not get what you dream about. If you are thinking about raising money, but at the same time feel guilty, that’s why there is no money. In addition, recently, one often hears: “You need to think less about money, let’s take care of the soul, give all your savings to” needy “sects, organizations and so on.” Here, and reinforced your sense of guilt and shame for thinking about money. But at the same time, few people write and say that when a person is poor, hungry and in need of these very money about which to “think of sin,” it is unlikely that he will have time, energy and the desire to think about his soul.

Never thought about why it is customary to praise poverty and criticize wealth? And those people who want to make money are condemned. Did not you think about the fact that most people always criticize and criticize what they would like to see in their lives? I was always interested, if someone like that who loudly screams about “How can you talk about attracting money, because it’s bad to be rich and money is a terrible evil”, if tomorrow a couple of millions were brought to gratuitous use for it? Let’s be honest, without the usual, inspired templates and useless remnants – would you refuse? Understand, in the first place, the main thing – if you want money to appear in your life, it’s useless just like that, automatically chanting mantras and using various rituals to attract money. First of all, you need to get rid of the blocking feeling of guilt, shame and condemnation of yourself for the very money that you dream to bring into your life.

How to Attract Money Into Your Life

I will say so, attracting money – a thing that requires a serious and thorough approach. And if you can’t at first cope with your restraining beliefs, then don’t involve them, but nothing will change. First love the money you dream about. You want them with your whole being, and then they will reach out to you. As they write in one of the books on attracting money: “If you don’t want a green parrot to live in your house, it will not live with you.” So with money, until you want them in your life, they will not be. And it’s useless to repeat that “I want to, but they’re all gone and gone.” So – don’t want. Hence – you feel guilty and condemned for your desires. So there is an image, inspired from childhood that “Money is bad. Money is scary and dishonorable. Etc.”. But let’s look deeper, from where the “feet grow” in all these beliefs,

If you look closely at all to the same authors of popular books on spiritual teachings, to the founders of various sects and trends who condemn you for the desire to live a rich and successful life and call for sharing your property with those in need and suffering, then they themselves are far from being poor, then they don’t hurry to give their property to the poor and suffering. “

We don’t say that you don’t need to take care of your soul. It is necessary, even as it is necessary, and it is necessary to forgive yourself, the life of the people surrounding you, and to love and accept again yourself, life, and the people around you. And to look for your destiny, and enjoy life and thank you – all this is necessary, without all this you will begin to choke and choke with discontent and resentment. But you also need to think about money, about your financial freedom, about attracting money into your life, and about how to keep them and increase them. To think about one’s well-being, take care of your financial independence is a new level of responsibility. So you don’t shift responsibility for yourself and for your life to other people, but tell yourself and the world that you can take care of yourself. It speaks about your growing up, about your new level of consciousness, and not about the usual:

It is necessary to learn to think independently, rather than the generally accepted patterns and sayings from long-obsolete books, TV and radio programs, from the habits and beliefs of our parents. It is necessary to understand and analyze what in those days there was another life and other conditions, but the world is changing, and now, if you don’t start to take care of your own well-being, your financial freedom, no one will do it for you. One option is to leave everything as it is and continue to complain and suffer, play the role of a “martyr” and enjoy your grievances against society, government, living conditions and the entire universe together. The second option is still to think about the fact that you are responsible for your entire life, including for its material side.

So you should not listen to the manipulation of interested people in that you give your savings to their pocket, or that “money is bad,” or buy all the goods from the shelves, which are constantly advertised in magazines, advertising on television and are imposed we in one way or another generally accepted fashion patterns. It is worthwhile not only to attract money, but also to think that with every income you can and simply have to pay to yourself, save money for investment. Just don’t need to think now on the worn-out record: “Money is already lacking, there is a crisis in the country, for investments you need big money.” All this you have been saying for many years, and have come to the state that you have at the moment. Try to stop once and start thinking differently. Understand that, that if you yourself don’t change anything in your beliefs and actions, then, over the years, your living conditions are unlikely to change for the better. Even if you are now working and earning good money, then tomorrow you can get sick, the company can go bankrupt, you can move, and just retire. And then what? Will you have the same standard of living as at the moment? Whichever your active income is now or in the future, it is necessary from today to start thinking (if you did not think about it earlier) about your passive income. And then act, from every cash flow to your personal or family budget, at the beginning to postpone at least 10%, but it’s better if it’s 20-30 or even 50% of your income and only then spend the rest of the finances. Gradually,

You can continue to justify your irresponsibility with beautiful words or sentimental stories and that “money brings evil and spoils a person.” But if to be honest, then, not money is borne by evil, but by someone who is behind this money. If such a person has an ordinary tea mug in his hands and he hits you, you will not say that this “mug is bad and carries evil.”

How to Attract Money Into Your Life

The best thing you can do for yourself and for the people around you is to start thinking on your own. When you begin to think and analyze, you will begin to understand that money gives a lot in this world, and first of all – financial freedom, through which you can devote much more time to your soul, inner growth, development of your talents, to help your relatives and loved ones . After all, if you did not get tired at the end of the day, if you were not tired of the constant despair and forced necessity to work, I think you would have a lot more room in your soul to show love, tenderness, care and attention not only to yourself but also to yourself to the people around you.

Think about what will give you financial freedom? What will you do if you need to work for hire? Yes, even this is not the main thing, just imagine your feelings if you had a permanent income every month, regardless of where you live, what you do, where you go and with whom you communicate. Simply, every month, a certain amount of money comes to your account, and it is constant, it does not require you to exert excessive effort unless you reach the nearest ATM and withdraw it. Imagine these feelings, how do you feel?

When we just went to our first passive income, and I began to imagine this situation, the first thing I felt was a huge wave of relief. And when she imagined it, she began to laugh. Yes, yes, a wave of joy and lightness came over me and I felt that everything around was changing and starting to spin and spinning in some kind of childlike state of light-heartedness, ease and freedom. Then I first clearly understood why children and adolescents have so much vitality, energy and enthusiasm for life.



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