Love and Happiness

Love and Happiness

How often have to see a picture, when a woman says that she dreams of happiness, mutual understanding in the family, harmony with oneself and with life. Dreams of success, understanding, to love the hands wore, look after and care. To always respected, honored, and cherished holil and would thus still strong, confident, responsible etc. But what do we see then, after just such words?

The woman claims that sincerely wants exactly that.┬áBut if you see what she does and says? – blamed for the failures of her husband, is to call and negative words, shouts, arranges for him “beating” with relatives, friends and not very familiar people. Allows himself to be disrespectful towards him, often allows to break away at him and talking to him in exasperation. It can already call him “out of habit” rather unpleasant words.

And you do not complain?

As for his life, often aloud, complains, what her “problem debts complexity as it is bad that it hurt, who hurt her,” and so really, so on, so forth. And all this – most of the time, most of the conversations. And yet here are thinking, “I can not”, “I’m tired”, “I have no strength,” “I have no money,” “I have so many problems.”

You get to know someone in this woman? But we’re not talking about someone specific, we say, unfortunately, a mass phenomenon!

Hesitate before you say something or do!

It is important to understand that in fact you are doing! If people can often look at myself – they would not have had so many errors at his own expense, and they would have been happier in my life!

In a relationship there are no trifles!

How often women come unconsciously, how often they are wrong! Mistaken in thinking that they can behave as you like rude and disrespectful, dismissive in relationships with loved ones, and at the same time to think, “I want to be loved, I want to be happy,” and apparently did not matter how you’re behaving, it is still will be good. Nothing of the sort!

If you yourself do not respect my man, why do you think he will respect you ?! If you humiliate him, arranging disassembly, criticizing and finding fault with one-on-one and on the people, why do you think he will honor you? Become strong and self-confident, will try to do everything for your happiness and the happiness of the family? He or cease to respect you and to reckon with you, or become clogged and indecisive, it’s not every man can withstand the onslaught of the woman he loved. And perhaps all – go away! If “a joke” and seriously hurt and call him, talk to him annoyed and disrespectful, then how can we expect that he will understand that you have it in actual fact love, appreciate and respect and want to be a happy family ?!

Which is unacceptable in a relationship.

If you really love a person, if you want to be with him, if you want to build a happy, long, close, strong and trusting relationship, then your behavior completely unacceptable rudeness, insults, humiliation!

Even your disparaging tone humorous or insulting nicknames will not go to your pair good! In a relationship there are no trifles!

Even “small” discontent and resentment, if they occur frequently, are not resolved properly and are not replaced by something positive – the negative “stuff” tend to build up in your conscious and subconscious, and his. But you, and only you will be able to convince both himself and that either he “Slacker and nothing he can not.” Or that he ‘favorite and the only welcome and your hero! “

Do not sow the seeds in the mind of the beloved discontent, resentment and dislike, then it will be difficult to persuade him otherwise!

Love and Happiness

To live with love in your heart and words.

But the words and actions, filled with love, as well as negative words, tend to accumulate in your life, in your body and in your consciousness and your loved one! I think it is better to accumulate Positive and Joy, Light and Welcome! Much better over and “without cause” kiss, hug, caress, to approve, to speak words of love and admiration, direct their thoughts and actions to create an atmosphere of love and peace in the family!

And if there is discomfort or need to discuss something – try to choose words that convey the essence of the situation, but do not insult, do not raise doubts about your love. Try to speak so that it was clear that everything you do, you do for the sake of the development and strengthening of your relationship, and not for the sake of self-affirmation at the expense of a loved one.

Take care, cultivate and nurture their love.

What you focus your thoughts? Quite strange to think that you can influence your life, believe in the power of reason and the power of images, consider that strives for happiness and want to surround yourself with wealth, success, joy, and if at the same time constantly complain and think only about problems.

If you constantly put their forces in the “problem”, rather than in their decision, then we multiply the “problem”. Do not entertain them with his energy, better send it to create a beautiful life in prosperity, prosperity and abundance!

What we think, always bears fruit.
What we say, leads to certain consequences in words.

That the choices we make and how to act, determines our life as a whole!

So which way you want to choose ?! You want to get ?! What kind of life you want to live ?! – When you answer these questions, you can start to focus your thoughts, words and actions on what you really want – it’s much more productive!

Do not talk and do not think: “I do not want to … I can not … I would not …”. Better think – I want to, I can, and I’ll do, I’ll do, I’ll be! You can try to remove from his vocabulary the word “problem”, replace it with the word “objective”, and if they think and talk about it, then, not lamenting and complaining, and thinking up ways to solve specific, constructive, rational, real, available actions !

Think positive, talk about luck, act with goodness in your heart and be happy!

Mr. Manaljaw has significant expertise in representing life sciences firms in conducting world clinical trials and has portrayed health care shoppers in developing ventures in Asia and the geographical region.