Travel to Germany

Travel to Germany

Visiting new places, we change for ourselves, unnoticed. We often find out something that we did not even suspect of before, or did not think about. Using new knowledge for yourself, make your life more interesting and better. Visiting Germany, I learned that for travel to Germany does not need a lot of money, also realized that you can even earn there.

Germany is an interesting country for travel. It has everything that can interest the traveler – mountains, sea, rivers and lakes. The untouched corners of nature, beautiful cities, exquisite architecture, many castles and other historical monuments. Before I went on a trip to Germany, my information about this country was one-sided. As a child, I watched films about the war and judged Germany as invaders. Then the mass return of the Germans and their families to Germany began, and I listened to the stories as it was nice, clean and beautiful there. So in me the desire to go on a trip to Germany was born.

I flew to this country with a certain idea of what I would see there. It seemed to me that I would get to the fairy-tale place and see some unearthly people. But everything turned out to be more prosaic. To my amazement, I was not surprised. The first impression is that I’m just in another city. Here’s to you a trip to germany. Around – the usual life, everyone is busy with their own affairs, rush to work, go shopping, stroll through the streets. People are dressed very simply and most often sports. There are practically no women in skirts. Jeans and blouses – that’s the main clothes, shoes with a low heel. In our region, women are fashionable, all entirely on high heels and very brightly dressed, brightly made up. There opposite, almost without decorative cosmetics, but tanned. They love the solarium there. A typical German woman is a woman with melirovanymi hair, tanned in a solarium, without makeup, with piercings and tattoos. In jeans, sneakers and a turtleneck. Women paint themselves tattoos in the most unusual places. Flowers blossom on the soles of the feet, lilies along the whole spinal column, on the shoulders, spices, necks all kinds of animals and insects, in general, a whole zoo.

Travel to Germany

During my trip to Germany, I stayed with relatives, so I was fortunate enough to know the life of the Germans from the inside. Not as a simple traveler and tourist.

What surprised me when I traveled to Germany?

This is the cost of water . In our country there are no problems with water, it is not expensive and there is always. At home, we almost do not close it. She pours herself while we cook or wash dishes. There, everyone saves water, trembles over each drop. For dishwashers use a dishwasher, it saves water. Wash quickly in the shower, it is also more economical than taking a bath. Flushing in the toilet there are 2 types, a small button and a large one.

Can you imagine an average Russian who is sitting in the kitchen and sorting garbage on packages? Products here, paper – there, bottles separately, etc. A German is doing this every day. Near the house there are signed containers, where it is necessary to throw out certain garbage. Throw only in your container. For the first time I could not understand for a long time where to drop this or that rubbish, how to distinguish what it is – paper or plastic, if both are present? It was a shame to ask a hundred times, and I began to save rubbish in a bag and throw it in the city in an urn, and it calmed down.

Everywhere smile . In the shop, in the cafe, on the bus. Germans like to smile, from this on the soul it becomes warmer like that.

Special attitude to children . Children are few, but for them there are many playgrounds throughout the city, each store has a children’s corner. While mom is shopping, the child draws or watches cartoons in the children’s corner. Various rocking chairs and skipping ropes.

Conversations with his grandfather while traveling to Germany .

Grandfather was 91 years old, he fought in the Great Patriotic War. His story turned my idea about it. He said that the Germans did not want to fight. They understood that it was futile to fight such a huge country. But who evaded, they shot themselves and the whole family. For the sake of the family’s salvation, we had to go to war. After the war, there was a blockade and famine. Food by cards. The war, of course, broke his grandfather, and he can not survive it until now. He only talks about it and only remembers it.

Travel to Germany

I lived in a large city, according to the standards of the Germans, 200 thousand people. The city is very green and filled with hares . Hares all around, on lawns, on roads, in parks. Walking on foot, catching them is forbidden, hunting is prohibited and they are bred in such a way that they pose a threat to motorists. Rules do not know, cross the road in unidentified places. Very often they die under the wheels of cars.

The Germans do not miss the chance to evade taxes. They use all sorts of tax deductions and benefits. Even if you save a penny, they will save it.

In general, the Germans differ little from us. The most notable difference is that we have Russians outside, Germans inside. They can think of you anything, but communicating with you, they will smile. Russians on the contrary, if they think badly about you, they will not communicate at all.

The Germans care about the same problems as us .

They fall in love, marry, diverge, give birth to children, give birth to animals. On weekdays they work, in the evening they are engaged in housekeeping, on weekends they rest with their families. They are more practical and organized. They have everything planned and calculated for a year ahead. This discovery was very useful for me. Because Usually spontaneity was my main feature. I did not plan, I did not even think whether it was necessary. I wanted something now-I took it and did it. Tomorrow I wanted something else – and again I did it. There is nothing bad in this, but if you catch yourself that all the time you do not have enough time and money, then this is an occasion to stop and think about.
Is it not spontaneity that prevents you from enjoying life ? Spontaneity is usually a spender. Having learned to plan expenses, calculating my needs for a certain period, I learned how to save money. Because For example, buying a ticket 2 months before departure, you win a large amount of money. And by purchasing gifts long before the holidays, you save on holiday wrap-ups. Etc.

About Russians in Germany .

Russian speech is heard from everywhere. A lot of our compatriots in Germany, someone immigrated forever, someone is studying, someone is working, someone is visiting. For those who want to go to Germany from Russia, I will tell you how this happened to people I met.

So, how to go live in Germany? The easiest way that many of my acquaintances have successfully used is online dating. There are many dating sites, they are free. Post your profile and photo and look for a couple.

With a successfully completed search, get a visa for the bride, or the groom, and leave. You must spend 9 months out of 12 a year in Germany for several years, after which you get a residence permit. A residence permit allows you to divorce your spouse, but to stay in Germany officially. Later, to obtain citizenship in accordance with the established procedure.

Another way to go to live in Germany is to get a job. Find a job as a nanny and a nurse, an assistant in the home – not difficult. Because It is expensive for Germans to hire women for this job. And by hiring foreigners – they save. If the well-known youth European program AU PAIR . Under this program, young people under 27 can get a family with children. They are provided with a separate room, food with the family. The responsibility is to look after the children. And in parallel, young people attend language courses. The payment for services is approximately 400 euros. This is already pure money. Because Live and eat with everyone and do not pay for it. Usually a visa for this is given for 1 year.

You can also get a family for 3 months. You are given a guest visa, it is issued for 3 months. Work, return home for 3 months and again apply for a visa. And so constantly, 3 months work, 3 months at home.

Moving around the city and the country is very simple , even without knowing the language, you are not lost anywhere. Everything is organized so that it is unreal to get lost. At each bus stop a strict schedule of buses in time and a detailed map of the city. The stations and airports are connected by metro. If you came to the station, you do not need to take a taxi and fly to the airport, you just have to go down the elevator and take the train to the airport. At the airport, take the elevator up. The transport network is well developed. Shops are located nearby, in the center there are usually several pedestrian streets, which are filled with shops and boutiques, here are cafes and restaurants. Very democratic prices for food and clothing.

What I liked most was architecture . Every house is a work of art. It is impossible to come off. And the loach, which wraps the whole house. Many roses, some houses are buried in roses. There are huge pink trees reaching up to 3 floors. Each piece of land is planted with lawn grass, it covers the ground like a carpet. Therefore, after the rain around clean. In each city there is almost a castle, in some even not one. Looking at them, as if touching a fairy tale. There once lived princes and princesses.

Travel to Germany

I also liked that people with disabilities, live in society, visit shops and cinemas. Unfortunately, our country is not adapted to such people, and they are deprived and often forced to live in closed premises.


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