Traveling from Bali to Gili

Travelling from Bali to Gili

Not everyone wants to be a traveler, you might say, in the field of rest. Someone like comfortable accommodation, a sumptuous dinner on the shore of the ocean framed by the enchanting nature, excellent service and nice staff, ready to fulfill every whim. Therefore, following our virtual tour offers to make one of the most famous resorts in Indonesia – Bali, and along with a ride in a heavenly place – Gili.

Let there wine and other strong drinks do not flow freely, like, say, in Turkey or Egypt. Let the animators entertain you from dawn to dusk. But it is this and tempted many travelers to Bali. Here everyone will find what he needs: party-goers – the nightlife in a non-stop, romance – stunning sunsets, athletes – waves that can be conquered, surf, gourmet – kitchen teeming with seafood and aesthetes – a luxurious spa!

Already packed his bags? About what to take with you on vacation, read the article “What to Pack for Vacation”. It remains the case for small – to overcome a flight to Denpasar, and from there to get to your chosen resort on Bali. That’s about the resort and talk in more detail, because each of them has its own peculiarity.

It is said that in every resort offers both luxury hotels with large areas that are on the first line (in the south of Bali by the Indian Ocean, and the north side of the Bali Sea) and bungalows are simpler, where unpretentious rooms with a minimum of amenities. But also the price, respectively, in 3 or even 4 times cheaper than the hotel. Rooms at luxury hotels should be booked in advance, but to find a free room in a bungalow can be on the spot. True if patience and traveled quite a distance to find the right option. The cost of rooms in budget options of $ 20-25 per room.

So, which resort to choose in traveling to Bali?

By uta. It’s just a mecca for surfers. It is here that all the conditions for practicing this sport. Large and frequent waves, surf school, board rental. For those who just want to frolic in the raging water element should be careful, as it can tighten a depth – wave rather unpredictable.

Traveling from Bali to Gili

On Kuta there as a private beach area, which refers to a particular hotel and rest there are only guests and the general public beach. Just great! You can hire a sunbed with an umbrella, and you can just sit on the sand. Prepare only molested local souvenir sellers. They are very intrusive and do not fall behind until you buy them at least some trinket. Usually on the beach offer bracelets, shells and make a temporary tattoo. If you desire to buy something you do not, then do not even enter into a dialogue, saying that, well, there’s no money, and so on. They will not understand. So you’d better ignore and silence sunbathe.

Kuta is famous also for its nightlife. By nightfall, the streets zapolonyayut bikers disco in full work, cafes, restaurants, spa. Do not be surprised if you see a sign in a cafe that you can freely try hallucinogenic mushrooms. To Bali – it’s normal.

There are also many travel agencies that offer tours of the surrounding area and attractions during your trip to Bali. It should circumvent some firms, as their prices are different.

Jimbaran. This resort is a complete opposite of Kuta. Since it is located in the bay, there are practically no waves, that the hand of those who love to make quiet swim in the sea. Jimbaran – is not only a resort which blends quality service, luxury hotels known chains such as Four Seasons, but also a paradise for those who love seafood. Here, this stuff is more than enough. Just imagine: a cozy restaurant, a table is almost at the water’s edge. You can even sit barefoot, it is so nice when the feet touch the soft sand. Bali never scolded you for a free style clothing, it does not need a dress code- complete freedom from all the rules and canons of conduct. And sitting at the sea and listening to the whisper of his, you enjoy Balinese dishes that simply abound with seafood. In fact, many tourists, vacationers at Jimbaran, is not averse to self cook some exotic sea. For this we need to wake up very early, preferably before dawn and come to the beach. Early in the morning here arrives a lot of fishermen in boats with a huge catch. They are happy to sell you freshly caught fish, octopus, oysters or lobster. A cook can be at the hotel.

By the way, about the residence in Jimbaran. On the first line in this resort are only five hotels. It is clear that the cost of the hotel rooms in them considerable. The rest of the hotels, bungalows are located away from the coastline, the sea will have to go a few minutes, but on the road you can enjoy the views of this heavenly place.

And those who are bored and want to unwind on a noisy disco, you can easily go to Kuta, which is very close.

Nusa Dua. It is the most southern resort of Bali and is washed by the Indian Ocean. Nusa Dua – is a place that is home to luxury hotels with large grounds, friendly staff, excellent infrastructure and a colorful design in Asian style. Here, everything is steeped in luxury and comfort. If you aspire to a high level of service, then it is Nusa Dua is the perfect place where you will spend amazing time.

Ubud. This resort is preferred by those who are tired of living in a non-stop in his hometown and seeks to go to a secluded place, where there is no noise, a night of fun and bustle. Ubud – a place where wilderness, where raging river, rice fields, green hills and wild jungle intertwined in a colorful picture of a perfect relaxing holiday. However, there is no sea. Therefore, for a beach holiday have to go to the resorts listed above, which is about an hour away. Tourists often combine a tour view: the week carried out on any selected seaside resort, and the day to move to 3-4 in Ubud to explore the culture and traditions of Indonesians. So to say to explore the country from within.

I want to say that all these resorts have in common is that in any reigns tremendous atmosphere, which is created by the locals. On their faces you can always see a smile, they are always ready to help tourists get lost. A feeling that the Balinese are in a state of perpetual holiday and peace of mind. They are being charged with positive energy and this pacified. At the end of the holiday and he noticed how you become calmer, more balanced. Haste, anxiety, unresolved issues are no longer worried about the brain at home.

And what are the spas! Are able to still Asians using ancient recipes of beauty to create harmony, both in soul and in body. As soon as you find yourself in the abode of the wellness center, you feel that you get in some other, unreal world. Air is impregnated with essential oils, exotic creams with added natural fruit. Here, time stops. While Kudesnitsa carefully impose a mask on your face and body, make body wraps and massages, as if going out somewhere in the heavens, and did not want to come back to Earth.

In addition to the sea, nightlife, restaurants and Spa, Bali has something else to look.

For example, the Tanah Lot temple. Strikes, what is the nature of fantasy – green crowns of trees surrounds the rocky walls of the temple, carved out of dark gray stone. Here I like and it is not a luxurious interior, and tourists are not allowed inside. But from the side he is an impressive sight to see is definitely worth it! Especially magnificent temple at sunset.

For extremists and physically prepared people while traveling in Bali suited climb the volcano Agung. This is the highest point of the mountain in Bali, its height is 3142 meters. Agung locals considered a sacred mountain, but the climb to the peak of it is not only permitted but actively offered. There are two types of tours: the first involves the ascent to the volcano the middle and takes approximately 3-3.5 hours. However, if you want to rise above the clouds, then why not go to the end, namely its very top. View from there is unforgettable. Not only that, the clouds are practically under your feet, so still and the entire coast at a glance. At that moment, you feel the master of the universe, as if the whole world at your feet. By the way, Agung last erupted in 1963, when he inflicted serious damage and claimed the lives of 2000 people.

For those who love hasteless walk, and not to historical sites, and in a natural reserve, worth a visit Botanical Garden Begedul. Elegant, exotic place. In addition to the amazing plants, you can see colorful birds, which are so pleasing to the eye and its trill and colorful plumage. After a visit to the Botanical Gardens are only a pleasant experience.

You can also rent a car and go for a ride on their own on the outskirts of Bali, drove on the way to the cave of bats and cave elephant.

Also keep in mind that once in Bali in March, you risk to get on one of the most interesting holidays – New Year’s Eve. Why run the risk? Yes, because in contrast to the European tradition of meeting everyone’s favorite holiday, the Balinese celebrate it originally.

Firstly, the date it is constantly changing, but always in the beginning of March (5-6-7 number).

Second, prepare for the day ahead, exposing roadsides monsters whose images are amazing, could not help thinking, what is their author is still a violent fantasy. Monsters of legend Balinese disperse evil demons who come to the island for the New Year.

This day is called the Day of Silence in Indonesian. You can not leave the house, otherwise the evil spirits take away the soul. You can not make a noise, to include music, lights. Within 3-4 days, nothing works. Hotels, of course, does not apply, and travelers will be there to serve as before. But here is to go outside, take a stroll along the beach will be a problem, and to sit in the room and lose precious 3-4 days somehow do not want to!

There is an alternative. Why New Year’s Eve celebration is not to give up on the Gili Islands ?! These are the three small islands called Trawangan, Meno and Air. There’s a beautiful underwater world, snow-white sand and relax. Do not be lazy to bypass several agencies that sell tickets for bus and boat to reach the islands. At one point the tour you will be offered for $ 80, the other 60, and can be found in 30.

Traveling from Bali to Gili

To get to the first island – Trawangan, such as Kuta, it is necessary to two and a half hour drive to the pier by bus. From there on the big boat, with a capacity of up to 80 people to sail for about an hour. Indonesians usually will not hurry, the bus may be late, for half an hour, maybe more. While you will be invited, along with other tourists in a boat, you can also wait for about an hour.

Swam to the shore, and the eye has a dazzling turquoise water. It makes you want to like this dress to dive into the azure expanse of the sea and get it from the day of the shell, which can be seen at a depth of three metra- so clean there is the sea. White, white sand, flour, frozen small corals, scattered along the beach – it’s like a kind of massage for the feet, if they are to advance. Planted tourists at the pier, where there is near ticket office, where you can buy tickets back and to the neighboring islands – Air, Lombok, Meno. Here, the schedule, the boat goes.

Bungalow on Trawangan abound, of course have to spend time searching for the correct and decent accommodation you. Basically bungalows are small houses with wicker chairs on the verandah, bamboo beds. But in most of the rooms only fans, but they are not very refreshing in the sultry night. Their price varies from 10 to 40 dollars.

Trawangan at the underwater world of colorful special is no different. But there is a warm sea, soft sand and nightlife. With the onset of evening in the cafes on the street render trays with a pile of ice, which spread the freshest seafood. This is mainly snapper, squid, huge king (palm) shrimp. In aquariums stir clawed lobsters and crabs. Choose what you want, you weigh it and cook on the grill, served with the any selected sous- garlic, soy, sweet and sour.

Approximately 20 minute boat ride and you’re already on the neighboring island of Ayr. This place is not as you like this, like Trawangan. They come here for a quiet beach holiday and snorkeling.

Cafes, bungalows, shops Indonesians love to decorate with improvised materials. For example, a wooden snag raskurochennye they use as decoration. With her hanging on a scaffold planted corals, shells – looks very original. Or hang on the trees weaving rattan balls inside which a bulb. Everything is home-touching, made with love.

Prepare well, that the day will have a hundred times to say “hellou” and “all is well”. It islanders response to their “hello” and “how are you”. And do not get tired, they greet every tourist, constantly smiling!

Remembered the island and its marine life. At a depth of one meter lives whole kingdom of coral. And what sort of beautiful blue starfish! You look, and the feeling that they are rubber and soft, but touching, are hard and rough. All the bottom flooded some unknown “Critters” – a round creature with lots of long teeth, ready to swallow the small fish swim past. By the way, about fishes: my personal favorites have become bright blue small fishes floating in packs, they look like fireflies. Mask just do not want to shoot, and to swim, admiring how they live underwater inhabitants of the deep sea.

From excursions on the island offer scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming with turtles (if you’re lucky to see them, of course), as well as sharks. But such extreme tours take only those who have the experience of scuba diving. And that sharks can be seen in 5-10 meters, and not approach them closely.

And finally, the third island called Meno is considered a paradise for loving couples. Who want to spend time in solitude, away from prying eyes. Here is the peace and quiet, it seems that on the island except for the two of you no one else.

Here’s a she, Indonesia, fairyland, where the combined incongruous, which affects the beauty and absurdity, luxury and simplicity, peace and eternal holiday … At least once, but here is certainly worth a visit, and then wants to return again!


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