How to Keep Love Alive

How to Keep Love Alive

How to keep love alive and interest in each other for many years of marriage? You know, perhaps one of the most important for this is the lack of accumulated fatigue and, as a consequence, apathy and disappointment in himself, in his life and, of course, in a partner. Because often it seems that everything is out of the ordinary bad, that everything is going wrong and not that way, and that the husband which is not a steel and special annoys and offends, and children as a conspiracy, not to the street noise and play and they are in the house, and even with friends.

And if in ordinary days you this happy, but when well rested and have not yet fatigued, you are happy to meet her husband and a blind eye to the antics of children, in the days when the fatigue accumulated, you start to think that things are going quite not the way you want. And his life you are disappointed, and love is long gone and the relationship with her husband have no more encouraging.

How to Keep Love Alive?

How you can talk about how to keep the love alive? In the first place, in order that you have the least power to do so and the desire, you need a good rest. At such times, it is very important to stop and understand, but is it really love is gone? Is it true that you are no longer rejoice with the time spent with your partner, or you just do not spend time with him alone?

The fact that a joint life can greatly tighten and time-consuming. And here you are, instead of give up on everything by hand and make joint sittings with the mash up to 2 nights and laugh enough, remembering some moments of your life, instead of all this you say that you have a mountain unwashed clothes, unwashed dishes and a lot of just “super important and urgent” cases. 

Instead of at least once a week set aside for the two of you take the time and especially your relationship, you instead choose the cleaning, washing, cooking and similar events.

You just do not think that I urge you to drop everything and spend days just to sit and talk to each other. No, of course, I’m just saying that to your love in the family remained in it is necessary to periodically pop firewood. And the firewood that will support your relationship, you will be able to throw up when’ll spend alone time with your partner. Do not just watch TV together after work or cook dinner and make urgent chores, or celebrate a holiday in the noisy company of friends.

Do not just shop for the purpose of purchase products and update your wardrobe. Namely, when left alone with each other, turn off the box under the name of the TV, which takes a lot of time, effort and energy, if you have kids, put them to bed and stay only in peace with each other . For information on how to restore energy, see the article “How to Increase Your Energy”

Yes, here are quiet and peaceful minutes and hours spent alone together, really need your family.

How to Keep Love Alive

Try to put the children to bed early. Now, in many families to the child almost ran up to 24.00. In my opinion, it is unwise. Children need treatment. And children need to go to bed at 21.00-21.30 and for children, and for parents, it is the ideal solution.

Organize a small tea party. It is best to arrange it on the floor. I do not know why, but joint sittings on the floor really bring people together, no matter what attitude they were not. Spread something soft, you can for this purpose even special pads in advance to buy, light a candle or turn on a soft light, pour tea or cook fragrant cocoa – and all. No need to arrange a dinner at which you want to overeat and sleep. Just tea, just silence and the soft light, and the two of you.

And talk. Talk and talk to each other. Do not interrupt the partner, because the psychology of communication is very important. Do not force each other to talk to some strictly defined theme. Just relax and enjoy this time, because this night is over very quickly and replaced him come everyday. So whether or not to strain, and specifically to invent something.

Release the situation and just enjoy the atmosphere. Enjoy the voice of his partner, see how his face the shadow play of the candles, remember something from the past and dream about the future. Better yet, list and be glad that you have. Look forward to how much you’ve accomplished, what obstacles and challenges in your life to overcome, and how much, thanks to the support of each other, were able to do.

  Learn to relax and spend time together. For a happy family life, in order to preserve the love and relationship, this skill you just need.

Now we are talking more about the joint privacy and relaxed atmosphere. An environment where you can talk with each other and in this conversation to strengthen their relationship, and can gently solve any problems. For information on how to learn to understand the man, described in the article “How to Keep a Strong Relationship With Man”

We’re talking about the rest, after which there is no desire more rest. We’re talking about the rest, during which the person slows down and stops, starts to hear the birds singing outside the window and notice the sun’s rays, warming his face. We’re talking about the rest, when you just lie down and do nothing. Or sitting, drink tea and soak each other’s presence.

This is the vacation you need to arrange a time to time. Sometimes it is helpful just to be alone, sometimes you need everything to “forget and drop everything” to turn off all phones, send children to grandparents, and right from the morning until the evening to lie in the expanded bed and chat, chat, chat with your loved ones. Sometimes it is possible to hold each other a little foot massage or facial. Sometimes you can run into the kitchen and collect all sorts of goodies and a pleasure to absorb it all in bed. Again, lie and lie again, to dream, to remember and just keep quiet, enjoying the fact that you’re just there and you’re together, you’re next, and everything else … but nowhere else you are not going anywhere. And the fact that you do not today will wash the floor or wash things – nothing will change. Although there is no change can. You can once again be tired, frustrate his irritation at each other and did not enjoy it, perhaps the most wonderful, the output of your life.

Without this ability to relax and spend some time, even if only once a week, just the two, hardly seem to you to live together in joy. Rather, it becomes a heavy and unbearable daily routine, from which, in your opinion, there is no escape. Therefore, in order to not just maintain the relationship, but also to strengthen them, to cultivate, develop, discuss and think through common recreation and delivering each other with joy.

How to Keep Love Alive

Here, let us once again dwell on the fact that as a holiday ? After all, at first glance, meeting friends, joint trip to the theater or cinema, outings are also holidays. And it’s great lesson and a great pastime that strengthens and unites you as a couple. But you must understand that all this is necessary to allocate their time, energy, attention, money and energy. And, despite the fact that you get a lot of positive emotions, such as after hiking and traveling person needs time to recover spent force and energy. And, most importantly, you still do not stay completely alone with each other. In these events you are often surrounded by other people. And while that’s fine, because we live in a society and depend on each other, but it’s still quite different. And it is better to learn to somehow combine these two types of rest than to choose just one, and then to feel that you do something badly lacking.

So relax, enjoy life and each other, enjoy your family and keep the love and relationships in the family for many, many years.