How to Increase your Energy

How to Increase your Energy

In order to make our dreams and desires were filled relatively easily and freely, you must comply with several conditions – real intent, visualization, concentration of the mind on the goal, and as we said in the first part of the article, the human energy.

If you follow all of the above conditions, ie, you realize that your desire – now you every day for 20 minutes visualizing your desire, as well as write to the 1-2 leaf allegations that you are worthy of what the dream began to take action, but in your life, nothing happens and the desire and the desire to remain, you should do your energy levels start to recover energy.

You need to figure out if the recent (or always) your desires and dreams were filled with hard or not performed, but you will at the same time doing everything necessary, either in you since childhood literally hammered the feeling of “I am not (in)” or is your energy wants the best.

Passion for their work.

This used to be called a hobby. In our time, a hobby often gives man not only the energy and joy of his life, but including good material prosperity.

Analyze your life, whether enough time, effort and attention you pay to your needs of the soul? For example, you work as an accountant, and you think that the time and effort already on what is left. And your soul is so requested to draw. Or dance. Or cross stitching. Or knit the most beautiful, the best and most stylish sweater in the world. Yes, you never know what your soul asks. So you procrastinate and put off the need of the soul in a distant box, my heart every time is dissatisfaction and frustration, but it does not really burst of energy and joy.

How to Increase your Energy

And if to this general decadent mood and thinking more about how to implement some kind of dream … it’s better not to think better be engaged in his soul – or rather passion. It does not matter, it will bring you some “result”, is now the main thing is for you to restore your energy levels.

After all, when a person does what he asks of his soul, he forgets the time, removes tiredness and here he already feels that behind grow up like wings. Do not wing it, it’s your energy fills all your mind, all your being, and breaks out.

Your passion will give you strength. Suppose you are doing a hobby three, or two times a week. And you will be surprised that it is much better than doing nothing at all. And you just be surprised at how you “suddenly” began to appear forces, as well as time and opportunity to engage and fulfill other desires.

Repeat his success .

It often happens that the “forces there, the desire is, like, but do not come true, all of that you take, it is impossible” and the like, occurring periodically with each person things.

So, when you repeat the success, you are doing something that has long, easy and very good you get. It just seems, and sometimes heavily advertised the fact that a person needs to constantly reach new and new successes and heights, and then he will be happy. Nothing of the sort. I agree that the new targets must be set and explore new heights, but all should be the golden mean. If you constantly will only do that somewhere to move, it does not enjoy and soak up the joy of what is already able to, then you will constantly feel the lack of energy – or rather, lack of energy and joy of life.

Necessarily in the moments when you feel that nothing you are not happy and the energy you already almost gone, repeat what she does best. For example, bake your favorite honey cake you bake all my life, and from which all of your friends, family and colleagues happy.

How to Increase your Energy

Or paste new wallpaper in the kitchen, because you’re so proud of you alone, quickly and easily their kleite. So why not combine business with pleasure? At the same time update the atmosphere in the house, and at the same time once again feel proud of themselves and their ability.

And these examples to share with me my husband. Whenever he gets tired and feels a loss of interest due to the lowering of the energy level remains at work in the evening, opening a computer game, but it is not a new level, and the one that took place many times and where always wins. And the enemy is winning again. He can not lose, because he knows this level probably already better than the programmer who made the game. A repeat of the success it returns strength and energy.

Can result in much more examples, but I think you understand the essence. Confirm that it is best to get you and that gives you a real pleasure, and you do not notice fatigue had disappeared and in its place there was a joy and energy. On this wave is already possible to easily plan and implement new goals and desires.

Rest restores Energy of the person.

Rest – it means rest. For some reason, many people are confused with the rest idle time transmitting. Holiday – a holiday, and it is also necessary for all of us. Guests, friends, trips, visits to various events – all this is an excellent, one of the favorite parts of all of life. But after these events I want to relax. And speaking about the rest, I mean it is vacation.

Every person sometimes there are times when he feels that “everything he had to the limit.” And if this moment and miss a day or two does not rest, the body, and life itself will do everything to you “rest” through disease and similar unpleasant things.

Therefore it is necessary to learn to listen to your body, your body and your soul. If you feel that force you to leave, if you understand that everything in life was to occur hard and with incredible effort, if you realize that “you can not anymore,” the first thing you need to do – is to lie down and to lie, lie sleep, and then again to sleep, and sleep again.

How to Increase your Energy

I do not know where and how you will find this a day or two, when you need to just lie down, but try to find them. You know, I myself used to be that just work, just my family, I am responsible to the masses of people and can not afford to allocate for themselves denechki even on vacation. Well, I’m such denechki singled out the body itself, or I catch a cold or get sick began to spin, so much so that we had a few days just lying.

You understand that when you are sick, do not normally get to relax. Now I try to catch such states in the body and arrange themselves off. This weekend, I really do not do anything, just rest, walk and sleep. And you know what the best part? It never happened that someone could not have done without me. Or work that is not managed. Or home would sit hungry and dirty apartment. Nothing of the sort. Everything is done by itself, everything and have time and everything goes as usual (well, maybe at home more scattered things). And this version of events is much better than when I was sick for several days. That’s when things really accumulated, pets ran wild, and I did not know for what to catch.

So do not listen to themselves and their pretense that “the rest I just unreal.” Think about how it can still be done. And do. Believe me, it’s better than if a couple of months you will lay life itself “vacation” at home with the temperature in the hospital or even to something, but not for a day or two, and much more for a longer period.

Cleaning and getting rid of old and useless.

I think that if this article is read men, they can safely skip this step. So, cleaning demolition cabinets, cabinets, tables, shelves, etc. And not just cleaning, but discarding all the old and unnecessary.

I do not know why, but during cleaning and discarding old things, unnecessary documents, notebooks, magazines, things “just in case”, and so on, and so, it is at a time when we all throw out and get rid of old and unnecessary to us breaks the energy of pure, flowing stream.

And if someone still and the old wallpaper on the walls, painting or tiresome, and it’s all pull out and redo (who can, of course), then do not talk about. In your home, and you will have so much energy, that will be enough for the realization of not only your desires and goals, but also in the realization of the goals and desires of people close to you.

I do not know why, but it really works. It is necessary to clean the apartment or office, to throw out all inveterate documentation or unnecessary things in life begin to occur wonderful changes, and dreams that were inundated as if those unnecessary old things, go ahead and start running.


I do not know why put this item is not the first, because it begins with forgiveness and a surge of strength and energy. The main thing is that forgiveness was not just automatic when a person says, “Yes, I do not take offense to it (on it). I’ve already long forgotten, “etc., but somewhere deep inside him and stayed uninvited offense. After all, in order to truly forgive those people on whom we offended, who has made us sick, left a negative imprint, you need to do special exercises for at least a couple of weeks. And sometimes more if the person we forgive those who have been our friends and family man. Because we all know that the closer you people, the harder it can hurt.

How to Increase your Energy

And to forgive all old scores, which constrain and consume our energy, it is necessary to do an exercise in forgiveness. I repeat once again. If you do not deal with forgiveness specifically, it is impossible to just let go of itself offended. Maybe you have really forgotten what it was, but in your body were so e la pain in your subconscious mind was unconscious fear and all these negative things in your body so as to consume your energy. And the more you take offense at people before (even if we do not take offense), the more energy it took you to maintain negative emotions. And now, to restore your energy level, you need to get rid of unneeded same negative emotions.

It is best to exercise forgiveness described in the book. Or in the article “The Power of Forgiveness” . But for those who have not read this remarkable author or do not want to read a separate article, I will describe an exercise here.

It is best to make a list of those people who you once strongly resented. Or who continue to take offense, and right now. This list is only yours, so you can make it as fair. Try nevertheless admit that in fact, even in spite of the fact that you say, “I had been on it do not take offense” at heart you are still nests pain and resentment. And why should you? After many takes energy. So write a list of the most honest and include any of those people first, who was closest to you (or those who are now very close, but to whom you periodically take offense).

And do not forget to add to this list a favorite (favorite), and the life. After all, we often resent, blame or condemn yourself for some action and deeds. Therefore yourself we will also forgive.

An exercise. You need solitude and silence. Turn off the phone, otherwise it will be difficult to concentrate. It is best to lie down and relax and think about the person to whom you are most offended (or offended before). Start to remember the situations that have brought you pain and suffering, but try to have , as it were watching the scene from the side and say, “With love and gratitude, I forgive you, John and accept you for who you are. I forgive you all that was let go from his body all the insults, incomprehension and pain “ .

After that, just ask yourself forgiveness from John: “Sarah, I’ll forgive you for forgiveness. Forgive me for all my negative thoughts, and feelings of resentment towards you “.

After a stretch exercises, it is best to go in the shower and a cup of tea. You can also get some sleep. It all depends on how strong you were hurt. Who offense was strong, can be a violent emotional reaction of forgiveness, from tears ending protest “To me, God forgive, but never!”. If that is the case, in the first case did not hold back tears. And in the second, good-bye through the “do not want” and protest.

If you practice forgiveness regularly, then just a few days notice how your body felt as if it is easier. It will feel as though you have removed from the dirty, heavy clothes and here you smoothly and freely move through life.

Leave many diseases and ailments, and you will be surprised how much energy will return to you. And surprised at how easily and without excessive force will start running your dreams and desires.


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