Beauty Begins With Good Health

Beauty Begins With Good Health

It is unlikely that there will be at least one representative of the weak half of humanity who does not dream of shiny and smooth hair, clean skin, strong nails. Women looked after their appearance at all times. Our grandmothers and mothers used mainly means of domestic production. Modern beauties are available in a variety of cosmetics. Of what only did not learn to do it! You will not be surprised by the black caviar cream, the shampoo with the extract from the orchid flowers, the thermal water from the tops of the Alps … But the external appeal depends not only on cosmetics and regular self-care. First of all, beauty begins with health. When the body fails, the hair, skin, and nails suffer. But we often do not attach importance to this. For example, they noticed that fingernails are cracked, but instead of paying attention to one’s health, we begin to cover them with curative lacquer. All this, of course, is also very useful, but until the internal problem is solved, the condition of the nails (hair, skin – substitute one’s own) will not change. And the sooner you take measures to eliminate health problems, the faster will return the outer beauty.

I learned this article from the experience of a close friend. For two years the girl has been struggling hard with acne (acne). What kind of “miraculous” lotions, expensive salon procedures and vitamin complexes she did not try! For a while, her face became clean, and then the pimples appeared again. I advised her to appear to an endocrinologist. Her friend resisted and continued experiments on her face. She really had a hormonal failure. After a six-month treatment, her friend’s skin glowed with beauty and health. Now she regrets about two lost years and money, which she gave for cosmetic means and procedures in beauty salons. But, as they say, we learn from our mistakes. On how to get rid of acne, see advice here “Best Face Masks for Acne”

I’ll tell the story of another friend. For several years she is trying to lose weight. And, a lover of a tasty meal it clearly can not be called. She adheres to the principles of healthy eating, does not eaten at night, sometimes, of course, can afford a piece of cake or chocolate, but quite rarely. Extra pounds came to her after a lot of stress and did not intend to leave. She sat on hard diets (by the way, why fasting is so harmful, you learn from the article “How to Lose Weight Without Dieting” ), Ran in the morning, rocked the press, but did not slim, and, it seems, only gained weight . After consulting with the doctor and the tests it was found out that the girl had a broken blood sugar level. Because of this, she could not lose those extra pounds.

Beauty Begins With Good Health

Therefore, if you encounter such troubles, pay attention to your health. The body gives you signals that he needs help.

If hair falls out

This is a very common problem. Collides with her a large number of women. Every day, we lose from 60 to 120 hair. What if this number is greater?

Beauty Begins With Good Health

Hair health depends, first of all, on the work of the endocrine, nervous and digestive systems. If you begin to notice that the hair remains much longer on the comb than before, contact the trichologist. Now the specialists have equipment, with which you can study the state of an individual hair from the root to the tip. Based on the results of the study, the doctor will make a trichogram and will tell you whether you need to take additional tests and visit other specialists.

What most often causes hair loss?

– First , infectious diseases, accompanied by high fever. Do not be surprised, but even the banal flu can become the reason for the shag. I also had a similar problem. I was always proud of my hair and never suffered from their loss until my younger brother infected me with chickenpox. I was quite a few years old. Adults, as is known, suffer from childhood diseases especially hard. In my case, the consequence of chickenpox was hair loss. It took a long time for the hair follicles to recover, and the process of deposition stopped. And so what I just did not do, nothing helped;

– Secondly , dysfunction of the reproductive system. In the female body, a lot depends on the hormonal background. Any failure can lead to hair loss, the appearance of acne and other similar troubles. If you suspect a problem with the thyroid gland, consult your doctor as soon as possible. For example, with a disease such as hyperthyroidism, hair falls out in huge numbers, and it all happens very quickly. For prevention purposes, include in your diet more iodine-containing products (sea kale, walnuts, broccoli), it is useful to drink medical yeast;

– Thirdly, stress and excessive stress (mental and physical). I understand that my advice to treat everything more calmly, will cause you only a sarcastic grin. At our pace of life this is oh how difficult. But learn to relax and disconnect from problems. Yoga, meditation, various breathing exercises can help in this. Running helps me. This is a wonderful way to put in order both the body and the soul. Remember the movie “What Women Want?”, Where the protagonist, played by Mel Gibson, presents partners with running shoes for running. There the phrase sounds, literally I do not remember, but the sense is such that during the run, each woman can finally afford to be herself, not to think what others will say, what impression needs to be produced, etc. Find yourself such an occupation so that it helps to forget about all the problems. If you have hair fall out, and there are no health problems, think about your state of mind. Perhaps the reason for the smearing of the hair is in it. Learn to see the good in life, and the hair will again become thick and strong. Do not be afraid of psychologists. In our country, the attitude of experts in this profession is still suspicious. But there are situations when you can not do without their help. Do not be shy and if you feel that you can not cope, look for a psychologist and go to the reception;

– Fourth , a sharp decrease in weight. This is probably heard by everyone, but those who want to lose weight continue to make the same mistake: rapid weight loss is extremely harmful to health and beauty! And the skin after that hangs, then no creams and lotions can not restore her firmness, and the mood is always bad, and the hair falls out hard. The reason is that together with the fat tissue during a sharp weight loss from the body and fat-soluble vitamins and minerals, which are very in need of our hair. Therefore, to part with kilograms you need to gradually. Nutrition during the diet should be full and balanced. Make sure that your diet contains foods rich in vitamins A, C, E, F and Group B, as well as iron, zinc, calcium. They need our hair especially. And, as soon as they are not enough, they start falling out;

– Fifth , pregnancy and lactation. Waiting for a child is a great time in the life of every woman. This is a period of joy, tenderness, special happiness. But, unfortunately, it can be overshadowed by hair loss, since the female body gives all its strength to the future baby. The hormonal background changes, there are not enough trace elements, hair start to drop out. To avoid this, take special complexes for pregnant women, eat foods rich in vitamins, rest more and walk in the fresh air.

These are the main reasons that can provoke the shaving of the head of hear. What to do? In one respected journal I once had an interview with a trichologist, the doctor advised taking a blood test for: testosterone, estradiol, prolactin, follicle-stimulating hormone, 17-OH-progesterone, GSH-globulin, DHEA-sulfate, thyroid-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone.

If the weak nails

The nails are broken and broken, they have white specks and furrows? The cause of such troubles most often is a lack of calcium , iron , zinc and phosphorusin organism. These are important elements for women’s beauty. They affect the condition of the skin, hair, nails, teeth, and our mood. For example, if you lack iron, then private companions will be constant fatigue, drowsiness, apathy. You will experience lack of energy from the very morning, yet this condition can be described as a “squeezed lemon”. The main source of calcium, iron, zinc and phosphorus (however, like other important elements for our body) is food. On your table should be sesame, nuts, cheese, eggs, figs, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, liver, raisins, fish, low-fat meat.

Beauty Begins With Good Health

I used to refer to the statement that the condition of the nails is directly dependent on nutrition, skeptical. But when I encountered their fragility and reconsidered my diet, I was sure that this is really so, and the food affects everything, including the beauty of the nails.

Now let’s talk about what to do if the nails become bad. Find out where in your city you can make an analysis of the nail plate on trace elements. This service is happy dear, because in their body contains 86! But check at least those about which I spoke above (calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc). According to the results of the examination, the doctor will see what elements you are missing and will choose the appropriate treatment.

If there are problems with weight

Excess kilograms deliver women a lot of emotions and affect self-esteem. The reasons for overweight are very different. Unfortunately, this does not always depend on us. It happens that obesity appears due to some serious disease, the course of hormonal treatment, etc. It takes only time and patience to restore the former harmony. Of course, there are many cases when women launch themselves. Do not go in for sports, take a great interest in sweet and flour, eat a lot. In this situation, until you change your lifestyle, the weight will only grow.


But if you follow the diet, go to the gym, and the pounds do not go away, pay attention to your health. Probably, at you the level of a thyroid-stimulating hormone (TTG) and an estradiol was broken. The latter is especially important for female beauty. Estradiol is responsible for the condition of hair and skin, our youth depends on it, because this hormone directly affects the process of cell renewal in the body. Estradiol also affects our forms. If the thyroid gland produces it in norm, excess weight does not threaten. In the event of a failure, so that you do not eat, fat will be deposited (mainly on the hips and abdomen).

A little bit about thyroid-stimulating hormone. If you at least once did the analysis on the level of hormones, then the doctor probably recommended that you investigate and TTG. He is responsible for the thyroid gland as a whole. In other words, if the level of TSH suddenly became high or low, it means that the thyroid gland has ceased to cope with its functions. That is, there was a failure in the entire hormonal system. Signs of the fact that you have violated the level of TSH, are frequent headaches, puffiness, fatigue.

If you can not get rid of excess weight, pay attention to the hormonal background. Hand over the analysis on hormones, and also a level of sugar in blood.

If hair grows in unnecessary places

This is a very delicate problem, which women are embarrassed to talk about. They continue to “quietly” struggle with unnecessary hair by various methods, experience, but do not go to the doctor.

Hair is on the body of both men and women. Only beautiful ladies are light, soft, almost invisible. But it happens that the female body suddenly grows hard and dark hair, like a man’s. And some women even have “antennae.” All these are signs that the body has increased the level of male (androgenic) hormones. While you do not solve this problem, to struggle with excessive vegetation on the body is useless. “Men’s” hair will appear again and again. You need to take a blood test for SHGG (globulin), 17-ON-progesterone, testosterone, DEA-S04.

Recently I heard a proverb: “Whoever was not sick, does not know the health of the price”. Absolute truth! When we are cheerful and well, we do not think very much about how to protect our health, so that there will not be any problems with it. The correct tactic will be different: take care of yourself every day, treat attentively to your condition, both physical and mental, and with the slightest suspicion of a malfunction in the body, consult a doctor. Be healthy!

Mr. Manaljaw has significant expertise in representing life sciences firms in conducting world clinical trials and has portrayed health care shoppers in developing ventures in Asia and the geographical region.