12 Things You Must Do This Summer

12 Things You Must Do This Summer

“That summer flew by, all left behind. But we know that the best is, of course, come! “No doubt, you need to look to the future with optimism, but it seems a little disingenuous performers of a popular song, artist S.T.D.K. They regret about the things that do not have time to do in the summer! So what to do in the summer?

This time of year gives you the opportunity to try a lot of new and interesting, which is especially important for those who can not drop everything and go on a vacation as soon as possible. (By the way, choose a place for travel help article “Vacation Ideas” On site “9GAC” ) do not sit in the same weekend in a stuffy city ?! Let’s come up with a program for the summer. The first place to give her a good mood . Without it, no holiday is a joy. The second will be shared optimism and sense of humor – without these two fellows can not go far, even a warm sunny day. In third place was perched confidence . Now, armed with the necessary qualities, proceed to the compilation of the list of “Must do in the summer?”

Escape to nature in tents

Crackling campfire, favorite performs songs on the guitar, the smell of baked potatoes, chirping cicadas … Romance, and more! And so that nothing that atmosphere is not broken, grab the insect spray, flashlight, sleeping bags, matches, agent with SPF (about such important things, like food and water, write, think, not worth it).

Camping in nature – it is an excellent alternative to the city’s output. Going to the movies and cafes and you will have time in the winter, but the sunset views and wander through wet with dew grass – only in the summer. Do not miss this opportunity. While the second half will get you to the fish to the dinner table, it is possible to sunbathe, to dream, to sleep off in the end.

Master the bike, roller skates

Athletic exercises are useful and give a lot of positives. If you know how to ride a bicycle, roller skates, in the summer, use every opportunity to get out of town. And if you have not yet mastered the sports equipment, it’s time to do better and not think. Take your friends and go for new experiences, slim figure and good mood!

Visit interesting places in your area

Certainly in the city or area where you live, there are interesting places. The irony, but we usually do not know about them. I was recently asked colleagues from other regions, which can be seen in Voronezh, where I was. I have not been able to answer: nothing curious in my city there. And they then sent me to a wealth of information on excursions. Wow, I did not know!

When you live in one place for a long time, it seems that everything has been studied, there is not anything remarkable. Try to look at their places from a different angle – make a lot of discoveries. I’m in this for sure. It’s summer trip to Voronezh and neighboring Belgorod and Lipetsk regions give me an incomparable pleasure.

So Arm your computer, read about the sights of the city and go on a journey. Over the summer I will have time to see all the fun. And in the winter will disassemble the pictures and make a photo book.

Get a volunteer in a charity

Summer – time for vacations, and charities too. Work there are people like you and me, because they have the right to rest? Therefore, your help can be very useful. Arrange volunteer at a shelter for homeless animals. There’s always enough work. Walk dogs, clean cages, look for owners pets … And this is just a small list of what you have to do. When you do good, their problems seem small and some far-fetched. Share the warmth with those who have to deal with difficulties every day. Give them a piece of love!

Saturate the body with vitamins

There just fruits and vegetables does not appear on store shelves in the summer! Do not miss the chance to “ovitaminizirovatsya”! Strawberries, raspberries, pears, bell peppers, cucumbers – drools only one presentation of these products. Nutritionists advise to eat in a day at least five different fruits and vegetables. In the summer dose can be increased – would be one use!

12 Things You Must Do This Summer

Pereprobuyte summer all the fruits that grow in your lane. Eat them fresh and cook from them compote, stew, etc. To make it more interesting, look for information on fruits and vegetables (the beneficial properties when they began to grow, which of great people loved them, and so on).

Revisit your favorite films?

Arrange with her husband in a cinema house on weekdays. Watch it or turn your favorite movies. May compile a poster for a month and hang it in a prominent place. Instead, stock up on popcorn fruit – see above – and enjoy the performance of the actors and each other’s company.  

Arrange beauty party

The perfect summer pastime! If you have a cottage, then you are at all lucky. Gather close friends, buy food, stock up on a variety of herbs, honey, sea salt, etc. and go out of town for the weekend to take care of themselves. It will be an unforgettable holiday. Next to your favorite girl with whom you can chat until the early hours! My friend and I practiced like a weekend two years ago, last summer, missed, but this plan to revive the tradition. In fact, you get the pleasure sea. And when more and see how freshened skin (whether from care, whether from fresh air, whether from a good company – it is not known), the mood rises even more.

And a few ideas on the subject, that it is necessary to do in the summer. Decrypt them will not elaborate, just share the possible leisure options:

Keep a diary.

A very useful exercise, helps to better understand yourself. It is possible to write down their dreams, wishes, gratitude.

Arrange a general cleaning.

Wash all that is possible – windows, doors, walls, and furniture. Disassemble every drawer and cupboard, throw or hand out unnecessary, to repair what has long been in need of repair.

Learn something new this summer.

Drive, plait braids, cook rolls, etc. After all, surely there is what you’ve always admired, but did not dare to take. Maybe that’s enough to postpone the dream on the back burner?

Start a new family tradition.

It could be anything: a joint Sunday dinners, trips to the bath, reading a book on Fridays, etc. Life example. My girlfriend last summer decided to revive the tradition that has been in the family in her childhood. Then were still alive grandparents every Sunday morning the family was going to have, lunch, shared the news, play games … Olya wanted to breathe new life into memories. First family are reluctant to cut off from the usual weekend Affairs (washing, ironing, grocery shopping for the week), but after three such meetings have realized how great it is – to come here so, not in a hurry, to learn new things about each other. The tradition began in the summer and has been going on for almost a year. (And to the table, you can apply apple strudel.

To make peace with those with whom to quarrel.

Resentment – the weak link of human life, says editor in chief of the site “9GAC” Manaljaw. And I completely agree with it. Call first offenders and offended. Why carry the experience with them? Ask forgiveness for your words and actions. If a person is happy to hear you, and you want to see it, do not give up meeting. An old friend is better than two new ones.

This, of course, a very small list of adventures for the summer. You can come up with a lot of interesting, useful and unusual activities. I wrote this material with the aim to encourage you to action. Invent, implement and enjoy every minute of summer!



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