How to Stop Gambling Addiction

How to Stop Gambling Addiction

One would think that the criminal in an ordinary computer game? Tank Battle, Shooting, Monsters, which is necessary to combat a single blow a virtual sword, yes, or simply some mazes and quests. On the one hand you have produced a reaction. To solve a puzzle and go to the next level, to have to connect the imagination, ingenuity and logic. What is wrong? And everything is good, if not for one thing. “Overseeding” on a particular game, it absorbs you with his head. I know this firsthand. And life in the meantime passes … So many you can catch, and you sat at the computer.
She used to be so fascinated by the life and adventures of the computer ‘Harry Potter’, that all thoughts were only about how to pass on how to win Voland de Mora, and so on. Working things waiting for their turn, tails attacked already on the heels, and I … I did not care! After all, there’s Harry Potter! By the way, colleagues guessed on my computer addiction. Calculated on the eyes, which became completely inadequate, glass, ready to look only at the monitor, and the housing body mechanically dodging virtual enemies.

– Download as something on his head and … tanchiki missing until the morning – shared with me my colleague. – Already dawn, already at work it is time to assemble, and I’ve been fighting.

Fortunately, I and my friend realized that really have become dependent on computer games. It is necessary to stop, it was time to get rid of gambling addiction. What actually happened, when all the levels have been completed. Download a new shooter or adventure quest would be simply unreasonable madness.

After all, the next game would be swallowed up again and the farther, the deeper you plunge into the world of computing. Get out of it more and more difficult each time. I know people who have lost their families because of computer addiction. If you are not gamers, but you do not have friends and relatives, you do not have someone to share the joys and woes, the problem may be in you and not others.

Perhaps women, girls easier to overcome this virtual disease and get rid of computer addiction. But the men, according to statistics, get into it deeply and permanently. And this applies not only to computer games and gambling in general. Compulsive gambling can be poker, roulette, slot machines – all this just as addictive. Do you think that you throw at any time, but no. Too tight game fever took possession of the body. The pharmacies do not sell drugs for a gambling addiction … Quit smoking now easier than to tie the game.

The player once again says to himself: “Well, it’s the last time. Here is another batch of one turn of the wheel and accurately all! “But it is one more time, and again and again … And many do not understand the criticality of the situation and the fact that they are in a gambling addiction. Well, he disappears for days on end in the casino, or hang in front of the computer – do not kill, do not robbing anyone! That’s it! But such arguments disease begins to progress and prove something becomes difficult to reverse arch man. (It happens that in the virtual world leave people with low self-esteem. The computer helps them feel not who they really are.

– I do not know what to do with her husband, – he complained to me six months ago, my friend Kate. – Come home from work, and sometimes, not even changing clothes, sits down at the computer! I told him: Vadim, go there. Vadim, bathroom shelf falls off, God forbid, fall to the child, do something! Zero reaction. Falls late, tossing and turning. When was the last time we had sex, I generally keep quiet!

How to Stop Gambling Addiction

And, unfortunately, these examples are not enough. When husbands and young people completely forget about their male responsibilities of family, children, plunging into the world of computer and video game addiction. And even if you can still get it on the day of birth to mutual friends, or on a walk together, his eyes will wander, remembering keyboard shortcuts and mentally working through the next level of strategy. He’s kind of you. But at the same time very far away – in the halls of the web.

Even worse, when a person borrows heavily. Sell first their valuables, then the wife thing, the car and the worst thing when it comes to that it is necessary to lay flat. I think there at that moment the man of the family? Perhaps, he thinks. But the obsession with the idea that everything will be fine, he played, that’s now just lucky, like a drug possession, and they predict the disastrous consequences of his act, he can not. Really – a drug. Player – comparable to an addict …

How to Get Rid of Gambling Addiction

Whether treated game addiction? Yes. The question is, are you ready to help get rid of your man from this relationship? The work is not easy, and do not expect that the results will be lightning, but if you really love that person, then together to cope with everything.

1. Only without hysterics.

Shouting at the player, to say that he did a damn what he selfish – it is useless. So he even deeper dive into your computer world, where there are no cries that his strain. After all, in his world – He controls the universe, and no one there does not diminish. On the contrary, he feels its significance. Try quietly, when the computer is not already on to convey to your man that you are losing it, that need his support and that the monsters, with which he beats around the clock, can wait, and you – no. You – a living person with the needs, desires and feelings. The main thing to say all this without rising tone, with tenderness in his eyes, so that in your face man saw its significance for you. Remember how good it was when you spent much time together, tell him what he had done, he did so-and-so, and that without it, you would not have coped. He wants to be a hero not only in the virtual life, but also in the real one. Men are very important words of encouragement, compliments. Then they will move mountains for the sake of his beloved.

2. Find a new hobby

For thirst hang computer games or slot machines in the world lies, of course, the psychological factor. Most likely, the man lacks any sensations in life, some achievements. Agree, among athletes or people who have interesting hobbies, players are much smaller. These people are constantly busy with something, and them in the head could not come to “kill” his time sitting at a computer. So maybe you work together to find a job that would have united? He likes to shoot? Go with a group of friends to play, say, paintball or airsoft! Firstly, it is a dynamic game, and secondly, communicating with real people. After the game can be fun to discuss what is happening, have a picnic, hang out with friends. Or, for example, a noisy company also arrange river rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, parachuting, to drive a quad bike, or – in general, to find something active that will suit both of you, or entice your man.┬áThat he realized that in life there are so many interesting and silly to spend days in the four walls of the front of the monitor, or to compete with the “one-armed bandit.”

How to Stop Gambling Addiction

3. Do not confuse the illness with selfishness

If a person, in principle, applies to you respectfully and lovingly, that’s just the game moved into it as an evil demon – is one thing. Throw him alone in such a situation is impossible. The problem will not resolve itself and help from your side a man needs. But if he claims that his virtual hobby and game addiction – it is normal that he has the right to relax after a working day – it is quite another matter. It turns out, the man puts his interests above all else. He does not understand, or rather do not want to understand that you are also upahivaetes at work and at home still have to cook dinner, help the kids with homework, keep house, and so on. Aid on his part no. Selfish and infantile subject. This you need?

Go for broke. Live a mom, girlfriend. Let relaxes the computer on. And if you really need it, the realization that he have lost because of some kind of shooter is sure to come, and he wants you back. But if not … then why throw pearls before swine?

4. Look at ourselves

Hard method. And you are required patience and artistry. Take a second laptop, load the toy suitable well, at least more or less under you. And … dive into the computer mirJ At least make an appearance. The question: “Honey, what’s for dinner as well. And if you give me the gulls do? “Inadequately mashite head, waving, they say, wait, here the universe is in danger, a dinner! Let’s see how much of it will suffice. Of course you also will not sweet, eating all the time anyhow at work, but it’s worth it. Besides, when your spouse wakes up and finds chaos in the house, because the last few days, and maybe the second week you cleaned – you have no time!, his patience will end exactly. This boomerang effect, causing the person to look at ourselves. After all, your attitude is absolutely the same as he has to you during the game. Down with the computers, and long live the erstwhile family idyll!

5. Refer to the skilled

Sometimes, the disease has already progressed so that neither the arguments nor entreaties nor your support is not able to bring a person out of a sleepwalker, and save him from gambling. Only a specialist can help. Doctors called compulsive gambling – Gamblers and there are effective methods of treatment, along with alcoholism and drug addiction. If a person really values you, he will accept your terms refer to a specialist. But then again, ask him about it should be no shouting and tantrums.

In fact, to protect themselves from the scourge of the life of the player can be back in time candy buketnogo period when you just meet. Responsible person who lives, not only their own interests, whose real-life principles is unlikely to be from dusk to dawn to spend time at the computer, knowing that the family is experiencing discomfort from it. Gambling can be a serious man, but they have to realize that the casino, poker, computer games – it is a swamp, which can suck very deep and quite simply bypass it all round. Knowing their weakness, why tempt yourself?