Homemade Body Scrub Recipes

Homemade Body Scrub Recipes

Coco Chanel once said the phrase, which later became a winged one. Here it is: “Every woman has the age she deserves.” I agree with the opinion of the great mademoiselle. The woman looks as much as she wants, especially in our time, when the beauty industry has stepped very far. Now you can stop the time and prolong your youth. For this, there are a variety of salon procedures, and plastic surgery, and active cosmetics. And every year the achievements of the anti-age industry are becoming more accessible to ordinary people, not just the rich and the stars. (The main thing – to find a good master, because now this area is fashionable and in demand, and therefore it unfortunately there are many non-professionals read.
But the guarantee of youth and external attractiveness is not only in visiting salons. You need to take care of yourself and at home regularly, do body scrub at home, apply nutritious creams. Then the result will surpass all expectations! (Do not forget about sports, even half an hour of physical activity a day will help to keep the body in tone.) A good set of exercises can be found in the article “Exercises for Loss Belly Fat”

One of the main secrets of beauty of the skin of the body is regular scrubbing, i.e. peelings, when you cleanse your skin of dead cells. The skin instantly becomes tender, soft and silky. Just do peelings every week. Let this become a useful habit. Before the procedure, take a shower, or even better a bathroom to open the pores. Then treat the skin with a home body scrub, hold it for five to ten minutes, rinse with warm water and rinse with cold water. If desired, apply body cream. But I do not do this, after peeling you feel how your skin is breathing, I really like this condition. That’s the whole ritual. Just? Highly! Available? Undoubtedly! Effectively? Not that word! What is needed? Only our desire and knowledge of the recipe for body scrubs in the home! Down with laziness!

Homemade Body Scrub Recipes

I do not like purchased body scrubs. They do not purify the skin in the same way as home scrubs (before “creaking”). Therefore, I prefer pre-cooked scrubs. Like any girl, I like to try new recipes for body scrubs at home, mix ingredients. But I also have my favorite scrubs, to which I always return. I hope that they will also like your skin! And be sure to pay attention not only to the body, but also to the person. For information on how to cleanse your face at home, read the article “Skin Care for Oily Skin”

Homemade scrub for body from sea salt and honey

Probably, it’s easier to come up with a recipe. It will take sea salt and honey. I buy salt in a pharmacy, I take a small one. On the packaging should be written: “Sea bath salt”. Mix salt and honey in the bowl in equal proportions (I take two tablespoons of sea salt and honey for one time) and process the body in circular motions, paying special attention to elbows and knees. After the procedure, you will not recognize your skin, it will be very gentle.

In this scrub, you can add ground cinnamon. Firstly, then it will smell nice, and secondly, cinnamon improves blood circulation, therefore, speeds up the processes of excretion of toxins from the body. There is a double use for the skin. Moreover, the cinnamon also struggles with cellulite.

Homemade scrub from mandarin crusts

My must-have. This scrub not only improves the skin condition of the body, but also raises the mood due to its “sunny” appearance and wonderful aroma. (If you are now experiencing depression, which is understandable in winter, pay attention to the article “How to Change your Life?”)

To cook it, you will have to eat tangerines, and this is the source of vitamin C – our main friend in the fight against colds and aging.

So, we overlap the tangerines, do not throw out the rind, but add them to the plate. (Do not forget to wash the fruit before eating, otherwise the mud will get into the body, and the scrub in this case will be a hotbed of microbes!) We put it on the shelf and wait for the crusts to dry, usually it takes five days.

When the raw material is ready, grind it into flour in a blender or electric coffee grinder. On the Internet, everyone writes: chop the peel in a coffee grinder. I thought that it was ordinary, manual. When I did a home scrub from tangerine crusts for the first time, that’s exactly what I did: grind them in a hand-held coffee grinder. The process was long and difficult. Cork did not succumb, and they did not turn into flour (like crushed, but also large). The second time I decided to do this in a blender. It turned out that it is necessary. My friend tried in an electric coffee grinder – she also said that she was suitable for such a purpose. Keep this in mind: either an electric coffee grinder or a blender.

Pour the tangerine flour into a jar, cover and use it! It does not deteriorate during storage.

Dissolve the flour with water to the state of liquid porridge and treat the body. The main thing is to add the right amount of liquid. To define it it is simple: if the scrub rolls down on a body, turns to lumps, means, you have dissolved it badly. Add more water. The scrub should slide easily over the skin.

Homemade scrub from the coffee grounds

Surely you’ve heard of this recipe. Also very simple and affordable. You can use ground coffee, but I’m sorry to translate it for peeling, so I apply the drenched thick.

Dilute the thicket with water and massage the skin. It will become soft and smell very tasty!

Homemade Body Scrub Recipes

The only disadvantage of this scrub is that it gives the skin a tint of sunburn. It’s wonderful, many people will exclaim now, but you can only get your clothes dirty. Therefore, after a coffee peel, I wash with gel and a washcloth.

By the way, you can prepare a coffee scrub for future use. Drank coffee, drained the thicket on a plate and set to dry. Just do not rush, let the thicket stay for two or three days, so that it dries dry, put it in a jar and cover it. Use your health! If you do not dry the dregs, mold will appear, and the remedy will have to be discarded.

Homemade scrub for body from honey and vegetable oil

Mix three tablespoons of sugar and one for each vegetable oil and honey. I often add ground cinnamon, because I love its scent.

This scrub gives scope for creativity. White sugar can be replaced by brown sugar, not to mention the variety that gives us vegetable oil. Use olive, corn, mustard, sunflower – it all depends on what you find in the house.

Do not like cinnamon, but you want something unusual? Replace it with a carnation, too, get an excellent result.

Just do not forget to take care of your hair. Excellent recipes for hair masks at home can be found at http://www.9gac.com/1202

Winter continues, which means that we now spend more time at home. Use it to care for yourself, prepare the body for spring to meet her fully armed! Do not let laziness defeat you! And compliments and admiration from the beloved will be the best reward!


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