Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Skin Care Tips

In the summer our skin is dried by the exhausting sun, in the winter – frosts are mocked, what for to attack such! However, if you properly take care of the skin in winter: behind the lips, skin of the face, hands and hair, no pranks weather you will not harm. Proper care in winter for the skin of the face and body, and let yourself frost draws on the windows of elaborate patterns, and your skin is protected and it does not frighten the temperature “minus”! Do not forget about proper nutrition, it is very important for the beauty of the skin.

Winter Skin Care Tips

So, in the winter, frosty time, there are nuances of skin care for the face and body. After all, if in hot, dry weather the emphasis is on moisturizing, then in the frost it is necessary to nourish the skin. But let’s start in order:

Washing with water in winter is best replaced with tonic

The most important rule of skin care in winter – to try to replace the morning and evening washing with water to rub the face with milk, cream and tonic.

Cosmetologists advise: if you wash yourself, using special means, it is better to do it 40 minutes before going out. Since water removes a thin hydrolyside film that protects our skin. For the same reason, you can not use products that contain alcohol.

As for creams, in winter, the emphasis is better on nutrients. Although the moisturizing of the skin is also not to be forgotten. In the morning it is recommended to use a nutritious cream, and in the evening it can be moisturizing. The main taboos for the skin in winter: do not use cosmetics that contain gel forms.

There is also a list of procedures that are worth doing in winter, for example, chemical peeling. In summer it is not recommended because of the influence of ultraviolet rays on the skin, and the winter time for this procedure is just right. Moreover, deeper peeling requires several sessions. By the way, some are afraid of this procedure, because peeling is a kind of skin burn. But if you find a good specialist, then you should not be afraid. Even on the contrary: peeling is a very good healing procedure for the skin.
To the skin on the body was smooth to the spring, it’s already worthwhile to think about photo and laser hair removal in the winter.

Make permanent make-up and tattoo better, too, in the cold season. In summer, the sun and the places where tattoos and permanent make-up have been made affect the skin negatively, it is necessary to hide it. Winter does not have to do this, and the risk of entering bacteria is reduced to a minimum.

From cosmetic procedures in winter are also well suited: once a week scrub, and nourishing masks are much more common.

A mask for the face with the Crimean grass – camomile will suit well. It is necessary to take one yolk and carefully grind with one teaspoon of any vegetable oil. In this mixture, gradually enter one teaspoon of chamomile extract. That’s all. Now apply a thin layer of mask to the skin of the face, and after 10-15 minutes remove the tea room temperature solution. In conclusion, we put on the skin cream. By the way, after such a mask it is possible and even better to use a moisturizing cream.

Who has a very peeling and dry skin in winter, a banana mask will do. Prepare it is simple: we crush a quarter of a banana and mix it with 1 teaspoon of nutritious cream. Add three drops of olive oil and lemon juice. Leave on the face for 15-20 minutes and wash off with warm water. To learn how to cook homemade mask, read  this article.

Very simple lemon mask, besides the nutritional properties, it has a rejuvenating effect. A teaspoon of lemon juice is mixed with a teaspoon of fat cream and a spoonful of sour cream. Apply to the face for 15-20 minutes, and rinse with warm water. If you are over 30, skin care should be more active than at a young age.

For dry facial skin, a panacea will be a mask: take apple juice (a teaspoonful) and stir with two teaspoons of cottage cheese, as well as half an egg yolk and a teaspoon of camphor oil. At 15-20 per skin, then wash off. Dry skin requires particularly delicate care. She is afraid of aggressive cosmetics, frequent scrubs.

Winter Skin Care Tips

The skin under the eyes in winter also needs special care, because on the eyelids we have very thin skin and the first wrinkles – crow’s feet, appear just under the eyes.

You can make contrasting lotions for ever. Warm – from milk, cold – from sage. Fill one teaspoon of sage leaves with a glass of boiling water and insist 2-3 hours, after which we filter. We start with warm lotions, finish with cold ones. Within a month, you need to make 5-6 contrasting lotions the day before bedtime.

Do not forget about the lips, which in the winter from the cold become rough and faded, so – the girls, we put on the fondant! And preferably fatty and with vitamin E.

If the lips crack, we do a massage in the morning. For one minute, easily massage your lips with a soft toothbrush dipped in cold boiled water. Then we apply on the lips the oil of sweet almonds with one drop of essential oil of lavender. This will increase blood circulation and give lips a succulence.

Handles smooth, like silk

Beyond the hands in winter, care is not less careful, because in the cold they dry much faster than skin on the face. To the skin on the hands does not dry, in the first place do not forget about gloves. And they should not be worn in the cold, but at home, intending to go out into the street. As doctors say, dermatologists, in winter it is necessary to make masks not only for face, eyelids and hair, but also at least twice a week for hands.

Here is the recipe for one of the nourishing masks for pens. You will need a dessert spoon of Crimean honey and one yolk. In the resulting mass we add oat flakes, crushed in a coffee grinder. We put the mixture on hands and massage them for ten minutes. Then wash off with a contrast shower and wipe your hands with warm vegetable oil – olive, apricot or peach. It is important not to allow this mask to harden. Do this for a month.

To wash your hands, it is better to use a mild liquid soap, and apply the cream on your hands at least three times a day.

If your hands turn red in the cold, you need to increase blood circulation. Contrast baths will help. It is necessary to fill two basins with water: one pour hot, about 38 degrees, in the other – cold, 15 degrees. Keep hands in each basin for several seconds. We do not less than fifteen alternations. It will be better if the broth of dry nettle is added to hot water, and the oak bark in the cold water.

Frost will not spoil the long braid

And in conclusion I want to say a little about the hair care in winter.

Cap … It is very important not to forget about the headdress, as with the onset of colds, the circulation of the head is disturbed. However, going into the room and being there for a long time, it needs to be removed so that the head does not sweat – it also affects the hair badly. They become dull, lifeless and more quickly contaminated.

Winter Skin Care Tips

Hairdressers advise that hair in winter should be shiny, alive, you need to regularly use moisturizing and nourishing balms and conditioners, and once a week with special nutritional and restoring serums. By the way, after winter, women often face hair loss. To avoid this, take preventive measures now.

You can prepare a hair mask at home. For this, in the broth of chamomile and nettle, add a few drops of almond oil or vitamin E, which can be bought at the pharmacy. To all mass we add the crushed black bread. Apply to the hair for 20-30 minutes, and rinse with warm water.

To the hair were silky and shiny as well, a mask of real Crimean honey and yolks will help. 2 tablespoons of honey connect with one yolk. Then rub it into the scalp and the tips of the hair. We keep this mask for a maximum of 30 minutes and wash it off.

If the hair is greasy and quickly contaminated at the roots, but brittle at the ends, then you can apply a few drops of essential oil of bergamot and lemon, as well as crushed black bread, into the nettle decoction.

No matter what the weather outside the window, you can remain beautiful at any time of the year. The most important thing is not to be lazy and find time for yourself. And the result will not take long!

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