Women and Happiness

Women and Happiness

What is Women’s Happiness

Tell me honestly, do you have an image of what is a women’s happiness? The most important thing in our lives – it is the images. Initially, the image within us, in our subconscious – and then, as a result of the concentration in a particular way – events in the outside world. After all, our world, our life is ruled by the images that we have laid in childhood. A laid in us from childhood image of happiness, especially women’s happiness? You have absorbed from childhood is an example of how to be a happy women?

We learn and copy the example of behavior and life scenario of our parents or some authoritative face us. And now we act, and act in accordance with laid down the program. We already do not understand, do not realize why we behave this way and not in another? Sincerely believing that we are and have in fact.

But if we asked for a long time myself, and if I’m happy ? What does it mean for me happiness ? And that means to me a women’s happiness ? What is the women I want to be? What kind of relationship with a man and with other people want to see in your life?

Women and Happiness

Often, as happens with us something “happens” something “happens” – and that “something” we do not like. But rather than sit down and rewrite inside the image that is the cause of what is happening, instead of all this, we just do what we say and discuss with other events that we supposedly “do not want” to see in your life. But is happiness to concentrate his thoughts on the negative?

We spend too much energy and effort to eternal complaint, discussion and gossip with other people. But since we do not achieve happiness. Happiness – it is necessary to create, to build within themselves. Happiness – it is quite possible, if the work on its creation certain amount of time. But for this it is necessary to concentrate his thoughts on the positive image on the positive and on the fact that good things happened that day.

If we focus our thoughts on the negative image of “all bad”, “salary is small,” “husband, lazy and irresponsible, overgrown child”, “men – ….”, “Yesterday I had an argument once again with his next, and so for many years “- and so on, we thus drives away from him luck and do not feel the happiness and joy of life.

Why do so many of us continue to think and hope that if he will continue to continue to think and act as well as think and act for many years before that, in life finally something changes.  

M. Moltz said approximately the following: “When a person thinks and acts the same way for many years and believes that in some” wonderful “time of his life finally changed, it is a clear sign of madness.”

I do not agree with that point when they say that it is necessary to concentrate the mind only in his dreams.

Before you change something in your life, you must first understand what actually we want to change?

I understand that he wants to change what it does not like! And that happens, the person focuses on dreams, concentrated, and nothing is happening for many years. In life, everything is as it is, and sometimes more and worsens.

– And why? You know, I spent several years trying to improve relations with men! It begins well, and then … there are moments when I start to “slide” in anger and trying to remake it … offended constantly on something … Even though I dream about happy relationship …

– Yes, dreams. I, too, dreamed of for many years, which ideally want to see the relationship with her husband, but it never happened. Until you start to change the parent program in itself. It is one thing – to dream and another thing – to live according to the program that emerged from childhood. We’s how it happens. The only example of a women is often only our mother, well, can still, Grandma. And how they behave with men? They are happy? They are like on a real women? That’s right, well, if someone was lucky, and they grew up in a harmonious and happy family. Then easier way laid and happy in life it will only maintain and strengthen. But if all my childhood, we saw how our mother unhappy father? And more often as it did, the women herself can not cope and solve their problems, she then begins to complain about her husband to her children. That’s daughters grow into women with already laid down negative and contempt for men.

– Wait … I am now, I need to walk around the room. You know, in all shook. I feel that you’re hurt, as you call them, the program, right?

– Yes, the program or course. It does not matter. In fact, the program in which we live, in which things are going in our lives. Sometimes that’s a person thinks that he has something to decide and choose. Hmm, the standard error. Yes, we seem to ourselves choose, but choose based on the mortgaged our childhood programs. For example, why we often choose to “criticize, control and customize” your man? Why do some women choose tyrants and certainly unfit for a happy family life males? Or why a divorce, you can hear the “right was my mother, and my father, and now my husband – all of them …. And … “

You know, when I saw a few years ago, it started to behave with her husband, one to one, as my mother behaves with my father, and how we behaved, I’m so ashamed of her husband was. You know, I’m, as they say, in their own skin felt like it when you do not take criticism. And always I wanted to be different, and in my family wanted to see the relationship, built on mutual love, respect and admiration for the man and his tenderness. I wanted my husband was brave and strong, and that I was a real women. But now I want to – wanted to, and nothing in itself to did not. And in that moment, when I saw myself from the outside, what it is called “hard” thought. Lasted six months my thoughts, six months, I analyzed their past programs and its attitude towards the people, and then, right now for many years, working every day with images inside. I take their behavior, what to do in any given situation, dial a few such situations, I remember them all, I remember how she came to them and forgive himself for his reactions and actions. And then I ask myself what I want to be and how to respond. And I imagine the same situation, only this time I change it yourself. How to rewrite his life. You know, a few months – and surprisingly, life begins to change everything like itself.

– Interesting. I do not even know. Always I thought that “you just got lucky.” Although there … remember, two years ago I bought a book Sviyasha. Yes, I conducted a couple of months diary, forgiving, and so great was live! I became really happy women. You could say that I began to feel the happiness of life! And then what, and then what? Yes, I threw it all. So back old habits and attitudes. And it was good!

Tell me something else, well, that you copied, the most striking example.

– Bright? Come this way, the longest time I was working on her femininity. As I already said, always I wanted a courageous and self-confident man, and marry this out. But behave with the start time, like a real warrior. Imagine, if you are constantly criticized, it is not so and that way, if you are constantly chastised, as in the first class – you’ll want something to improve and to do? Hardly. And men going on. Deepest feminine misconception is that if you criticize, demand to show discontent, the man will change and become a superhero. Then I realized that to my man became a hero in the first place I myself should become a real women. Analyze their behavior in the past and wrote in a notebook is a women I want to be now, in the present. How you want to lead? What I want to feel? What I want to be? How to relate to her husband? And he treats me? – Then I forgive yourself for past behavior and copied the situation in which I did not like my behavior to a whole other. In addition to that, it seems, and how I want my husband treated me.

Women and Happiness

Here I encountered the strongest resentment and resentment toward his father. It turns out that I have a husband to shift that feeling from childhood to his father. I began to ask myself again and analyze why I went to him properly, so treat? I began to take a closer look at their relationships in the family and began to see that my father is really a normal guy, a caring and attentive family man, and then I realized that, how is it normal when your childhood adjusts one parent against the other. Well, they have their problems themselves why – it is not solved, and devote them to my sister. So we grew up with hatred and resentment at the men. At the same time, and guilt worked to parents.

Then I have long forgiven her father, then her mother. At the same time, and guilt worked with dependence to their parents. My husband still wonders what have I done that I now have with my father began a wonderful relationship. Previously, I always took offense at him and remembered only the bad. I was so good and so light at heart after I forgave his father and mother, she sent them away from his life, changed her children’s attitude towards men and began to live my life. Only after that I looked different eyes at her husband. And with a look look at him now more than one year. Surprisingly, I stopped him something to demand and expect, and he took it and changed, so much so that I had to fall in love with him again! And his attitude towards me changed greatly.

– I only recently admitted to herself that so far in his childhood grievances dig. And with men always as if specially am getting to that, when they are doing something, and I’m starting to have greatly offended. And terminated the relationship …

– You know, you only charge itself does not run, you can never do that. And others not compare. You are, who you are and the great thing is that you reflect on the topic and trying to understand something, to change something in yourself and transform. For the first time, as soon as I started working with their programs, so many things “interesting” in itself discovered and became largely blame themselves. However, quickly I realized that it is not constructive and that you just need to forgive yourself and rewrite something that does not suit me.

But in general, everyone has their own life, their lessons and their tasks. And the time to address them. And as long as people are not ready for one reason or another, do not force yourself or blame. Everything will come in due time, it will not get anywhere.


Mr. Manaljaw has significant expertise in representing life sciences firms in conducting world clinical trials and has portrayed health care shoppers in developing ventures in Asia and the geographical region.