Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer – it’s a great time, a time when it is possible and necessary to gain strength for the whole year ahead. All of it is good for the hair only burning rays of the sun can be harmful. And not just the sun … Today we’ll show you how to keep your hair healthy during the summer.

Risk factors

Any departure implies minimizing harmful environmental effects and the use of various means. Consider what may be detrimental to the hair summer.


Sun, air and water – our best friends. Remember? Hair would argue with the author of these fine lines.

The sun – a source of vitamin D, but beyond that it emits harmful rays, including Alpha rays and beta rays. First destroy the hair cuticle. A cuticle – one of the most important components, in addition to the cortex and meduly. It is located under a layer of lipid, which in turn softens hair friction and protect the cuticle from the water. The destruction of this layer leads to a deterioration in the health of hair, they become dry and brittle. Beta-rays destroy pigment, which leads to tarnishing.

If you stay on the sea, it should be remembered that the salty water is beneficial for the skin (due to minerals and trace elements), but it is harmful, because it corrodes the hair structure. Bacteria contained in fresh water are also harmful. Hot air – another risk factor.

Hairdressing procedures

The use of gels, mousses, varnishes latches in the summer is also harmful for the hair.

Coloring hair in summer dries hair.

Using flat, curling, drying in the sun hairdryer – a few more items in the list.

Other factors relates dehydration due to loss of natural moisture.

How to care for summer hair

There are a few tips to help you maintain your healthy hair.

From the sun will help headdress. The mass of options: scarves, bandanas, caps, hats, scarves.

Summer Hair Care Tips

Besides we recommend the use of various means of protecting the structure of the hair from UV rays. UV filters are organic and chemical. The former are more natural, but the active phase only take 30 minutes. The latter begin to act more quickly. The composition of such funds include minerals and oils that do not allow hair to dry and protected from the damaging effects of the sun. At every major cosmetic company should have its own line of producing such funds. Usually it is called «leave in». Protective agents may exit in the form of shampoos, conditioners, masks, sprays, and – emulsions and vehicles.

Washing hair

In the summer we often sweat, dust in the air longer. Hair become dirty more often, especially if you live in the city. Wash your hair every day is best, but must also be carefully approach the selection of shampoo.

Experts recommend to owners of oily hair shampoo to pay attention to the natural line, containing an extract of nettle, sage, mother and stepmother, seaweed, available in the zinc, yeast, vitamins A, C and E. For dry hair is also better to choose to focus on natural line. Jojoba oil, grape seed extract, calendula, mother and stepmother, and lavender and nettle. And finally, if you have normal hair, then make a selection on the shampoo with extract of calamus and sage.

General recommendations when choosing shampoo

  1. To keep hair silky and protect them from dehydration, look for shampoos, which include olive oil, oak bark extract, and shea butter, which is beneficial for the skin.
  2. If you want to not only moisturize the hair, but also to return proteins, use a shampoo with coconut milk;
  3. If your hair is damaged by various barber manipulation, there is need silk proteins. Plus the effect of moisture across the length and structure of hair.
  4. Dry, brittle, damaged hair perfectly helps cedar oil is also found in some shampoos.

The use of water

From the tap immediately recommend to refuse, because in the summer it is especially aggravating the critical situation of the hair due to its rigidity. Wash your hair should be boiled with water or even use different teas. Nettle, birch, coltsfoot, calendula, peppermint, burdock – it’s time to turn to traditional recipes. Broth simple to prepare: recruited five hundred grams of leaves, finely crushed, pour boiling water, leave for half an hour, and then diluted to the desired amount of water.

Summer Hair Care Tips

It is extremely useful to use an infusion of sage, which is prepared at the rate of 2 tablespoons of dried leaves per cup of boiling water.

Recommendations for care head

  • We remind you that it is better to wash your hair at least once a day. If you bathe in the pond – rinse hair after each bathing session. Especially carefully it is necessary to wash the hair after the sea, as the salt residues are especially harmful to the hair structure.
  • Try to lower tilting your head when washing, to improve blood circulation. Leveraging the bloodstream, you are contributing to the speedy penetration of nutrients to their destination.
  • Discard the dryer, but with a wet head is better not to go out. So plan in advance a procedure that had her hair to dry naturally. It is not recommended to use a comb, a brush and a few teeth.
  • Do not dry your head in the open sun. And discard used flat, dryer, curling, and other such devices.
  • Cut the ends of her hair, and treat them with special oils that prevent them section.
  • A separate item – homemade hair masks.

Summer hair mask

It is recommended to do such a mask at least twice a week. After all, they are one of the most effective means to protect the hair against UV rays, salt, bacteria and other destructive factors.

Masks for dry hair

  1. On the basis of oil. Mix two tablespoons of olive oil and the same – burdock oil. And then rubbed into the scalp, spread evenly on the strands. We obtain a protective film which protects against dirt, dust, bacteria and salts thereof. The mask is applied at night and washed off in the morning. Head wrap is best in anything, so as not to stain your pillow. Wash away, causing pre-shampoo for dry hair and carefully rubbed it.
  2. Egg-based. Take the two yolks, add refined oil (vegetable or olive oil), mix and put infuse for one hour. Then evenly applied to the skin and the entire surface of the hair. Egg mask is particularly recommended for dry and dehydrated hair.
  3. On the basis of avocado. Mash the avocado in a blender or otherwise. Take three tablespoons resulting mass and add two tablespoons of oil. Apply on the hair and scalp, leave on for 15-20 minutes and then – rinse.

Masks for oily hair

On the basis of yogurt.

Take a glass of one percent yogurt, drip into it four drops of essential oil of citrus, then spread evenly on the head. Leave the mask on for half an hour. This option helps the hair loss and give them a healthy glow.

On the basis of mustard

Take two tablespoons of mustard powder, add the same amount of boiling water, kneaded to a creamy consistency, then rub the head for twenty to twenty-five minutes. This mask promotes hair growth.

On the basis of chamomile flowers

Especially suitable for blondes, giving an additional golden hue. Take four tablespoons of chamomile flowers (it does not matter – dry or fresh), pour about fifty milliliters of boiling water, let it brew broth and cool, whisk the protein in parallel, separated from the yolks and mix with the broth. Apply evenly on the hair and leave for forty minutes.

On the basis of an orange

Whisk in a blender one orange, which must be pre-cleaned of peel. The resulting slurry was pour in one tablespoon of honey heated in a microwave oven. Stir until smooth and state and apply throughout the hair. It is recommended for damaged hair.

Summer Hair Care Tips

Masks for normal hair


Take one teaspoon of plantain, chamomile (pharmacy), nettle and sage. Chop, pour a glass of boiling water, let it brew for half an hour, then apply to the hair and hold for half an hour.

On the basis of bread. rye mask

It is necessary to separate the peel, and two hundred grams of crumb to put in a quarter of a liter of boiling water. Stir and infuse for two hours. Then uniformly applied to the head, but by holding limit such masks – half an hour, because then the bread will start to dry on the hair.

thyme mask

Take three tablespoons of thyme, crushed, pour two cups of boiling water. And give the brew to cool, filter. This mask is great if you decide to take a swim in some fresh water. It will protect your hair and will prevent the penetration of bacteria into their structure.


Take the potato, rub. We need four tablespoons a slurry. They should be mixed with yogurt or yogurt homogeneously and the liquid state. Apply to the hair and are waiting for an hour. In the first place this mask has a softening effect.

We tried to tell you about the basic ways of hair care products. Finally add one very important rule: try to drink plenty of water. It is recommended to drink at least one glass per hour. As already mentioned, dehydration is very detrimental to the health of the hair. We wish you health and good luck!