Ways to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom


The Internet. In fact, the Internet is as vast as our galaxy. Someone uses Internet access to read news, view weather forecasts and find information – that is, for information purposes. Someone uses the Internet more extensively, to communicate with friends, download content, watch videos, etc. – for these people the Internet is a leisure. Some people spend all their free time on the Internet and for them it is an integral part of life. But finally, the Internet can be a way of earning – and it’s true. Next, we’ll tell you about how you can make money online.

Is it possible to make money online?

Very many girls think about whether it is possible to make money online or not? Earn on the Internet is not something you can, but more than real. Start earning on the Internet is much easier and easier than in real life (offline). Why is it easier – we’ll talk just below, in the advantages of earning on the Internet.

To date, the Internet exists a large number of options for earning, most importantly: desire, commercial grasp, painstaking and diligent work. If you want, you can achieve your goals. A commercial grip will let you know where and how you can make money, and also earn as much as possible. Well, hard work is a matter of course, because thanks to him you will have a good reputation, which is very important in most types of earning on the Internet.

Make sure that making money on the Internet is quite realistic, you can read various blogs of moneymakers in which they share information with readers about their earnings: the amount of earnings and its types. On the Internet, more than 100 thousand people have a stable stable and basic income, and this is only according to unofficial statistics, in fact, such people are much more.

If you gave yourself an installation: I want to make money on the Internet and create my own business, then read further about what types of earnings on the Internet are available today. It is possible that something of the offered by us will interest you, or it can push you to the thought of some kind of your business online.

Benefits of working on the Internet

The most important advantage of working on the Internet is freedom. You work when you want and when you choose yourself. You do not need to come to work at a certain time and leave in 8 hours – you set your work schedule based on your workload. Do you want to – work, and want – do a day off, because you are your own boss.

The advantage of working on the Internet is the possibility of working at home. Working at home through the Internet – what could be better? Yes, there are advantages and disadvantages to this, but the first ones are bigger, and they are more weighty. Working at home, you yourself determine: how much you start to work and how much to finish, and when and how many breaks. A flexible and free schedule is the dream of any employee, but it is very important to keep oneself in hand and not give yourself much freedom, as this negatively affects productivity and efficiency of work. If your business becomes profitable and grows, then you can rent your own office and hire a staff and again you will be the leader and you will manage your work schedule.

Ways to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom
Let’s look at the specific advantages of working on the Internet:

  • Minimum starting and starting costs

To work on the Internet, in most cases, no start-up costs are required, moreover, there is no interview as such , which simplifies the process of starting cooperation. As for your own business, the starting costs depend on you and the ambitions of your business. Beginners are best to create a small business, the costs for it in this case will be minimal, but also much less than offline.

  • Convenient form of work payment and quick return on investment in business

The payment for work on the Internet is for the completed task, and immediately. Thus, you do not need to wait a whole month, you get paid for the work done, usually once a day or once a week. As for investing in business, the Internet is the fastest payback, which even the most successful investor of offline business envies.

  • No tax burden

You get exactly as much as you earned and you do not need to pay income taxes and other deductions to various funds – everything you earn falls to you, you just lose interest on transferring and cashing money, but it is not more than 2% of the amount. As for business, then here is the same situation, if you provide services – then business does not require registration as an entrepreneurial subject, you can legalize your business only on your own. For trading activities on the Internet you need to register as a private individual – a private entrepreneur and pay a single tax, this type of activity is not specifically checked by various instances.

  • Wide client audience

On the Internet it is much easier to find customers and customers than in offline activities. If you do a certain job, then for this there are special resources on which either the performers are looking for the customer or the customer is looking for the performer. If you provide services or sell goods, then on the Internet, unlike the offline business, customers themselves are looking for and finding you, your main task is to promote your resource in the search engines and order its advertising.

Where and how to earn online

Earnings on clicks

We decided to start the transfer of possible earnings variants from the simplest and easiest way of earning money on the Internet – earnings on clicks. How it works? You find a resource that is engaged in this activity, where you can learn in detail the principles and conditions of work.

As a rule, the essence of the work is that you receive an email with the links with which you must go and then you can close the tab. Another variant of this type of earnings is the transition through links, with some further actions: for example, to register or write a comment or a response, such tasks are paid almost in double size.

With regard to payment, the price for the transfer for one link is paid in the amount of $ 0.01, the transfer with the commission of any action – from 0.05 $ to 0.10 $. This type of earnings is suitable for lazy people who do not want to get too much into something, but simply click on the links sent, allocating it for up to half an hour a day. In principle, a simple way of earning with the appropriate income. If you want to earn more, then register in several such systems.

Ways to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

Earnings on actions

Another simple and easy way to earn money on the Internet is to earn money by doing something. That is, you either look for customers, or register on the relevant site. The essence of the work is that you need to perform some action: write somewhere a review, vote for something, register, etc. payment for such actions depends on the customer and the complexity of the assignment. For such actions, they pay around $ 0.05, a maximum of 0.10 $.

Earnings on articles

One of the most profitable types of earning on the Internet for girls is the writing of articles. Most often, site owners prefer to write articles – girls. Writing articles is divided into several types: copyright, rewriting and translation.


Copyright is a work that consists in writing articles. That is, you write an article based on the available knowledge, or on the basis of the information on this topic. If you know how to beautifully state your knowledge, thoughts and information received, and also know how to write correctly, then try yourself as a copywriter, especially since today they are very popular on the Internet. Good, compulsory and executive copywriters – immediately hired for permanent work. The price for copyright varies from an average of 3-5 $ per 1000 characters, without spaces.


Rewrite is, in effect, a paraphrase of the source text, with a view to its uniqueness. The principle of the rewriter is as follows: the customer gives you the source text or you find it yourself (all this should be stipulated in terms of cooperation), which you rewrite in your own words. Rewrite prices for today start from $ 1 per 1000 characters without spaces.


If you own a foreign language, then making money on the Internet will not be particularly difficult for you. The principle of the translator-copywriter is that the customer gives you the material that needs to be translated, or gives a specific topic, which sources you are looking for, and then translate the text, linking it to a coherent article. Prices for translating texts on the Internet start from $ 2 per 1000 characters.

In order to try yourself as a copywriter, rewriter and translator of articles – register on a special Internet labor exchange or on the forum where this type of work is offered. To start working in this area, create a topic on the appropriate resource, where you need to describe the principles and nuances of your work, topics you are going to write and prices. Try to register on popular resources, on which a large attendance. Initially, it is recommended to practice at home at home in this activity, writing articles on various topics. On average, articles with a volume of no more than 5000 characters without spaces are ordered. If, however, the pen test showed that you have good inclinations, then boldly try yourself in this niche of earnings, first setting the minimum prices for your work.

Graphics and Design

If you are able to draw beautifully not only on paper, but also on a computer, and also have the skills to work with special graphic and design programs, then try to offer your services on the Internet, experts of this niche are also in high demand.

You can draw designs of sites and individual blocks, which is very in demand in the network, and you can also fulfill orders for the design of apartments, offices and other premises and territories. And, of course, you can offer designer services for creating: logos, brochures, signage, etc.

To call even approximate prices for this type of work is very difficult, since everything depends on the amount of work and its complexity. But, nevertheless, money can be earned quite good.


Another profitable type of earning on the Internet is programming. If you know how to create websites, make modules and designs, and also optimize websites – then practice, and then start making money on it, especially the really good programmers are very few, especially those who are good at this and understand it well my job. Good programmers do not have free time, because they have to wait a few months for order on the order. Although there are not enough girls programmers, they do exist.

As a rule, payment for the programmer’s work on the Internet is done in one of two ways: for the amount of work done and the hourly payment, all this is stipulated in advance and is agreed between the customer and the executor. The price of the work depends on the volume and complexity of the work, but good programmers earn several thousand dollars a month.

Create your own website

Another common type of earnings on the Internet is the creation of the site. Thus, you come up with the theme of the site, create it, fill it with content: articles or files, and after you have enough traffic on your site, you can set up ad units or another way to earn money. You can fill the site yourself, while you can save a large amount of money. If you can not fill the site yourself, then you can hire for this person that the truth will be much more expensive. To delve into this issue, read blogs in which webmasters give recommendations and instructions for creating websites and earning them.

Manufacture and sale of own product

If you know how to produce something, then why not try to sell your products through the Internet !? For example, you know how to sew well, and you have good and quality sewing equipment, then start sewing custom-made car covers – the demand for your products will be provided. First, take the measurements from the seats of the car brand “Lada”, because the demand covers for cars of this brand will be very large. Make several options for coloring covers and materials: for example, fabric and eco-leather. After you have mastered the skills in tailoring – proceed to their mass production and sale. Start the activity with the car forums, where you create a separate theme about sewing custom-made covers. Then the first buyers will leave their feedback, and if everything goes well, then your customers will advertise you. Then you can expand the business by sewing covers on the seats for other brands of cars. In the same way you can sell other products that you produce with your own hands, the main thing is to do your job qualitatively and know what exactly buyers want and where to sell their goods on the Internet.

Internet shop

If you have an initial capital, an opportunity to travel abroad or live there your relatives – then why do not you try to open your online store !? To do this, you just register a private entrepreneur, create a website for your online store, fill it with: a product with a description and prices, contacts and delivery methods, and it is desirable to install online customer support, this is a sign of a solid and high-quality online store. After that you need to advertise your online store. On how to create your online store, a large number of articles are written on the Internet, and you can entrust this question to specialists who will create such a site, as they say “turnkey”. You can sell everything that will be in demand on the Internet.


Mr. Manaljaw has significant expertise in representing life sciences firms in conducting world clinical trials and has portrayed health care shoppers in developing ventures in Asia and the geographical region.