How to Travel as Cheaply as Possible

How to Travel as Cheaply as Possible

A few years ago, a trip to Southeast Asia seemed something difficult and accessible to everyone. Still, long-distance flight and cheap flights forced many tourists to choose to travel to such untwisted resorts as Turkey and Egypt. Well, such overseas destinations as Mexico, Peru, Singapore, Malaysia and a number of others remained for a long time not such popular destinations among Russian tourists, although highly desirable.

And the reason actually lies, in particular, in the fact that when buying a ticket from a tour operator, a person overpays significantly, than if he planned to rest independently. Time goes by and trends change. The tourist has now become more bold, active and independent. Also understands that it is possible to travel cheaply, buying tickets and planning hotels independently.

Laziness and fear are the main reasons for making vacationers overpay for a trip to distant countries. Like, but how and who will meet there, and how to get to the hotel, will there be all the conditions, and if I do not know the language … How many such “if” makes a person turn to intermediaries and save long months for the desired trip.

This does not mean that the tour agency is something useless, by no means. Specialists working there can quickly pick up the necessary tour and book air tickets – this is their own bread. But if you dream of a country and do not have the means at all, you know, you can travel inexpensively. And, to travel alone, it’s interesting, exciting and unforgettable!

How to Travel as Cheaply as Possible

There are several nuances that you need to know when planning a vacation. Yes, rest, if you want to travel cheaply, you have to plan, since to jump “into the last car” by discount tickets is hardly possible.

By the way, about planning . If you are going on a trip with your man, do not try to take the reins in your own hands. Often quarrels during the holidays arise precisely because of the desire of the bridegroom to dominate (and not only during the holidays).

So, for many, the day begins with watching the news, what’s happening in the world. For a traveler, the day must begin with viewing the search engines that provide information about the cost of the flight. It is best to subscribe to their newsletter, because then you will receive e-mail notifications about promotions and discounts.

It is better to book a ticket 2-3 months before the trip. An important point, there is such a thing as seasonality. If you are planning a holiday in Thailand in January, then the ticket will cost several times more than if you bought it in June. Since it is winter that is considered to be the highest season in this country, and the summer on the contrary is low, due to the fact that in these months the rains begin. The same is true of Greece, Malta, Cyprus and other Mediterranean countries. In early spring, when the sea is not yet so warm that you can swim comfortably in it, the ticket price will be cheaper than at the height of the season.

We recommend to read the article “Summer Vacation Ideas”

Keep in mind that the cheapest days for departure are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday . But tickets for the weekend or Monday are usually much more expensive. Do not be lazy and check the neighboring dates of departure, it happens that, for example, on September 9, the ticket is sold at one price, and the 10th or 11th on the other and slightly lower.

Also tickets are worth buying round trip, so you will save on the trip. Check also flights with a transfer, it happens that they are also cheaper than a direct flight.

Actually, the air ticket is the main waste on a trip, so to find a ticket at a low price, of course, you will have to make trouble and spend a lot of time searching, but it’s worth it.

How to Travel as Cheaply as Possible

This is another tip: let you have a folder with all your passport data, members of your family or friends with whom you are planning a trip on your computer desktop. This will save you time, filling in the necessary boxes when you make a ticket. And do not have to call “Vasya” with a request to dictate to you his passport data, while hearing that he is at the other end of the city and to the house where his passport is getting only in the evening. And during this time the desired ticket can go into other hands.

Monitor search sites should be not once a day, but at least twice.

Now about the visa. Again, if you open it yourself through the consulate, it will cost you less. The main thing is to carefully study the list of necessary documents that must be submitted to the consulate. And do not think that the intermediary agency will agree better than you, so that there is no denial of the visa. They just for you carry the documents and all. And the cost of their services, it turns out to be considerable.


There are two options: either book the room you chose in a particular hotel immediately (or hotels), or look for a variant of accommodation at the place of arrival. The latter concerns those travelers who do not sweep out force majeure or changes in the route.

To travel cheaply, you need to book independently and hotels. As for hotel reservations, there are also search engine sites that give you the best deals. Such, for example, as: or

There is still a variant of the reservation not of the rooms in the hotel, but of private housing.Such proposals are also enough, moreover, are offered as simple rooms, and villas, cottages and even … boats and yachts with cabins. You can use the services of the site

And if you plan not to stay in one city for more than one or two days – then, as an option, you can use the information on the resource Couchsurfing –

Who watched the program “Eagle and tails” probably for several times saw how the hosts stopped to spend the night with local residents who were found on this resource. What for it is necessary local?

Firstly , new acquaintances, and even more so with foreigners, are always interesting. Who, as not the local native speaker of the language and traditions, you can find reliable information about the country and the mass of phishing that are not in the guidebooks.

And secondly , who knows, maybe, having met some local you will meet your love?

As for the search for housing on the site – there will have to spend more time, but there is a chance to find cheap housing. However, be prepared to be pretty like the outskirts of the city.

By the way, to make the journey much cheaper, you can save on the hotel if you make nightly transfers (sometimes), traveling to different cities of the country. So you will spend the night on the bus, paying only for the fare.

About the transfer from the airport to the city. Do not rush to take a taxi – it’s always expensive. In each airport there is a budget bus that will take you if not to the center, then at least until that place, there is already transportation from there to all directions.

A tip about luggage. Another tip for making the trip cheaper. Try to take as little as possible things so as not to overpay for luggage and not stand in line waiting for him. One of my acquaintances perfectly traveled for a month and a half in Asia with one backpack. T-shirts he bought in the local market for pennies, so dragging a lot of things is not necessary. You’re coming for impressions, not for fashion shows.

Upon arrival, buy a local sim card or communicate with your relatives by Viber, Skype, WhatsApp. Sms-ki is better not to send – it’s expensive .

Where to eat . Do not think that the inconspicuous restaurant will be something unpresentable and the food there is tasteless. Just the opposite. Local people rarely go to pretentious places, preferring something simpler, but tastier.

And one more tip. Before you go on a trip to the country of your dreams – study it, read the forum Vinsky, where travelers share their impressions of independent tours. Perhaps it’s easier for you to plan and make a route. Knowing how to get to specific places, you can visit the sights yourself, without overpaying guides.

The more knowledge you have about the country, and not from trivial guidebooks, but based on the information experienced, the more likely you will save money on the trip, knowing the pitfalls and loopholes, where and how you can spend less.

Travel cheap, believe me, this is real!



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