How to Prepare Yourself for Vacation

How to Prepare Yourself for Vacation

The long-awaited time – Vacation! Plans for this period we usually build in advance. To provide for all, make a list of things you need to do to top holiday. So you not only do not forget anything, but also to provide itself with an excellent mood in anticipation of the time.

How to Prepare for Vacation

If you are fortunate enough to do what he likes, and you walk into the office with pleasure, rest still need. This will benefit not only the body but also the working process. So be sure to arrange a vacation. Leave at this time of the city, at least for a few days. Personally for me the best rest is just a change of scenery, and if I know that as long to go somewhere is not possible, save the holiday. But if you dream about it, to finally get some sleep and lie at home, prefer such leisure. Never mind that will tell colleagues or friends. This is your vacation, and only you can decide how to spend it. In any case, enjoy a preparation for release in advance. So it will be easier to decide on their own desires and capabilities. I leisure time planning brings no less pleasure than he himself, as well as gives an opportunity to properly allocate time and solve many problems in a timely manner. For example, where to place a cat or where to buy a new suitcase. The correctness of this approach, I am convinced more than once. How to prepare for your vacation? The most important thing Рdo not make preparations to leave the work. Do it with pleasure! After all, you want to partner, first of all, for your convenience.

Breakfast – a small life

I begin the process of preparing to leave … with the purchase of a beautiful notebook. Write to him their wishes and things to do can all members of the household. It’s a family tradition. Her arms have taken many of my friends. They note that it is not only convenient, but also useful, especially for the younger generation. Children learn to trust and respect, and then will be guided by a model in his family life. How to grow a happy child, you learn from the article “How to Raise a Confident and Happy Child”¬†.

How to Prepare Yourself for Vacation

Before proceeding to the recreational planning, to determine the place of rest. You will spend the cherished two weeks / month in the city, or will you go? How to prepare for a release will depend on the answer to this question. If you are staying in the city, try to diversify leisure. Dedicate time for what has long wanted to do but did not have enough time. Go to the theater, spend the day in the SPA-center or go and see a friend who lives in the suburbs. These small pleasures bring joy and provide new impressions.

My work experience of seven years. That is, during this time I was on vacation seven times. Everyone I spent outside of his native city. Even if the circumstances do not allow you to organize a full trip, I will definitely choose on one-, two-day trip to the nearest city. Sometimes it was possible for a vacation to visit two or three places and bring a bunch of impressions, photos and magnets on the fridge. But I always pre-study history of the city, in which the food. So then the interesting excursion to visit the place (you know, what is at stake and how certain events are related to each other), as well as easier to make your own – exclusive – the route to the sights.

If I have urgent business in the city, but I plan to travel, I try to solve the business issues in the first half of the holiday. Firstly, because there is the unconscious guilt over “abandoned” in the case. Second, go home and have nowhere to run to address these issues. You can safely unpack, process photos, finally meet up with friends to share their impressions. Therefore, in my notebook paper holiday affairs questions and others like them are on the first page.

I figure out in advance what you want to be able to resolve situations (what documents and how many copies, procedure, etc.). Just a few calls to the appropriate organization, made up of the leave, and saves a lot of time! This preconditioning can also estimate the schedule of real cases, you will have time to perform. For example, an employee of the passport office to which you have, goes on vacation at the same time as you, which means that the planned visit will be fruitless. Or you find that you can re-register the documents via an Internet resource, and to do this you may well in neotpusknoe time.

One of the steps on how to prepare for the holiday, are visits to health centers, for example, to the dentist. So I, too, “losing my” pleasure unnecessary experiences related to the possible treatments.

Immediately prior to the holidays I will spend the final cleaning of the apartment. To return to a clean house after a journey is always pleasant. No need to immediately grasp at the vacuum cleaner and a mop, you can easily make out the suitcases, do them.

I also make out things that do not wear, transferred to the orphanage or give friends. Incidentally, the “cleansing” of the cabinet can not only free up space, but also to determine what clothes you need to buy in addition to the leave.

The next step – the question with pets and houseplants. In my family for several years now I live a wonderful furry creatures felines. “Vacation” experience at Kitties was different. I left her alone in the apartment, taking the promise of a friend’s cat to visit regularly, and takes her to a hotel for animals, and took with him. For cats (and me) the perfect option for the hospitality of my friend, also owner furry friend. Our pets immediately found a common language. Since then, the question “where to place the favorites,” we are not there. If the rest leaves a girlfriend, her cat lives with me if I am, then my cat settled in her apartment.

As for indoor plants, I was rescued by this method. I fill the bathtub with water by about 2 cm and put to flower pots. They have enough water just prior to my arrival. It can be used for this purpose basins.

Be sure to leave before I pay all utility receipt or ask friends to do it, if I leave before the vouchers come. So I know that on returning home, I do not have to pay for utilities at once in two months, and after the release of the financial situation, usually fragile.

I do not forget I add funds to your mobile phone, even if you plan to use on vacation the other SIM card. There have been occasions when I had to call a taxi back home or to warn her friend, I’ll pick the keys to the apartment, and the money for the phone bill is not provided. We had to look for payment terminals with suitcases at the ready. Now the mobile communication I take care in advance.

And, of course, no unfinished business at work. Before you leave, I prefer to stay in the office, if I understand that in another case, leave to rest with the unresolved issues.

Business partners to submit a letter with information about what is going on vacation. Make them into a comic, light form. Similar reports will set you on vacation, and the customers will remain an impression of you as a reliable partner. In addition, they will know that you are resting, and will not worry about nothing. A nice bonus, right?

To cheer myself up in anticipation of holidays, I change the screen saver on the computer desktop, associated with relaxation. If food in a particular country, it is usually the main attractions of the photo. In the “floating” plans from the computer screen pleases me a picture with the sea theme.

Think in advance about the luggage. Qualitative case can be purchased at the winter sales and promotions to mark the holidays (March 8, February 23). Such a purchase is always useful. Pay attention to the road kits. It usually consists of two suitcases – bigger and smaller, and a bag for carry-on luggage.

Prepare a first aid kit and road. Buy painkillers, antipyretics, bandages, plasters, medicines for allergy and cold remedies, remedies for motion sickness, sunburn and insect protection, as well as disposable handkerchiefs and wet wipes. For more information on the content of medical kits, check with the tour operator. You may need to make any special vaccinations or buy medications for the safety net.


When business issues are resolved, it’s time the most enjoyable part of – in fact, preparing to rest. Now draw up a shopping list and salon treatments, as well as exploring the sights of the city / country where we go.

How to Prepare Yourself for Vacation

In stores before the holiday go with a small amount of money. Better just to determine how much you will spend on the purchase of clothing and accessories. In anticipation of the holiday is likely to buy unnecessary things. Make a shopping list and follow it precisely. Be sure to buy cosmetics with SPF, if you go to the southern country. Do not darken your holiday burns, and return home dull, weakened the sun hair, and early wrinkles.

Visit the beauty salon. Beautiful manicure, pedicure, haircut will give more positive emotions. All of these procedures can be done in the seven days before the trip, and if you dye your hair, then visit the wizard in two weeks. Since color pigment entrenched and will be washed with seawater and burn in the sun less. When I go on vacation, then I prefer bright manicure and pedicure. I usually do nail designs on hands and feet. Summer should be a non-standard! Contents nails you can and at home.

If a long time thinking about eyelash extensions, sign up for the procedure before the holiday, it is better for a few days, so you have to get used to them, and if for some reason you do not fit the eyelashes, then remove. And do not visit procedures that have not previously tried. There is a possibility of allergies, if they involve the use of new cosmetics for you, or that you do not like the result (for example, if you decide to change a haircut the day before holiday). The mood will be spoiled and therefore, rest, too.

Leave before returning to work after a vacation day or two to visit the beauty salon. After a rest, especially sea, our legs, hands and skin in need of care. Leave time at least for a pedicure, manicure and care process for the skin.

Just before leaving, disconnect from the power supply devices, turn off the water, take out the trash, close the windows and balcony doors. Once again, check that all the documents. It is advisable to make copies of them. Put money on the bank card. Abroad, they are accepted for payment almost everywhere, and you will be insured against fraud. And be sure to sit down on the track! Have a nice rest!


Mr. Manaljaw has significant expertise in representing life sciences firms in conducting world clinical trials and has portrayed health care shoppers in developing ventures in Asia and the geographical region.