How to Develop Your Intuition

How to Develop Your Intuition

How often it happens that we are doing something or, on the contrary, we do not, and then we regret this greatly. And with regret come and thought that: “There were signs that said that you should not go here and do not do this. And besides the signs there was still intuition and an inner voice that tried to dissuade us. And the strongest internal discomfort that tried to make us understand that we are clearly in the wrong direction that we obviously should not go there, we should not talk with those people, sign that contract, agree to this questionable proposal and continue to persist in our decision! After all, there was an intuitive, inner voice that it is better to refuse, it is better not to look so brave or beautiful, but it’s better to refuse, and it does not matter what other people think about it. There was an inner voice and unpleasant sensations in the body! After all, my intuition works, and what was it not to listen to her ?! “

Yes, except for the inner voice, which tries to get through to us through the noise of fuss and hundreds of “reasonable” arguments of the mind, we still have such a powerful intuition tool as inner sensations in the body of comfort or discomfort.

“But why do not I feel anything then?” Why do not I understand what you are saying now? I agree that there is an intuition and often someone inside of me is so lightly, quite discreetly whispering to me how to proceed, but how better not to act. But how to develop intuition so that it is better to hear it?

How to Develop Your Intuition

By the way, do you know what you noticed? Even one time specially recorded, when she listened to this voice and acted, as he advises, everything was always easy for me, it did not cause any trouble to others, and it brought me benefits. And in those moments when I drowned this voice, as you say “logical arguments of the mind,” something necessarily went crookedly. Yes, I agree about the voice, but here are the sensations … What are these comfort and discomfort feelings about which you spoke and why I do not feel them.

– I think it’s simple. You feel them, but just do not pay attention – this is the first. And the second – you are not yet so confident in yourself to trust them.

“And what am I to do now?” Is it difficult at all? How to develop intuition?

– No, of course, there is nothing complicated in this. To better hear intuition, you only need to know and observe several rules. In the beginning, you have to periodically remind yourself of them and control their performance a little, and then you will like to live easily and freely, that to listen to intuition and follow its answers you will become on the machine. Even when several people gather around you and will persuade you in some way, but if your body will show discomfort and the inner voice will resist the opinion of others, then by that time you will become confident enough and can calmly resist the pressure and their pressure.

– Did you follow these rules when developing intuition? Can you tell us about them in detail?

– You know, at first I had self-confidence, and for this I worked several months to increase self-esteem. And only then I began to develop intuition, and a little later I began to live in harmony with the inner voice and sensations in the body. Before making any decision, I began to consult my intuition, listen to the sensations in the body and the inner voice.

You see, in order to follow intuition, you must first develop self-confidence. When you are confident enough, you will not have much difficulty in hearing the inner voice or feelings of discomfort, but in the external life, make the appropriate decision. Otherwise, as often happens, a person understands inside himself that he should not do something, or one should refuse the request of another person, but he has a low self-esteem and lacks the confidence to follow the internal decision and say to someone “No “.

So, after I increased my self-esteem, it became much easier for me to understand what I wanted and what I did not want, where I should agree, and where I should refuse.

How to Develop Your Intuition

After I realized how great it is to always act in accordance with my own intuition, even when the arguments of the understanding do not always support your decision, I began to analyze the rules by which it works. It turns out that they are very easy to use and easy to assimilate. Look, what I did after several years of experiments, analysis and observations:

The first is self-confidence. As I said above, it is necessary to develop self-confidence – this is the most important thing. Without certainty, even hearing your intuition, you can not follow it. Or because of low self-esteem you will not believe in yourself and that you know better the right decision about your life and your actions. After all, often why does not a person listen to himself, why does not he develop intuition? Because he considers someone else “higher, better, more enlightened”, etc. I agree, when it refers to some professions, special skills and so on.

How to Develop Your Intuition

But as for decisions about the person himself, no one can give him the right advice or recommendation, except his heart, his intuition. So it turns out that a person does not trust himself, does not listen to his intuition and his feelings, but often pressures and convictions of other people, as a result, often ends up in a situation that he sometimes has to “rake out” for several years. So it turns out that, without following the inner voice, and not starting from his sensations in the body when making especially important decisions, a person can not appreciate all those pluses that appear only after he learns to listen to himself.

– Can you give an example?

– Yes, whatever. I think you can get a lot from your life. Let’s start with the easiest and simplest. For example, as for going somewhere or staying at home. Suppose you were invited somewhere, for example, to a nightclub, a cafe or an exhibition, you agreed, but before you give it, you suddenly felt how much you do not want to go there (to go). But for you, the person who invited you is very important and you thought that you could lose it or ruin your relationship if you do not agree. It turns out that you are not sure of yourself, since you think that only because of your refusal you will not need it (even if this is so, and if your relations deteriorate after your refusal, maybe it’s for the best, why do you need a man, who does not need you, but only your obedient submission?).

As a result, you go, but you do not like the evening and you remember backwards that you did not want to agree that somewhere inside you knew that nothing good would come of it, but could not say no to the person.

And the most important thing is that from the fact that you agree and you do not how you wanted, relations with an important person for you will not become stronger and happier. Somewhere inside you, you will expect from him, as it were, a step back, some gratitude or that he (they) “will appreciate, will consider you irreplaceable,” etc. But this does not happen and you begin to be offended and angry, thereby bringing into the relationship at first tension and discontent, and then a complete break is possible. And all that was required was before agreeing or disagreeing, first stopping, saying “I’ll think about it,” and after you understand what you want, calmly tell the person “No”
or “Yes”.

– Listen, and in fact it is exact. You just talked and similar examples from my life surfaced in front of me. Self-confidence, to put it mildly, I want the best, and therefore I often agree to the suggestions of people or requests, which initially cause me, as you say, a feeling of discomfort in the body. As a rule, all this does not end with anything good for anyone, plus I also start to get angry with other people, that I sort of sacrificed my time for them, and they did not appreciate it, they took it for granted. So it turns out that I’m so insecure that I can not allow not only to hear my intuition, but even when I hear it, I still go against the inner voice.

– Yes, but intuition and ability to refuse, or vice versa, to agree, is connected not only with the requests of others. More often intuition is manifested in the fact that you want to go somewhere, even have already decided, have gathered and gone, but the inner voice tells you that you should not go there.
Or, again, sensations in the body. And here in the first place again it is necessary to develop self-confidence in order to even tell yourself that you changed your mind. After all, often a person is ashamed for unknown reasons. He can not even say to himself “I changed my mind” or “My inner voice and my sensations in the body tell me that this should not be done. And that’s why I stop doing it without any kind of justification for myself and, especially, for others. “

For example, you started a project, or began to dance, or play tennis, and after a while there were internal doubts and a strong reluctance in the body to go to this event or continue to engage in this project. But you have already voiced your decision before others and now you do not have enough confidence to say that “I changed my mind”, “I decided that this is not mine,” etc. And you continue to walk, even despite a strong internal protest. And in the end it turns out that the project starts to bring one loss, or you turn your foot on the court, or something like that. And then you sit and remember how much I did not want to continue to do all this, but you did not have the confidence to listen to your inner voice. But he always warns! Our intuition never sleeps, our inner voice always knows best what is “good” for us and what is “bad” for us.

Now the second rule, which should be mastered after you increase self-esteem and gain self-confidence.

This rule, or rather the habit, is to always, before giving someone an answer, stop for at least a few seconds and ask yourself: “Do I want to do this? Will it be nice to me? Will my benefit benefit me and the people around me? ” And here – most importantly, you can close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine that you are doing what you are asked for. For example, you sign some documents, a contract, you give your consent to the deal, you go with friends for the weekend to them at the dacha, fly to a place where you are offered and “roll” in the travel agency, etc.

When you imagine how you are doing something or something happens, try to watch your sensations in the body very carefully! If it is joy, the feeling of spilling heat on the body, delight and rejoicing and to these feelings join and the inner voice “Yes, I want it! I really want it! ” Then everything is clear, this is your true desire and will bring you joy, benefit and all the benefits.

If you imagine the proposed event, and in the body there are unpleasant feelings or the inner voice literally “screams” to you that this should not be done, then in no case do not give your consent. Even if you can not directly refuse, you can always say “I’ll think about it . ” This is the most proven and effective way. You and the person will not offend and you will give yourself time alone to properly analyze the situation and its consequences. By the way, more than once already noticed that in 95% after the answer “I’ll think about” no one will bother you more on this issue.
That is, it turns out that the person and not really something and you needed your consent. And in the remaining 5%, when you are convicted of something, call back and try to convince – you will have time to relax at home in a situation in complete solitude and silence, make decisions and follow the established position clearly.

“Look, it’s really so!” How many times I noticed that many really do not need my consent. Often people offer something out of courtesy and if I refuse, then they are not
particularly upset. It turns out that sometimes I can even strain them by my consent. That’s funny how it goes!

Tell me, if I do not know the exact answer? Well, I listen to myself, listen, everything seems to be right and normal, but there are some doubts, some inner dispute inside of me is happening?

– Here everything is simple. If in doubt, just wait a little. As a rule, life itself puts everything in its place. Well, to be more precise, if there are doubts and you try to
persuade yourself how it is “right, useful and what you supposedly wanted”, then you understand …

– Yes, the rhetorical question turned out. Well, all right, I’m just learning!

– Of course. It’s good that you ask, then you begin to analyze the information received. You earn an information tree, which will gradually grow and expand. Now for you all this is new, therefore, questions will often appear as if repeating.

– Yes, about the questions. And how do I fix my decision? Well, for example, today I was offered something, and the answer can be given in a few days. And if I forget my first sensations by then?

“That’s a great question!” Several times I made “wonderful” mistakes only because I had to give an answer not today but in a few days. And by that time either the first sensations were forgotten , or the determination to say “No” was lost. You know, a very simple method worked. Now I’ll introduce you to him.

The rule of the third development of intuition – make yourself a habit to write down your decisions!

With apparent simplicity, this is the most effective way to live in harmony with yourself and with your intuition. Plus, to develop it and make sure that it actually works and makes our life happier.

Everything is very simple. Before giving an answer, especially when it comes to vital decisions, sit in silence and alone, relax and imagine how the alleged event is happening.

How to Develop Your Intuition

Having caught the sensation in the body, after hearing the inner voice, immediately record them. To write down is very important, it is possible to say, it is necessary. Now no one is pressing you, no one is imposing their opinions, now you are alone and only listen to yourself. After you have written down, reread your decision. Always, when you reread it several times, there is great and I am self-confidence, and you fix your decision in the subconscious. And even if you are “press” the people around you, you can calmly say “no”, relying on the internal force, which itself and worked out a few days before by re-reading its decision.

But, among other things, this method works as your Success Diary. Gradually you will get such records, you will reread them, analyze your life and start to notice that in such cases the intuitive decision was the best.
Thanks to such records, you will not only learn how to follow intuition, but in parallel you will consolidate self-confidence.

– Wow, thank you! And why did not I ask you about this before ?! Wait, I know that you will answer: “It was not time, it was not ready.” Of course, it is. And now I’m ready and I want to learn how to listen to myself and my intuition!

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