How To Attract Luck And Money

How To Attract Luck And Money

Why does someone seem to be lucky in life, someone easily attracts success, happiness, luck, and someone is lurking some failures?

Why does it happen that someone has desires fulfilled, but someone does not?

Why does someone become successful and rich, and someone breaks from salary to salary?

Why do some women in their personal lives and relationships with men all get along well, they meet the man of their dreams, successfully marry and the husband loves them all their lives, gives gifts and tries in every way for the family, and for other women everything is different?

And why does it happen that in one area of life a person is all right, everything turns out as if by itself, he seems to attract good luck and money, and in another, for example, in his personal life, like an eternal calm and no changes are expected?

Why sometimes it seems that someone is lucky to follow someone, but turned away from someone? And what needs to be done to attract and lure luck and money into your life? What needs to be done to make desires finally come true and be performed easily and effortlessly?

But it’s not even about luck itself, but whether we can let ourselves in and take luck and money into our lives or into an area where we are not yet lucky. Can we allow ourselves and allow ourselves happiness, success, love, good relations with people, well-being and fulfillment of desires?

” But can you not let in luck if she knocks at your door?”

Is it possible not to accept an interesting proposal to move to a higher- paying and promising job?

Is it possible not to notice the courtship of a normal man, who obviously is not indifferent to you, although, however, he does not yet know how to take care of something.

Is it possible to stop for a step to the success you’ve been following for several years?

– Of course you can. Many in life, and it happens, and it therefore seems to them that luck from them turned away, and their dreams and desires are not fulfilled. That they will never be able to attract prosperity, personal happiness and success in their lives. After all, only we ourselves can decide whether to accept all this or not.

Only we ourselves make the final decision on whether to take in our lives the gifts and gifts of the universe, or turn away from them, say to ourselves: “I am not worthy of it, I am not good enough (a) (smart, beautiful, talented, sure) for all this. I will never be able to attract luck and money into my life . 

Indeed, it is internal confidence, namely the inner feeling of “I am worthy” (a), that attracts and attracts luck, new opportunities, love, wealth and success into our life. It is love for oneself and the feeling “I am worthy” that allows us to step in when our dreams begin to be performed easily and effortlessly, and luck starts to follow us like a heel.

Each of us has a wish list, about which he dreams. Well, maybe not everyone, then you now have a great opportunity to make such a list. By the way, it is very useful and fascinating occupation – to sit down and how to think about what you really want is yourself, not the people around you. What exactly are your, true and secret dreams?

So, for someone first of all, good health is important.

For someone the most important thing is personal happiness, good relations in family life or the desire to meet the man of his dreams and successfully marry him.

For someone important is success at work, promotion on the career ladder.

Someone is more important to earn money, but someone is important financial freedom and independence. On how to start earning more, you can learn from the article “5 Ways to Become Financially Independent”

In general, everyone has their own dreams and wishes. But sometimes their execution stops and the person starts “like a wall to fight.” In this case, it is necessary to start looking for a reason, and why this or that desire is not fulfilled?

Do you consider yourself worthy of your wish being fulfilled? And not just in words: “Yes, I consider myself worthy to marry successfully, or get a promotion at work . ” It is necessary to understand exactly, but do you really have that deep  feeling of love and respect for yourself and for your desires?

Do you feel that: “Yes, I am worthy. I really deserve this. ” It is a feeling when your body is pouring heat at the moment when you think and imagine your desire as if it had already been fulfilled. It is a feeling when your body becomes like an instrument that produces beautiful sounds in unison with your dreams.

Check all this is quite simple. The main thing is to be extremely honest with yourself and stock up on paper and pen. And then sit down, relax, close your eyes and imagine your desire as if it already happened in your life.

Let’s say you want to meet the man of your dreams, and here you can imagine how a young man at a wedding meets a young man exactly the same as you always dreamed of.

He invites you to dance, he takes care of the whole evening, takes a phone, after the wedding calls, invites you to a date, your relationship develops, and you do not even believe in the miracle that such a man turned his attention to you. “And here is the stop, here, carefully analyze your feelings and write down everything in detail.” Let it be even a small, well, very, very tiny doubt – be sure to write it down. Well, if it is a wave of feelings of guilt and thoughts: “Yes, never this will happen, I’m not good enough for such a man, I’m not worthy to be loved” , then here what can be talked about – write all this in detail, and then start with these doubts, feelings of guilt and insecurity to work.

I think it’s clear that you can represent any desire that you dream about, but which you do not fulfill. Analyze carefully all your thoughts and feelings when you present it as if it had already been fulfilled. Whether it is a desire to increase at work, about raising income, or what to say, about wealth and financial freedom.

How To Attract Luck And Money

Now that the reason is found, we begin to work with it. We begin one belief to change to another.

We will make such a pleasant and useful exchange for everyone – we will change the idea that “I am unworthy”, on the thought that “Of course, I am worthy. I am worthy of all the best in my life, and I’m sure that I let the best in and take it into my life.
And I am worthy of love, luck, wealth and happiness. I accept and draw luck and money into my life
 . ” – This is a very enjoyable exercise. When you say such statements to yourself, a warm wave of love for yourself, for your life and for the whole surrounding world, spreads through your body. You suddenly begin to really believe that everything will necessarily come true, that soon luck will come again, with a new force, will knock on your house.

After all, with the conviction that “I’m not worthy, I’m ashamed, I’m not good enough”, we can not hear either that quiet knock of luck at our door, but even if luck starts knocking and banging on our door with all its might. With negative beliefs and attitudes, with failure to accept happiness, success, wealth, health, etc., we shout over any knock.

Instead of opening the door and your soul wider and letting your luck in, we’ll scream back: “No, you were mistaken, you mistook the address, I’m not worthy of love, wealth and fulfillment of my desires. In general, I am unworthy of you, luck . 

So, that this did not happen in our life, or to fix it, even if such a situation took place, it is necessary not only to attract luck to your life, but also to have time to notice it in time, and most importantly – to open it to meet it, open your body , your soul and your life. Let in all this wealth, as a beloved, long-awaited guest. Become a hospitable hostess, from whom no one wants to leave.

To do this, you do not need much. It is only necessary to say every day 10 times in the morning and evening of persuasion: “I am worthy, I deserve all the best. Everything in my life happens by itself, easily and without effort. All my dreams come true, all my desires are fulfilled. And I am worthy that my desire for this and that (to close my eyes and imagine that the desire is already being fulfilled) was fulfilled easily and effortlessly. Yes, I am worthy of it and I draw luck and money, love, respect, success and health . 

After that, imagine how your body relaxed, and here it expands and as if unfolds. And here luck is a bright, warm and kind wave poured into your body. And now it pours out, shines and sparkles from every cell of yours. And you are happy, you are very happy that luck has lodged in your life, you accept it, groom and cherish, you are the most hospitable mistress.
And luck was so pleased to live with you, that even though she needed to go on, to visit other people, she decided to leave with you a piece of herself, her  lucky beams. After all, it does not cost anything to her. She knows the more she leaves her luck with people, the more she becomes. And now you feel how your body is now, every ray of your body is filled with lucky rays. And wherever you go, whatever you plan, about what you would not dream, these lucky people immediately undertake to fulfill your desires. They help you day and night, they guard your sleep, and guard your everyday life.

And sometimes, passing by a mirror, you stop, look at yourself and say: “Yes, you deserve it. You are worthy of luck in your life, you deserve a wonderful relationship with a man. You are worthy of wealth and financial freedom. And you deserve all the best. Because I love you”. And now smile at your reflection, smile at your luck and you will see how in return you will be sent a smile from every cell of your body of thousands of rays-luck. And you will play, you will start to shine and radiate the sunlight, and new opportunities, new people, prospects, and, of course, new waves of luck and love will flow into this world.

Allow yourself this. Admit and accept into your life good luck, money, love and prosperity. Allow yourself this, you deserve all the best.


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