How to Get Rid of Blackheads

How to Get Rid of Blackheads

As the skin looks beautiful girls with posters advertising the foundation or any other beauty products for the face! It seems that their face is perfect, not a single pimple, redness, enlarged pores and blackheads. But this is just a picture, but in real life, probably every person faces any skin imperfections, and by all means trying to eliminate them, both at home and in the offices of cosmetologists.

One of the most common skin problems are the so-called “blackheads”. They can appear in everyone, regardless of age, gender or skin type. Black dots (comedones) occur due to blockage of the sebaceous glands. As a result, hillocks are formed small white, about 2 mm in diameter. It is not that other, as the accumulated sebum. Here also there is many a question about how to get rid of blackheads, so that there was some negative consequences.

Causes of blackheads.

The main reason for the occurrence of black dots is ingress of dirt and dust on the skin. If the sebaceous gland duct becomes blocked, the speck of dust that gets on the skin, it appears as if locked. Close does not give her time to come out, so the formation of such unpleasant, spoiling the appearance of the skin, white bumps with a black dot in the middle. Usually they appear in the most problematic areas where the skin is more oily – it’s forehead, chin and nose. To deal with black spots both at home and at the cosmetician it is necessary, as they give the skin an untidy and unkempt appearance.

Another reason for the appearance of skin troubles can be unhealthy diet. A large number of acute, too greasy or sweet foods, alcohol contributes to clogged pores and, as a consequence, the formation of comedones. During pregnancy and breastfeeding , I had to give up the use of spices, a large amount of flour, sweet and strong savory dishes. After a while I noticed that the person began to look much cleaner, disappeared small pimples, blackheads and became much smaller.

Include fish in your diet – it contains the necessary skin oils and fats, cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A, which is responsible for skin health. Very useful nuts, since they contain a large amount of vitamin E. before bedtime drink a glass of kefir or bifidok. Fermented foods inhabit the gut friendly bacteria, which positively affects the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Prevention of occurrence of blackheads.

It is important not only to get rid of blackheads, but first of all try to avoid their occurrence. After all, in most cases, the problem is easier to prevent than to deal with its removal. Therefore, I recommend to start a fight with black dots in the home with prevention. Prevention – is, above all, systematic and regular cleansing of the skin. Since childhood, my mother taught me to the fact that sleep is necessary to go with treated skin. I did not even use makeup, but still, every night wash your face gel and rubbed his cleansing tonic. Now I have grown up, but continue to follow this advice.

Whatever you were not tired after a hard day, always clean the skin before going to bed. Be sure to remove make-up using a special jelly or liquid makeup remover. Rinse off all make-up and other impurities with soapy foam, suitable for your skin type. At the end of washing, wipe the face lotion, tightens pores and apply a nourishing cream. No less important is the morning facial cleansing. Some ignore it, thinking that during the night the skin does not have time to get dirty, since there was no make-up on the street, we did not go.In fact, at night in the skin is enhanced metabolic processes, the skin is refreshed, resulting in formation of excess sebum and dead cells appear that are sure you want to remove in the morning with water and cleanser.
Several times a week should be carried out and a deep cleaning. I usually alternate cleansing mask and peeling face. Peeling particles must be small enough not to damage the skin. It is not recommended to do this procedure if there are pimples on the skin or inflammation. It can further spread the infection.
One of my favorite cleansing facial mask – a mask of cosmetic clay. Dissolve the clay with warm water to obtain creamy mass, and apply it on your face for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. After several skin becomes much clearer procedures.

Treatment and disposal of blackheads at home.

The easiest and fastest way to get rid of blackheads – steaming face and squeezing comedones out. I think this method is not very attractive because it has significant shortcomings. Firstly, if misused, that is, non-sterile, carrying out the procedure is only possible deterioration of the situation – the infection can get into the wound and on the ground barely visible black dot is formed strongly conspicuous pimple or wound. It is also possible diversity infection all over his face. The second reason that I do not like this method of getting rid of blackheads – pain treatments. But if you do decide to do squeezing comedones yourself, you must take precautions.

Start procedure is necessary with steaming face. To this water was poured and boiled for a few minutes in the pan. Can be added to the water are any medical herbs such as chamomile, which is known for the fact that reduces inflammation. Cleansed face lean over the steam and cover with a towel. Try to sit down so at least 10 minutes do not tilt your face too close to the water, not to burn it. Then you need to prepare a good hand for the procedure, wash them with soap and water and disinfect, nails should also be in perfect condition. Even better wrap your index fingers in a sterile cloth. Gently press down on the black dot on both sides, if the skin is good to steam, the dirt should be easy to get out. If this does not happen, you do not need much to be zealous, so you’ve just scratched the skin. Go back to that point next time. In any case, for one procedure to get rid of all the black dots you can not have.

Once you have finished squeezing the black dots, you need to narrow pores. To do this, wipe the skin tonic or lotion and apply to the face mask out of clay. Good pores rub the skin with ice cubes. This cleaning procedure should be performed no more than once a week.

Masks also help fight blackheads

Typically, the mask of black dots are slower than mechanical cleaning, but they have the result of more gently and delicately, and after their application on the face does not remain small scratches and scarring. Apply the mask on thoroughly cleansed skin. For the preparation of masks, use only fresh ingredients, then the mask will be more effective.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads

A very effective means of getting rid of black dots – mixture of fine salt and soda. Create via gel for washing little lather and mix it with dining soda spoon and with the same quantity of salt. The resulting composition is put on a wet cotton pad for skin black dots clusters zone and leave for 5 minutes. Do not be alarmed if you feel a tingling or burning sensation, it is sodas takes effect on the pores. Then rinse with warm water and apply moisturizer. The effect of stunning masks – the pores are cleansed deeply, and the number of black dots is noticeably reduced. But do not make a mask on your face if there is inflammation or pimples, it will be very painful and can appear even more irritated.

One of my favorite masks – kefir . I call it the “mask of bones” because for its preparation simply wash her face warmed in a water bath yogurt and leave on the minutes 5. Action mask based on the fact that the composition of kefir contains acids that dissolve sebum, thereby it is time to clean deep within.

Dissolve and discolored black dots capable of wiping the face with a mixture of water, glycerin and lemon juice . Mix in equal parts glycerine and freshly squeezed lemon juice, add a tablespoon of clean water and wipe the face with a solution obtained.

And another good remedy to get rid of blackheads – the protein mask . One egg to be mixed with a tablespoon of sugar until all the sugar has dissolved. Half of the resulting mass is necessary to apply on face and wait until it dries. The remaining portion of the mask and apply on top, as if it, to drive it into the skin with your fingertips. This should be done while the mask is no longer stick to hands. During such “driving” between the skin and hands formed sticky mass, which stretches from the pores all the dirt. We perform this procedure 1-2 times a week. After the mask do not forget to put on a skin moisturizer.

Unfortunately, no one, even the most expensive facility is not able to deliver us from the black dots on the skin, and problems in one application. Therefore, do not expect that after one of the purification procedure, the person you will immediately see the result. But if you take care of facial skin regularly and comprehensively, in a short time you will definitely see positive changes and become the owner of a clean, smooth, beautiful and velvety skin.

Mr. Manaljaw has significant expertise in representing life sciences firms in conducting world clinical trials and has portrayed health care shoppers in developing ventures in Asia and the geographical region.