5 Ways to Become Financially Independent

5 Ways to Become Financially Independent

Most people want to become financially independent and successful people around one by one and the same algorithm. This algorithm is not so difficult to understand, but always apply it in life is not so simple.

I would not want to belittle the importance of luck or chance. His influence is quite significant. With the same dedication and abilities someone becomes just earn significantly above average (5-10 times) and some really rich.

Nevertheless, even the goal of earning 5-10 times higher than the average salary in your city – it is so good aim. Her achievement is virtually guaranteed if you follow the algorithm. Well, if you’re lucky, maybe you and become really successful and financially independent.

So, how to make a successful and financially independent?

First, to work harder .

I thought a long time before writing this advice. On the one hand, it seems that it is obvious. On the other hand, there was a fairly decent number of books, which describes how you can work a little and get a lot. Quite a lot of stories appears in the network about how people got rich in a couple of months or even a couple of weeks. It is possible that you will see in front of examples of successful and wealthy people who are relatively few working now.

5 Ways to Become Financially Independent

All this together leads to the fact that there is a feeling that you can make good money, and at the same time to work a bit. The main thing – to work with the mind, not just work. (And a lot of stress)

Is it so?

If you are a little to consider this question, of course you come to the conclusion that there is nothing further from the truth that you can earn good money and little work.

Why? Why, there are examples of successful people who have little work?

I’ll tell you. The vast majority of successful people before enough work for a long time to work a lot and hard.

Let’s give the sports analogy that works rather well here. Let’s say that you see in front of the athlete, who trains 2-3 times a week for 30-50 minutes, and at the same time showing relatively good results for several years. Does this mean that you will be able to exercising 2-3 times a week for 30-50 minutes just to perform well?

Of course not. It is obvious. This athlete, who you are targeting, engaged in the first 10-15 years of heavy duty, competing following the diet, sports mode, etc., and as a result has achieved good results. Later it due to something decided not to reach Olympic heights (or has reached) and decided to go on supporting the training regime.

And with the rich people, entrepreneurs, business owners, a successful people. They worked for several years in heavy duty, develop their skills, business, communication, etc. After some time, they have achieved a good result, become financially independent and successful person. Some of them do not need more, and they went into maintenance mode, when you can work much less. (If there is no problem of constant growth)

You are, by definition, at the beginning of this path (otherwise unlikely to be reading this article). This means that without constant hard work and long-term you will not succeed. In this article, I’m talking more about the success in money matters, but the principle is common everywhere.

Total to achieve success and financial freedom you need to work harder.

Wherever you read contrary statements – this is only the indulgence of the majority of people who want to succeed, but do not want to work for it. For them, writing books and articles with interesting and enticing titles about how you can sit on the beach and do nothing, and the money almost themselves will go into the hands.

It’s all lies. For the rare case of success, which can not be repeated, this does not happen. (We’re talking about how to make money myself instead dad gave) Anyone who wants to become financially independent, we have to work harder and more intense than the average person.

Another apparent exception are people who, as it seems from the outside, all turns out much better than you. You are trying to understand something, and he had to go get it. You are trying to remember something, and he had memorized already with a hundred something. You are trying to build a relationship with someone, and he has built a relationship with a dozen people. And all this without any effort.

Usually it is just a kind of example of an athlete. After all, different people is completely different upbringing. Someone from childhood (ie a couple of decades) planted labor skills, responsibility (usually larger in older children) develop memory, attention, etc. And who lived in a completely different environment.

That’s what I’m not going to say much, since it’s pretty obvious.

In other words, the ability to work long and hard – it’s probably the most valuable skill to increase revenue and to become financially free and successful.

The next thing I would like to say. Monetary reward is not always in proportion to the work effort. In other words, if you work 30% more than the average worker – it does not mean that you will earn 30% more.

Sometimes the reward will not be different. But most of all – it will be the difference in the times, maybe even hundreds of times. (When the first model takes all)

So, it is necessary to work harder, work harder, work without significant interruption (do not stop moving thing). Maybe not today or even tomorrow, but it is sure to affect your income.

Do not try to work a lot. It will not work. Gradually develop your work skills. Get used to think that a lot of work – it is right and good. Your income will be higher than necessary.

Second, you need to learn to make money.

Learning how to take money out of your efforts – it is one of the most important conditions for financially success. Typically, such training is very distantly related formal education.

But this skill, even in the most primitive forms, can often help you to extract several times more money from the same effort and often save you from a great financial loss.

There really is nothing complicated and tricky. It is clear that I have a few paragraphs will not be able to tell you how and what to learn, but I’ll try to direct your efforts in the right direction.

So, why should you need to learn in order to earn more money (which is the most important component of financially independence).

– Work faster.

It’s amazing how many good people in general do not understand this simple axiom money. These professionals do their job efficiently, and justly proud of it. However, at some point, they always lose out to those who can do the same (or slightly less), but much faster. That is, for example, do not step 1 in 2 days, and 2 per day.

5 Ways to Become Financially Independent

Work faster – it does not mean to rush or work harder. Usually it is the opposite. Quick work to be less stressful and leisurely. This is usually achieved by the division of labor, specialization (which is essentially the same thing), operating time patterns (using ready-made foreign developments), the work on common mistakes, automation (software, tools, machine tools), more uniform loading, laundry service workers, the removal of ANY KIND the unnecessary operations, pre-treatment, etc.

I do not write here in any detail. If for you it is important, the literature on this subject quite a lot. Importantly do not forget that the acceleration should bring you money and not be an end in itself.

– work qualitatively .

Here, of course, a high quality, meant an extremely wide range of topics that value (or potentially may appreciate) your customers, not your understanding as a specialist. Quality – it may be beautiful, without mistakes, fast, reliable, easy to operate, the possibility of reducing the tax base, etc.

Important in this regard is not repelled by your perception of better and better on some of the clients (to please everyone is impossible).

How can you work well? There also plenty of techniques. For example, analysis of the most frequent errors, the purchase better quality material (perhaps partially) or hardware (perhaps partially). Again, a lot of literature.

Again, keep in mind that quality is not an end in itself but a means to make money.

– To work so that it is easier to convince potential customers to give you money.

Surprisingly, both are quite good (quick and reliable) working people and organizations completely fail the stage when it is necessary to convince a potential customer to give money.

At the same time I do not even speak about complex sales techniques. I meet often so that the designer can show samples of their work and the builder can not show pictures of the Elite, which he did.

The consequence of course, is the large number of “empty” campaigns to potential customers (loss of time and money), the need to reduce prices (direct loss of money), partial pressure of work (losing money).

As this issue still highly dependent on the specifics, then I will not describe in detail what to do.

So, I gave some examples of the skills that will help you to extract more money from the same work. Of course, there is only a limited list. Just here include advertising skills, ability to make the right selection, the ability to properly set prices, etc.

The main thing is to always think about how it will or even can bring money with minimal investment of time and money.

If you can do something about these skills well, and you are a business owner, it is immediately impact on your earnings almost instantly. If you are an employee and you know how to make money for your business, sooner or later, but you definitely will not pay more in this area, because in the other.

In other words, if you know how to make money (easy, guaranteed, quickly, inexpensively), then you will definitely be earning more or much more. (Depends on your self-confidence, the market, the possibility of replacing you, etc.) And the more earn, the more increases the chance to become financially independent.

So, learning to make money (here only to some extent can be attributed Training) – is an essential component of high incomes and financially independence.

Just think about one simple idea. At the same skills and ability to work, the income could easily differ significantly. To achieve this, we must not only learn to work well, but also to extract from their work the maximum amount of money.

Third, we must work for the long term .

Of course – it is a conditional rule. Need to simultaneously work on a short-term, that is to do what you need today and in a few weeks. However, short-term work all (rarely manages to work only for the sake of a bright future), so this was not even going to dwell.

But the long-term work a few (or, at least, are working properly)

Those who work for the long term almost always make more money than those who do not. What does the difference in income can be enormous, that is, at times, or even thousands of times.

What is work for the long term? Here are a few examples to make it clear.

Reputation and money today .

Reputation, strong brand or even some words, but their meaning in one. Person or organization invested money, time and effort to remember their names among a particular group of people (could be broad, and can be very narrow) with some kind of hand.

And if there was a certain reputation, it begins to live his life, already separated from the facts themselves (within reason). And when the question arises as to whom to give the money, the choice comes down in favor of someone they know, in principle, or better yet know the good side. This is especially true in the services and products, where the choice is complex and not obvious (the surgeon, not the car), and the road mistakes, but also in other areas of the same acts, though not so much.

Recipe reputation formation is simple, but very few people use it. The reason is that few people are willing or able to look a few years ahead.

After all, many people simply want to “cut the dough” right now, even if it is obviously adversely folded on his reputation (that is, to take up some business with no experience, resources, etc., if only to get the money today).

5 Ways to Become Financially Independent

In addition, the reputation or brand require investments of money and effort over several years before the results appear. Maybe you need to write 100 articles, put them in 100 magazines, websites, pay for it (a few years, of course). All of these or other methods require a lot of effort today, but the result will manifest more money soon.

So, in fact, very few people have a good reputation, from which you can extract money.

Predicting the development of the industry or profession .

In general, the money in any profession or industry are moving according to certain laws. First profession need very little and have to explain why this service is 100 times, but there is no competition. Then, abruptly, there is a demand (time hack loot) when prices are high, then the competition will appear gradually, but the market is growing and the money can be relatively easy to make.

The next step – this is where the market continues to grow, but the competition gets bigger or they become larger and more professional. At this stage, it is hard for beginners to enter the profession (industry), and even those who have been on the market it becomes more difficult to make because of the competition.

The next stage – a decline in the market with great competition. At this stage to make at least something can be just the leaders. The rest lose money.

As practice shows, many do not even try to look at their profession or business through this scheme. But if you give it a little time, it becomes immediately clear that, in any direction of your efforts are futile, and somewhere it is necessary to increase investment of effort and money and get easy money.

All of course, impossible to predict. But there is enough studied patterns. If you use them, you will earn more and more easily.

You just need to invest time and money in themselves and (or) their business .

This is the most obvious idea of all of the above. Invest in something that has the potential to bring the money, efforts and time. At least something. Somehow try to measure the impact. Identify working and non-working.

If you do this on a regular basis with respect, you already see in the long term.

Fourth, we must not rest on the non-working methods, projects .

In fact, earning money and gaining financially independence and success – is to identify those methods (or by copying itself), which bring money with the least consumption of their time, energy and money. This is what we talked about above in learning.

However, the second, no less important way – it is the fastest possible rejection of projects that do not work (do not work).

Stuck on the failed projects, which you have given a lot of time, we put a lot of energy that nourish your hopes and expectations cause of your loved ones (press releases, etc.) – this is one of the main reasons for failure to increase revenue.

It can manifest itself in many different ways. For example, in the reluctance to give up the profession (the company), which you have given 5 years and 5 years of the Institute for the experience, despite the fact that wages in her low and no progress is not expected. It may be a new area of business, branch, customer, on which you lay a lot of hope, but that does not bring results.

In general, no matter what it is the specific project. The main thing is that it is not profitable (of little) by itself does not grow (or grows only at high infusion) and the apparent prospects of the project no.

But from such projects it is necessary to give up, especially if they take a decent amount of time. Often in such cases, it seems that just about, you need to push a little more, a little better, to forge, to take and everything goes well. But such illusions usually never come true. On the contrary, they eat up a lot of your time, nerves and money.

And usually obvious. You must be able to abandon the failed projects, in spite of the fact that you have invested a lot of time in them, despite the fact that their closure would bring the people’s discontent, although in general any circumstances. Closing can be softer, stretch of time, shift responsibility to someone else, and so on, but it’s a tactic. The main thing is that the project needs to be closed.

In general, if you want to become financially independent and successful, to make good money, then it should be one of your major skills. Unsuccessful projects will always be and, as a rule, the majority. And you have to learn not to invest in the initial stage in which a lot of effort and time to throw.

This technique is quite simple in theory, but its application in practice often leads to difficulties. After a project – this is your life. This is the life of any other people. And if you give up something, then you can be called a coward, you can call a traitor, not knowing how to persevere and even something like this.

However, cowardice – it’s just the inability to give up something unfortunate. Fear admit to yourself and others that you have failed. Fear of open conflict with others.

And it seems, come today to postpone the closure of the project tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow. May itself something and happen. However, in 99.9% of cases, nothing happens. The project itself is gradually stalls, but during his slow death, he can take a lot of money, time and nerves. And if a few such projects? (What is most often the case)

So think carefully what you do in a month?

What business do you devote time and attention?

It does give that which you pay attention to the expected result or not? Why?

Can I do something for the sharp jump in? If not, then maybe it makes sense to stop over notoriously unsuccessful project?

It might seem like just remove non-performing projects and concentrate on working. In fact – this is one of the most difficult policy issues predetermine in many ways the answer to whether or not a successful person in your life (or business), or it will not be successful. (Mediocre success) Resolving this issue requires independent thinking and a certain firmness of character.

If you are on the move will be able to identify successful and unsuccessful projects, as well as to have the courage to abandon the failed projects, the limit of your success will be the only space.

Fifth – Limiting costs.

This sad point that most of the financially losers trying to quickly flip through and find another fantastic recipe for success. For some reason the majority of losers expenditure restraint is not even considered as a recipe for financially independence.

In part I agree with that. Sometimes it is much easier to increase revenues. Sometimes it is easier to work harder, work efficiently, to use other means of selling or promoting their or other people’s services.

5 Ways to Become Financially Independent

After all these efforts, you can sometimes increase revenue several times in just a year or couple of years. And then often comes euphoria. It was me, it was a lot of people and businesses. When the money goes, it seems that there is no special meaning to control costs.

And so are bought on credit cars and apartments, hired people who buy related businesses or new directions open. Payback is not particularly considered. No one particularly does not try to understand what will be recouped even in the case of small enterprises crisis. (The crisis – a reduction of income and is generally not possible to take a new loan).

And due to the cyclicality of human development, industry, profession and life in general, sooner or later, but the crisis comes. At this point, it all depends on your previous behavior and particularly the ability to control costs. If you are in control of them, that nothing terrible happens.

If not, then we have literally “cut to the quick.” That is, to sell on the cheap real estate, cars, profitable enterprises. Dismiss the remarkable and, in principle, very right people. Expose their suppliers and not to pay them money. I’m not talking about the little things like the delay of salaries and other payments.

Such crises in my memory dare not small enough wealthy people and prosperous businesses. If you think that it’ll never touch, it means that you are too inexperienced in the life (of employees in large enterprises) or are too young.

But I tell you that if you want your financially success was stable, then you need to control your expenses and have cash reserves. I understand that this is not a breakthrough strategy. I understand that it’s boring. I understand that it takes effort and a special type of thinking like asceticism.

However, without controlling costs sooner or later, but your financially independence and income will fall apart.

So, I gave five ways on how to become financially independent and successful. These methods are fundamental. That is almost impossible to become successful without having the skills in each of these methods succeed at least at the primary level. Therefore, study them, try to apply them in life, and you will surely achieve greater success than it is now. Much more.


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