Why is Recreation So Important?

Why is Recreation So Important?

Perhaps you have heard about people who died in the prime of life. Remembering them, they say: “He worked hard, did not rest at all, did not know how to relieve stress. For many years he was not on vacation, he was in constant stress at work and now he was overworked . ” People mourn and sigh, but do not make the main conclusion. Recreation is a necessary part of human life.

The one who works hard must be able to rest. Recreation is necessary to man in the same measure as labor. The human body can develop normally and exist only with the correct alternation of labor and recreation. Recreation – this is a powerful factor in the development of the individual and her abilities, health promotion.

Healthy way of life , joyful mood, a feeling of happiness and beauty can not be, if you’re constantly running only. You simply will not have the strength and time to enjoy life , lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy all the delights of this world.

Of course, there are many people who spend their lives idly, but they can also get tired of idleness, and not everyone can afford it. Most people work and, accordingly, need a full recreation.

But, unfortunately, not many people know how to really relax – to get rid of fatigue and stress and gain strength for new things. Many do not allow themselves to recreation, considering it selfish, or a waste of money. Often you can hear the phrase: “I do not have time to rest, if I rest – who will feed the family?”

Moreover, work on wear and tear (the so-called workaholism) is often highly welcomed and encouraged by the surrounding society, despite the constant stress at work, so to speak professional stress. And if you get bored and at best get a nervous breakdown and a hospital bed, who will feed your family?

So how to relieve stress? As you know, a person sleeps and rests for himself. We work all day, earn money, authority, work with children, do a lot of household chores. Only some of these cases are done for themselves. Basically, at work, we want to deserve the respect and approval of colleagues and leaders, i.e. We try for them, and only a little, for ourselves. Mine, wash, remove, prepare food – for the whole family, and only a little, for yourself.

When we rest or sleep, we do it only for ourselves. Only then it becomes good for us to have a good night’s sleep or have a recreation. At first glance, it seems that if we do this for ourselves, then we do not get anything for it . And if we do work for the sake of loved ones, we receive from them love in return. We buy love of our relatives for our diligence. Either we work from morning till night for the sake of material prosperity, being afraid to lose profit during absence from work.

Imagine a working horse, which should bring us quickly to the goal. If you kick a horse, it will run. If you kick the horse harder, it will run faster. If you poke hard and often – it will run at full speed. How long can she ride like this? NO. Then she will fall dead and to continue what we started, for which we slashed this horse, we will need another. It also happens with a person who lays down himself for the sake of family and work, for the sake of material prosperity. The person falls dead. What now, do not try for yourself and the family? Throw everything and do nothing, you ask?

No, of course not. Imagine that you are the owner of that horse and you love this horse immensely. This horse works for your benefit. You will shove it, drive it at full speed? No! You will cherish her, cherish and cherish. After all, you love her and want her to be with you, as long as possible. She will carry you to the fields and forests, when there is a need, but then she will graze in the meadow, because she needs food and rest. To go tomorrow, to meet the dream.

Now realize that this horse is your own life. If you cherish and cherish it, it will carry you where you need it. And it will be good for you and all your relatives and friends. Because love for another person begins with love for yourself.

Taking care of ourselves, giving ourselves the opportunity to relax, we are doing ourselves well. We have a lot of strength to do well to others. When we feel good, we are relaxed, satisfied. We radiate happiness and cheerfulness of ourselves, i.e. We charge relatives and others with this happiness. We have increased efficiency, the head is clear. This makes it possible to work more fruitfully and, as a result, to receive more fruits, which can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Organize your work so that there is always time for rest and it will pay off a hundredfold. When I get tired, I get very irritable and even I can fall on my own family. I really love my family, but in the moments of extreme fatigue I stop controlling myself. I learned to recognize these moments in time and, most importantly, I could explain to my family that I needed a rest. And rest for me is loneliness. When nobody talks to me , does not ask about anything and does not ask for anything. When I am myself with my thoughts, it’s easier for me not to be distracted by anything, to relax.

If there is a possibility, I take the child to my parents, my husband leaves for his own business and I dedicate time to myself. I go shopping or at home I watch a good movie, I read and do homework.

Why is Recreation So Important?

Why is Recreation So Important?I also like to read interesting magazines and books. I do not read much, I will open one or two chapters, I will read and understand that it became calmer in my soul. Even when I read, there is a feeling, as if a stream of energy is pouring into me. An interesting feeling and after that I understand that I had a rest and I have a lot of strength and energy.

Still on my work there is a rule – to nobody to compensate for holiday. And all employees are required to take leave twice a year for two weeks – I believe that this is a good rule! One of these holidays I spend necessarily outside the house to rest, to be enriched with new impressions. Something new to see, something new to try. It helps me change my life for the better. Because It is difficult sometimes to imagine that you can live completely differently, until you see another life with your own eyes. In the following articles I will talk about how I travel and what I saw valuable, which helped me make my life more interesting.

Mr. Manaljaw has significant expertise in representing life sciences firms in conducting world clinical trials and has portrayed health care shoppers in developing ventures in Asia and the geographical region.