How to Break the Fast Food Habit

How to Break the Fast Food Habit

You know perfectly well that all those donuts, hamburgers, french fries and cola harmful to your health? You decide to put an end to this bad habit, we buy whole grain bread and vegetables, nourishing vitamins for three days, but to “break” as soon as you pass by, “McDonald’s”? You promise to myself: “That’s eat one more bag of chips, the last, and tomorrow – no, no”? And then again you dive into such an attractive door eatery, selling fast food?

Do not scold yourself. Habit – a rather difficult thing to try to get rid of her like that, easily. We need to act comprehensively and in stages.

1. Giving up soda

To begin, stop buying and start a normal cola drink diet. Will last at least two weeks.
The next step is giving up the drink in favor of Diet Coke without caffeine. Perhaps you will be difficult in the first three days, if your body has settled caffeine dependence. Overcome this dependence, two weeks would be enough.

The next two weeks will be crucial: if you can survive this time, going to the plain water or non-carbonated mineral water, you can assume that the first stage of the fight against junk food you won!

2. The rejection of harmful food

Try to collect all checks issued eatery with fast food for a week. At the end of the week solemnly take them and calculate how much money you threw at this so-called “food”. Stripped resultant figure by two. Now you are allowed to spend a week exactly half to buy fast food.

This amount put into a separate wallet and enjoy it all week to pay for fast food only that purse! This will help you keep the rush and force to make a choice. And in order not to feel hunger pangs, keep a couple of apples, a bag of nuts – something that can be eaten quickly.

When you get used is two times less fast food, again divide the weekly amount in half. Then – half again … There is no limit to perfection!

3. Avoidance of unnecessary snacking

A revision of their food supplies. What you have is in the kitchen cabinets than you’re used to snacking and stress “jam”? And now try to replace, for example, harmful potato chips more harmless cornflakes. After two weeks, get rid of caramels and buy them instead of tiles of dark chocolate. And so on.

A few more tips:

1. Try to fully eat breakfast, do not regret the time to cook porridge and cut or clean fruit. This will help to hold out until dinner, not tempted by fast food at the nearest diner.

2. Dine at work can be stuck at home dinner, warmed in the microwave: most employers provide employees with the opportunity. If it is – not about your office, then try to find a decent cafe nearby with normal meals.

3. Another great option – lunch delivery. If you do every day is the first, you bring it to his stomach a huge favor. And if you join with your colleagues, you can arrange a free delivery lunches in the office.


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