8 Healing Herbs You Can Use Every Day

8 Healing Herbs You Can Use Every Day

The world of plants – the greatest miracle of nature, healing our wealth and the kingdom of beauty. Human life is closely connected with the plant world. Medicinal properties of herbs, empirically established in ancient times, find scientific justification in modern medicine.
It is found that in herbs vitamins are orchestration and do not exert adverse effect on an organism that is noted in the clinical practice for the application of certain vitamins derived synthetically. Consider some of them.

Healing Herbs

CORNFLOWER. One teaspoon of dry flowers poured a glass of boiled water, 20 min., Cooled, filtered. Drink 15-20 minutes. before meals for 2 tablespoons. spoon three times a day with inflammation of the kidneys and bladder. Diuretic charge: 1 hour of these flowers, 1 h licorice, bearberry leaf 3 h;… 1 h. L. collection pour 1 cup of boiled water, half an hour, filter. Drink 1 tbsp. l. 3-4 times a day for 20 minutes. before meals.

8 Healing Herbs You Can Use Every Day

CHAMOMILE. It has anti-inflammatory properties, relieves allergic reactions, eliminates intestinal spasms, used at cold and inflammation of the oral cavity. Broth: 1 tablespoon. l. dried flowers boiled water, insist 10 min., cooled, filtered. Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day.

When indigestion mixture: 1 tbsp. l. mint, 1 tbsp. l. chamomile flowers, 1/2 Art. l. pomegranate peel. Pour 1 liter of boiling water, to insist 2 hours, strain and drink 1/4 cup 3-4 times a day. Laxative collection: senna, fennel seeds, chamomile flowers, mint leaves, valerian root, flowers Helichrysum – all equally. 1 tbsp. l. Pour mixture 1 cup of boiled water, 12 hours in a sealed container, filter. Drink 1/2 cup at night or 2 times a day. At elevated nervous excitability, painful menstruation drinking hot camomile 1/3 cup before meals, 3-4 times a day, or 30 drops tincture (2 tbsp. L. Flowers per 100 ml of alcohol).

When rinsing angina collection of 3 parts of and 2 parts of chamomile flowers of linden: 1 tbsp. l. collecting brew 1 cup of boiled water, 20 min. Rinse heads chamomile extract strengthens the hair, giving them a beautiful golden hue.

Violet field . Greens – the stalks, the leaves are used as an expectorant in inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, diuretic for kidney stones, as well as inflammatory and metabolic diseases of the joints, skin diseases. Dry grass (1 hr. L.) Brewed 1 cup boiling water, allowed to cool, filter and drink 1 tbsp. l. 3-4 times a day. Can not increase the dose.

Adonis (Spring Adonis). Infusion adonis used in milder forms of heart failure, nervousness of the cardiovascular system, insomnia. Adults appoint 1 tbsp. l children -.. 1 tsp. or dessert 3-5 times a day.

It can also be used with shortness of breath, swelling of the lower extremities. In acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the kidney helps mixture: goritsveta 4 g, 5 g of bearberry leaves, birch buds 3 g, horsetail herb 2 g (to calculate recall that Leningrad-1 hour is roughly 10 g herb.) Pour 300 g . boiling water (1.5 cups) naparivat oven 2 hour boil over low heat for 5-10 minutes. Drink 1 tbsp. l. 5-6 times a day.

8 Healing Herbs You Can Use Every Day

Mother and stepmother . In medicine, valued basal leaves and flowers – an expectorant and diaphoretic. Infusion: 1 tablespoon. l. dry grass pour 1 cup boiling water for 10 min., cool, filter and drink 1 tbsp. l. 3-4 times a day in the form of heat. Mother and stepmother is part of the sweatshop and breast fees.

Thoracic collection: leaves mother and stepmother (4 parts), licorice root and plantain leaves (3 parts). Pour 1 tbsp. l. collection cup boiling water, leave for 20 minutes., strain and drink 1/2 cup 2-3 times a day after meals as an expectorant. Infusion mother coltsfoot used in inflammatory diseases of the upper airways, bronchitis, tonsillitis – as a rinse, inhalations. Packs – inflammatory diseases of the veins, burns, wounds. Fresh leaves of the smooth side is applied to the head for headache, juice treat wounds, ulcers, boils, blisters. Hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp is recommended to wash my hair infusion of leaves mother and stepmother and nettle leaves.

Yarrow. It is used as a hemostatic agent in the treatment of gynecological disorders. Used as gastric ulcer and gastritis has analgesic effect, improves digestion, appetite. To prepare a half hours. L. dry grass (flowers, top leaves) pour a glass of boiled water, half an hour, filter and drink 1 tbsp. l. 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes. before meals.

To enhance the hemostatic action of yarrow is recommended to add it extract of nettle leaves. Infusion of yarrow can rinse your mouth if gums bleed, lubricate the wound. Minor cuts, wounds heal faster, if they are to make shredded fresh clean leaves of yarrow, pre-mashed fingers. Tea leaves of yarrow are used in the menstrual cycle and to increase milk production in lactating mothers (1 tbsp. L. Uppers in 1 liter of water).

In acute bronchitis can be taken 4 times a day for 2 tbsp. l. fresh grass juice, tincture or 40-50 drops (1 tbsp. l. of dry grass on 100 g of vodka, insist week). The juice of the leaves of yarrow with honey for 3 h. L. per day are also taking to improve appetite, normalization of metabolism.

St. John’s wort . Astringent and disinfectant for chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, inflammatory diseases of the mouth and gums. The broth is prepared from herbs and briquettes. 1 tbsp. l. herbs pour 1 cup water, boiled for 10 min., ostuzhivayut, filtered. Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. St. John’s Wort tincture of 40- 50 drops taken 3-4 times a day. Mouthrinse take 30-40 drops to a glass of water.
The tumble grass applied to bruises, wounds, abrasions. When cardiac neurosis, palpitations prescribed charge: Hypericum (3 hr.), Valerian root (3 hr.), Milfoil (3 hr.), Balm (2 h.). Pour boiling water in a ratio of 1:10, insist 20 min., Filter, drink 1 tbsp. l. 5-6 times a day. Tea from Hypericum (1 hr. L. Herbs in a glass of boiled water, 3-7 hours), has a tonic effect on the body.

8 Healing Herbs You Can Use Every Day

The aqueous extract of St. John’s wort (3 tablespoons herb pour two cups of boiling water, insist 2 hours, take on a third cup 3 times a day) tested in gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, gastritis, enterocolitis, cholelithiasis, kidney disease, cystitis, headaches, restless sleep. When mental fatigue, insomnia useful tincture of equal parts of St. John’s wort, yarrow and angelica root (zaparivayut spoon of this mixture in a beaker of boiling water, drink half an hour before sleep). To display the dandruff and prevent hair loss, head washed 5 percent St. John’s wort broth.

Dandelion . Young dandelion leaves are used in salads. The leaves were not bitter, they dipped for 20-30 minutes in salted water, and only then finely cut and used for salads, alone or with other vegetables.

Dandelion leaves are rich in salts of phosphorus, potassium, iron and other elements useful for a person, they eat well for those who have a sick liver.
Using dandelion roots as a substitute for coffee. Pre-roasted roots, ground and brewed. It turns out pretty tasty drink.

In medical practice, dandelion root applied as an infusion, as a means of stimulating the appetite, normalizing digestion as choleretic and purgative.
The infusion is prepared as follows: a teaspoon of dried and finely rugged roots pour a glass of boiling water and kept on a light fire for 20-30 minutes. Infusion take 0.25 cup 3-4 times a day, half an hour before meals.

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