Summer Vacation Ideas

Summer Vacation Ideas

Where to go for a vacation in the summer? This question is raised in anticipation of the upcoming season, many. According to statistics, the majority of Russians prefer to take a vacation at this time of year, but you can arrange a summer, even in winter, go somewhere on the island. For example, such a place is Barbados.

Someone there wants to finally get some sleep, others yearned for nightlife – clubs and dance until the morning, others want only one thing – to swim and sunbathe, and a fourth riding for a new love.

The most popular summer pastime among Russian tourists is the beach. It remains only to choose where to go on holiday in the summer. Of course, the answer to this question depends, first of all, on the financial possibilities. Someone Maldives crayons, and other glad river in a nearby village.

It is also important not to be mistaken with the resort. There are countries where the summer is very hot. For example, the United Arab Emirates. My colleague last year went to Egypt. During the ten days of rest, they never left the hotel room – so the heat was on the street. Therefore, the choice of the place must be approached responsibly and not to act according to the principle: “Then we shall understand” to get on vacation the most use and enjoyment.

My husband and I also plan to go to the sea in the summer. Just have not decided on the month, it will be in June, July or August. Usually we went to rest in the fall, when at home is cold, gray and rainy. But we decided this year to change the tradition. Of course, I freaked. And what the girl did not survive in my shoes ?! Including planning a vacation. So I already asked the travel agency to find out in which countries are best to go for a vacation in the summer. The manager got experienced. It made recommendations for each month. Them and I want to share with you. I think that this information is useful to all future holiday-makers! So, where to relax in the summer?


In the first month of the long-awaited summer holiday destinations choice is not so great, because the sea is not everywhere yet warmed to a comfortable temperature. The warmest is in …


This country is loved by many, especially like it for couples with children. It has everything for a memorable vacation: beautiful sea, beautiful nature, mild climate, delicious cuisine, and the language do not have problems. Many residents speak Russian in Bulgaria.

A popular holiday destination is Albena. Resort captivates a glance. He is buried in flowers, beaches are sandy and the water is incredibly clear, a lot of lagoons. Everyone will find in Albena entertainment to taste: the resort a great selection of attractions, discos, restaurants. A nice bonus for those who can not imagine vacation without relaxation procedures. Many hotels have Albena SPA-zone, where you can pamper yourself with massages, body wraps and other care products. (By the way, you can arrange SPA and at home.

Summer Vacation Ideas

On average, the tour in Bulgaria costs 20 000 rubles per person. To visit the country need a visa. The cost is given for 2014


Spain is popular with tourists from all over the world due to the stunning beaches. The coast here stretches for 5000 kilometers. In June, a vacation in Spain is especially nice, since the sea is already well warmed, and the influx of people, which is usually in July and August, no. Highly praised Costa Dorada – the south coast of Catalonia, the “gold coast”. This name is a place has received the incredible beauty of the sand. The sea is shallow, well-equipped beaches, hotels and cozy with good food. What else do you need for happiness?

Separately say about the famous Port Aventura Theme Park Spanish (located in Salou). There are five fabulous worlds: Mexico, Polynesia, the Mediterranean, the Wild West and China. Each day pass for theatrical performances in national costumes that convey the spirit of the country and acquainting with its past. But the main attraction of Port Aventura – it rides. The most prominent is “Dragon Khan” – the biggest rollercoaster in Europe.

If you go to Spain in early June, you can visit one of the most important national holidays – the body and blood of Christ. It is celebrated on 3 June. On this day all Spanish towns decorated with garlands, crackers and fresh flowers, walk the streets puppets, musicians, dancers and magicians.

Summer Vacation Ideas

Tour of Spain will cost about 25 thousand rubles per person. To visit the country require a visa.


The climate of the south-eastern part of the island of Cyprus (this Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Famagusta, etc.) Dry and healing. You can come here not only for the summer holidays, but also for the purpose of rehabilitation.

Cyprus is very comfortable. It is home to the friendly people, the sea is clear, there are many interesting trips. Most hotels, even three-star, located on the first line, which is certainly convenient. This is not advertising, but the travel agency where I addressed, and on the websites of travel, tourists are lauded Atlantica Oasis Hotel 4 *.

Summer Vacation Ideas

on holiday in Cyprus, prices start from 20 000 rubles per person. Russians need a visa.


This month, holidaymakers have a lot everywhere. All in a hurry to escape from the stifling cities closer to the water and nature. The choice of holiday destinations is much higher than in June, because the sea is warm. Where to go in July?


Welcome to the blue-green edge of the sea, golden beaches and tropical palm trees! Crete is the most popular tourist destination Greek island. You’ll feel great here, even in the height of summer thanks to the dry climate.

By the way, if you have long wanted to eat but did not, a trip to Crete may become the “Monday”, with which we like to start a new life. Cretans have good health and live a long time, and it’s all thanks to his diet. Their menu is dominated by vegetables, fruits, seafood and olive oil. So vacation in Crete will triple benefit from these products, you will lose weight, get used to a correct diet and dial the new experiences.

Summer Vacation Ideas

Local people kindly and friendly to Russian tourists, which, of course, also makes Crete attractive to travelers. Vouchers are an average of 20 000 thousand per person. Schengen visa is required.


Distinctive features of Tunisia – a mild climate, equipped sandy beaches with shallow entry into the sea, which is especially appreciated by families with children, modern hotels, interesting excursions. Get acquainted with the flora and fauna of Tunisia will allow walks ATV. You will plunge into the wonderful world of African nature.

The only negative holiday in Tunisia in July that almost all the plants have withered. No brightness and colors. But this is offset by the warm sea.

Arabs in Tunisia are not as intrusive as in Egypt. They offer their products, but do not insist on buying and do not run after you catch up, if only you purchased item. Many of the local population passably speak Russian.

Especially recommended hotels Marhaba Royal Salem 4 * and 3 * Marhaba Salem. These two hotels are located in one place, they have a common territory and infrastructure. Exceptions are restaurants: they each have their own hotel. Hotels worthy, and, in the opinion of the majority in the Marhaba Salem 3 * local flavor is felt more than “four”. Important information for sweet lovers. Close to this complex is the famous Italian ice cream shop with an incredibly delicious desserts.

Summer Vacation Ideas

Tour in Tunisia will cost 20-25 000 thousand per person.  


Loved by many and is very popular with our visitors the country for summer holidays. Famous all inclusive, a short hop, and low prices for tickets (you can fly over 7000 rubles per person) attract every year more and more Russians. The most popular resorts on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey are Kemer, Bildibi, Antalya, Side, Manavgat, Alanya.

Summer Vacation Ideas

On the other hand, Turkey is washed by the Aegean Sea. Many believe thence resorts more boring than the Mediterranean. If you decide to go to the Aegean coast, look for Marmaris, Izmir, Fethiye.


Last summer month. If you have been putting off a vacation, it’s time to pack your bags. It’s time to relax, gain strength before the long Russian winter and autumn. We go to …


A country with a rich culture, beautiful architecture, shops where you can buy branded items at a deep discount, and delicious cuisine. Suitable for those who prefer to not just lie on the beach, but also to get acquainted with the historical heritage of the state.

The sea is clean, there is a choice of pebble and sandy beaches. Indulge in idleness a pleasure. By the way, if you decide to take on holiday with the baby and stand in front of the question, where to place it on trips during which he has not will be interesting to know that in Italy every hotel babysitting service.

Things to do in Italy? “Mirabilandia” go to the amusement park. It is located 5 kilometers from Milano Marittima, Emiliya Romanya region. 40 rides operating in “Mirabilandia”. Here you can see the stunts, laser show. This park is considered the largest after the French “Disneyland” and the Spanish Port Aventura.

Summer Vacation Ideas

The cost of holidays in Italy about 25 000 rubles per person. A visa is required.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is considered the resort premium. Here you get the exotic at its best, as well as complete relaxation. The only negative – a long flight. It takes 12 hours.

In the Dominican Republic a lot of interesting tours. Almost all of them have a natural orientation, that is acquainted with the flora and fauna of this country, not the architectural heritage. For many, this is a big plus, as we were tired from the cities, buildings and monuments. And in the Dominican Republic are approaching the simple things – admire humpback whales, or go to the cave, full of secrets and mysteries.

Summer Vacation Ideas

Vacation in the Dominican Republic worth 80 000 rubles per person.

The resorts in Krasnodar Krai

Rest can (and should!), Not only in foreign countries. Its sea and beaches are there for us. Not fly anywhere you need a visa is required. Popular resorts are Kabardinka, Lazarevskoe, Gelendzhik, Anapa. Sea in August is very warm, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and the prices are encouraging in the Krasnodar region. You can rest very democratic, an average of one person a ticket will cost 8000 rubles.

Enjoy your travels and unforgettable emotions!


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