How to Get a Job

How to Get a Job

Job searches have become an important issue for me, as soon as I turned 18 years old. Then I realized that I have the most like something you need to take care of themselves financially. Therefore, even in his 28 years was enough, no, not seniority, and experience in dealing with the question of how to get a job. Therefore, useful information that needs to be done in the search for vacancies, and what to do, you should not, I would like to share with you, our readers. It is better to learn from the mistakes of others and experience.

Newspaper Ad

Though I received education at the Pedagogical University, but tried to make the first tentative “test pen” in the trade. He offered good friends, as I then thought, jewelry. I found the vacant position in the local newspaper advertisements. Interview, but rather face-control, lasted no more than 10 minutes: the employer saw that the buyer was not frightened by their appearance, and the language is suspended, and immediately gave me a job.

How to get a job

Without any newspaper contracts and obligations in one of the rooms in an office building in the city center, I was handed a bag with earrings, rings, pendants and brooches. Pledged 5% of the profits and was released in the good way.

Demand was, but only a couple of days and then on the eve of March 8, classmates and friends are friends in a hurry bought gifts to mothers, sisters and girlfriends. So I said to their increased scholarships received the first $ 20. Money in those days was a small, but on a hike in the night club with dancing and dinner table was missing. Of course, such success inspired the me, but I immediately fell to the ground when my employer said that though I work well, but the percentage will have to be reduced to 3. My words, so that’s not fair, had no effect, and me if so to speak, I dismissed. It was then that I realized that trade is unlikely to get me, and I do not like imposed on the people, and therefore did not fight for the workplace.

Hence we first two conclusions:

  1. Choose a work that can be called “your” that brings you pleasure. No need to overcome ourselves and work only in order to earn at least some penny. To learn how to make money, read a series of articles on our site “9GAC” in the section “How to make money” .
  2. Try to seek employment officially or, in extreme cases, an employment contract or ask for a receipt from the employer. In general, any piece of paper that can prove your right, it will be very useful.

Recommendations of friends, acquaintances

My bad, but a learning experience in trade has helped me to outline new targets and focus the search. The answer to the question of how to get a job, was found by itself.

My friend advised me to do tutoring, student, I was good, and specialization allows – English. And so little by little I began to recruit students, beginning with the two men, which worked twice a week, and after a year and a half tightened more than ten people in the knowledge of a foreign language. To achieve such a result, I was able to thanks to the recommendations. Of course, I have virtually no choice of free time, but still the feeling of financial independence from their parents brought great pleasure.

A little later in the school where I studied when I was little, make room English teacher. Offer to take him I received when I was a student of fourth year at the university. The desire to try my arose for several reasons: firstly, it was a job in my field. Secondly, my predecessor, could not find a common language with the students of grade 9, they are all the time it announced the boycott, so try to break the situation, I would like, we can say, just for fun. And I agreed.

I had to teach the students the three classes, one 2nd and two ninth. Fortunately, with high school students I was able to easily find a common language. We have established rules of conduct: if a student misbehaves, I pick it up, ask three questions in English, there is no answer – a deuce in the magazine. Transparent and clear all the circuit. There were no problems with kids. But now I work out there was only until the end of the school year. Could not find a common language with the head teacher of the school, I managed to ruin her daughter’s picture performance (I admit, deuce, she received deserved). Therefore, and we decided not to renew the contract with me. That’s how I remained without formal employment.

The new findings:

  1. Reputation is always ahead of you, especially when you decide the question of how to get a job. If you do a good job, then find someone who may need your services, it will be very easy. In my case, the role played by public relations specialist is not only the knowledge of the English language, but also my attitude towards children (poor children do not exist, there are just not very attentive and not very good adult).
  2. If you need to keep their jobs at all costs, do not conflict with his superiors, though mediocre. Better communicate clearly and calmly explain why you did this or that way, rather than a crooked answer and tell the head teacher: “You doubt my abilities? Then you are welcome – in my lesson! “ . If you want to be respected, respect others in the first place itself.

Qualified specialist

Audacity second happiness

The next stage of my search available jobs can be described in one sentence: “knock and it will be opened to you.”

Graduation was done on, got a diploma – it’s time to school and go to work. But how to get a job there without guidance and protections, I do not know. Therefore I began to ring, and their friends, who somehow connected with the city Department of Education. And I found a little place in the school near my house. But there I was promised a group of the extended day, but after a couple of weeks, I was refused. As it turned out, the diploma in your job search is not a very efficient assistant. “We do not want to take the young professionals who have over three years and drive to work, then it will be impossible” , – he explained to me without ceremony director.

I can not say that much upset. Just I thought it was fate gives me signs, saying that it is time to realize his dream. And I dreamed of journalism, so without protections and recommendations went to the editorial office of City Hall. There, I easily found a chief editor’s office, which just came and said: “Hello, I want to work for you” . No high chair woman is not stunned by such impudence, and even she is very happy: “This audacity of our work – good quality.And the people we need “ . And so – I’m on probation, and two months later – in the state.

Plus two conclusions:

  1. If you know how to get to the head of an organization to receive, and you will adequately assess their strength, do not hesitate to offer his candidacy. Cooperation can be mutually beneficial and productive.
  2. If you are at the first meeting did not answer clearly the questions raised, for example, when the trial period starts, about the work schedule, pay, then do not believe the promises, saying that once we’ll call you.

Job Search on the Internet

Next change the workplace not long in coming: I had to move to another city. And there – no friends, no friends, only future husband, who is very far from the scope of my work – that’s all helpers in finding jobs. So the answer to the question of how to get a job, I went in search of the Internet. Found a couple of three suitable vacancies, send a resume and waited. Calls followed. But a few options I was not staged, but one job offer spokesperson interested.

how to get a job

With frightened eyes, large suitcases I went to a new life. Long time to relax and be sad about the house did not have to, because it was necessary to go to a job interview. But when I came into office, the prospect of getting a job evaporated. “You know, unfortunately, we have already taken a man to this place” – intimidated potential employer. “But I’ll try to help you. You do not know anyone here, and I have here is full of friends “ , – he continued the man, kindness and understanding that I was simply amazed. And he kept his promise: three days later he called me and dictated the phone number the chief editor of the local newspaper, who was looking for journalists. That’s how I found my first job in a strange city to me.

The team arranged for me to work, too, but my salary is poor. But here it worked normally and word of mouth recommendations. In our town opened a branch of the national edition. And tighten: friend-a friend and so on …. And I – already on probation.

On the first day, I realized that in this edition will have to win. After all, there are just waiting for those who are willing to work without fixed working day, overtime and just loves his job. Of course, I had pretty sweat, but the vacant place left for me.

Final conclusions:

  1. The fact that you have something you can do well, better not to talk, but to prove by their actions. Employers often annoying excessive talkativeness employees.
  2. Look for suitable options in the network. Today – this is the best way, because there is placed a lot of vacancies for every taste and for every qualification.
  3. Try to leave a good impression, even if a potential employer you anything and did not help at the moment. If there is such an opportunity, and you remember him, he will surely tell you about vacancies. Of course, this does not apply in cases where the employer is not behaving correctly, and allows himself to rudeness and crudeness in your address.

Well, the 10 conclusion will summarize all the above. Do not be afraid to look for work and try new options, because if you sit still, you are unlikely to know how to get a job. It offers so many resources – newspapers, native, relatives, acquaintances and, finally, the Internet.


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