Things a Man Needs To Make A Woman Happy

Things a Man Needs To Make A Woman Happy

“Things a Man Needs To Make A Woman Happy” – this question in different ways I have asked dozens of times as advice and personal communication. For example, there is a boy or a man, who met first with a girl / woman, and eventually married another. And the question with something like this. ” But why is this happening? Why there is no logic and justice? What does he still need to be happy? Well she would be much smarter, prettier, better prepared, etc.

But it is not. I (girl asks questions) much nicer. Definitely I’m smarter, better prepare much better know how to keep the conversation going, it is better paid, etc. So why does my boyfriend left me? What are these guys still need? I do not understand them. What a man needs a woman that he was happy with me and did not go away from me? “

Whenever possible, I say to them in articles and books. Of course, the main and the simple answer is that a man – this is not a woman. They may have very different needs. And what is important for woman who can not have them any importance.

However, this common word and in this article I systematized the basic needs (not declared and real) normal standard men whom 80-90 percent. So, consider a few important aspects that really needed a man from a woman to become her happy.

Things a Man Needs To Make A Woman Happy

1. A man to be happy you need to win .

A man needs a victory, probably not less than a woman’s family, children, stability.

Well, of course, it is not just a victory and bustle, bustle, overcome difficulties, and then – a victory. Winning in business, sports achievements, career development, in financial matters (and all that is connected with it), in the assessment of other males, etc.

If the man himself is not able to organize their successes, it can settle for the winning team (where he works in team sports or even your team on TV, Russia, in the end).

Man who are over 40 and who have already pretend to want nothing, only trying to engage in self-deception, not to be bitter. I saw dozens of transformations, when someone said that he was only enough and do not need anything more. Then, because of the different circumstances of life (it was nowhere to go) won some vital area and has completely changed. Again he needs results victory. (Obviously, this is a need and not going away anywhere, but simply it was dormant)

Well, since the article was written for women, then I foresee a question: ” Well, let them wins, I do not mind. And also here I am? ” (Woman that is)
It is clear that she is not opposed to a man defeated. (And then not always. Some men are afraid of success, after which the man can throw a woman allegedly subconsciously resist him.

However, there are women and girls, whose behavior contribute to the victories of men, and there are those that contribute to his defeat or the fact that he did not even try to achieve (that is, in fact, the same defeat)

In other words, women who ride achieving men and the more they resist, do not meet one of the basic needs of his men to he was happy with it.

And if so, can not get up the question: “Why am intelligent and beautiful, and he went to the ugly fool” ?

Yes, it can be ugly and not as clever as you think, but it does at least something to the success of his men, and not vice versa, blocking it.

Write in detail about how to contribute to the success of a man, I can not. This requires a separate article or even a book. It is clear that you need to be interested, praising real progress and even the most minimal effort, which applies to your favorites to progress, to accept the fact that a part of the family budget and time is spent on various strange things, etc.

But again I repeat. Success for men is no less important than the woman’s family. If you do understand, you’re already on the right track to ensure that the man had 50 years of your life together did not even think to go somewhere. You will understand that first of all a man needs a woman to be happy with it.

So, ask a man what he wants to achieve in life? It is not so much about the physical signs of success, as its causes. That is where and what he wants to win?

After his response ask that this be done? (Usually, this special training, business training, training, sales skills and the ability to lead people or something else)

How to make so that each day he singled out at least 1-2 hours to win? (Usually this is an exercise in something and work)

I must say that there are men who do not want success. Their self-esteem is so low or have any destructive parenting programs that they need, and then failure ponyt about how unfair life or someone from colleagues, etc. Yet a minority of such men.

Things a Man Needs To Make A Woman Happy

2. A man to be happy with a woman need protection from heavy defeats .

The heavy defeat – this is what can lead a man to a state lying on the couch for a couple of years, and perhaps even lead to the fact that he does stop somewhere to aspire to. It is not obvious to the end of time for guys who, for 15-25 years, but those who are older, I understand.

Therefore, the obvious challenge is to avoid such heavy losses. (Losses, of course, from the point of view of men, not women from the point of view of a woman -. It can not be anything worthwhile event) After heavy defeats a man may want to live a few years, or will simply cease to be interesting for women.

Light the failure, on the contrary, make a man stronger, adequately. (But it is clear that it is not a series of defeats for 10 years).

But the point is that a man, especially in his youth, rarely understand what risks, unpredictability, the need for caution and, accordingly, can not do the obvious things to avoid the most severe risks.

However, such quality has a woman and in addition, it has an advantage in that it sees from the side.

There should be an obvious conclusion. If your man is to seek somewhere to “get into” and “run” for success, then look at the possible risks. If the risk is small, then let him run, even if he can play. Even if 100% something does not work, but the risk is miniscule, but it is possible to gain experience (for example, entrepreneurial), you can try.

If the risk is significant, then make sure that the man abandoned his beginnings.

For example, if a man seeks to fight now drunk and “evil” alone, it is best to do everything that it did not happen. (Except in extreme cases), fracture risk, disability, etc. It is quite large. If he wants to sell an apartment, take more to borrow money and start a business, then of course, so it is better to talk him out.

On the other hand, if he wants to start a business with minimal funds or wants to study something that can somehow move it in a career that support. Even if it does not, then nothing bad will happen.

Many examples will not be given here, since you are a woman, and so feel better risk than men. Just at the right moment, or support a loved one or not. If you do everything correctly, then the man will be very appreciate your help.

Perhaps you think I’m talking about the obvious and simple things that all women and so do. However, I can assure you that this is not so. Most girls do not attach any achievements of their favorite any attention (I mean systematic actions course, not slogans) or did not stop him when he is clearly asking for trouble.

Things a Man Needs To Make A Woman Happy

3. Banter and jokes .

Without it, he will never fully happy. If you have ever seen a group of 3-4 men, almost certainly see and constant humor, jokes, banter (sometimes harsh, in your opinion). With rare exceptions, the humor and banter – this is one of the strongest men’s needs.

After all, our life is even full of achievements, in general, fairly routine and boring. Those who can support the laughter, jokes, always in price. For men, the reason humor (in their interpretation, the truth), for some reason, it means very, very much.

For example you can watch a few episodes of the Russian series “Interns”, where quite a few adults uncle just doing that joke and argue with someone, happy muhlyut etc. And it is foolish at first glance, the activity is the meaning of life hero. (And not a job or training)
value of humor for men (men’s humor, of course), in my experience, is several times higher than for women.

Ability same woman to hook a man (not too hard), discourage him hitting (it is necessary to do all of life, otherwise he’ll never be respected.

In other words, if one scales to put two higher education a woman has, the ability to prepare and clever to say, but on the other – the ability postebatsya understand jokes, general good humor and understanding of the sense of humor (male), the sense of humor obviously outweigh many times, not even hesitate.

Then the question . It is necessary to spend 10 years to 2 higher education and several years learning to cook (which is useful in principle, but without going over) and read a lot of smart books, or a couple of months on what to learn to understand men’s humor, humor in general, and learn to enjoy the good-natured banter?

And what will be the answer to most of the girls? Of course, you need to get higher education, reading boring books, to become smarter and do much more useful things.

Well, the more the girls think so, the greater will be such issues from the category of “Why I’m smart and beautiful, and he went to a stupid and ugly?”.

Again, I urge you not to study at the institute, stop to learn to cook or read a lot of books. Do what you think is necessary and important. Just understand that to meet the basic needs of men, these skills are of secondary importance.

And if you do not meet the basic needs of men, then it goes away. This is me, I hope, obvious.
Again, a little comparison . If a man is good person, figure and mind, but does not want to provide for his family, does not want to get married and does not want children, it is good if this man? The overwhelming majority of women of the cast, as if he was not handsome, and smart, because it does not meet the basic needs of women.

Everything is the same with men. What a man needs a woman to be happy? This basic needs.

The basic needs are met – it’s with you forever. Not satisfied, it goes really, alter, psychologically closed, drinks, etc., depending on the character.

4. A man needs rest .

If he does not give a rest in solitude, it begins to gradually stervenet and often the reason for this behavior is completely incomprehensible for women. The same can probably be said about women. However, the fact is that understanding the rest may be quite different in women and men.

Ask yourself what vacation is for you? Women respond differently to this question. This may be a chat with friends, it may be time to read a magazine. Some of it is even cleaning the house or cook something tasty.

In man, the good rest – it is usually silent, lying on the couch and other ways of doing nothing. And preferably in solitude.

That is one of the basic needs of man is to rest. Rest this simple and including a rest from the woman he loved.

For I still wonder how this is one of the most simple and obvious for the understanding of the needs of men so often and grossly violated. And it is clear that a man without solitude and relaxation begins to cling to and to find fault with you on every detail, because of which then happens ignite serious conflict until the divorce families and division of property.

Why is that?

Yes actually clear. After all, men need rest and solitude – this is not a trifle, but a basic need. And in fact it really is not that difficult to meet.

For the average man enough that he was somewhere in the 1 hour a day, and one time a week to leave it for 3-4 hours alone. (At work, at home or still somehow it does not matter).

It is clear that there are different circumstances (sometimes impossible), and different men, but try to take this criterion as the basis, and perhaps you will be surprised at the effect.

So, relax – it is a basic need of men. Typically, holiday for men – it’s loneliness or some unprofitable and pointless activity (fishing for example, conversations with friends, not what, sleep during the day, etc.) If the basic needs are not met, then a quarrel can be any.

Things a Man Needs To Make A Woman Happy

5. What a man needs a woman to be happy ? – Of course, sex .

Even more obvious answer, but sometimes woman do not see at close range. There are justifiable circumstances (young children, the disease), but even in these conditions it is possible to solve the problem. Sometimes sex is not a completely ridiculous reasons, like “my head hurts, offended or something else.”

But it is obvious that if a man leaving for a long time without sex, then after some time simply obliged to appear another woman (mistress), with which it will change you. And then the question may arise and how to really move to another woman.

To speak in these circumstances that a bad man, betrayed, or even something like that can be, and is likely to be a woman in his own right. On the other hand, you need to understand how your behavior is what the results may lead.

Meet the basic needs of men, learn it to meet your basic needs and do you have of each other is not going to go away.

In addition, man and woman need for sex completely different . What a woman does not need a man, and vice versa. Unfortunately, this point I just can not describe in this article, and I can not write a separate article. The reason for this is that the sites where frequently used words … etc. imposed filters “adult site” and then other information from the site will be virtually impossible to find in the search engines.

6. Man need to be a hero for his woman .

What could be the most difficult for a man in a relationship with a woman? What he is most afraid of? Without that man can never be happy with a woman?

It is not surprising, but it was “not to be the hero of your novel,” that is a man who is not a particular woman admired for whatever reasons.

If a man thinks he is not a hero for his woman (at least sometimes), it will not be happy and, most likely, will go with her to the other (starts to change, drinking, closes in itself, etc.) .

Things a Man Needs To Make A Woman Happy

This point on the one hand, is obvious. After all, if a woman thinks about a man (whether right or wrong) that she did not like the look, he does not like her character, that he did not respect, it is unlikely that it will seek to meet with a similar type.

So it is with men. If a man thinks he is a woman not a hero (whether right or wrong), it will most likely not even take care of it. If for some reason these men and women began to live together, their relationship never comes harmony, until the woman learn to behave as a man to feel like a hero. (at least sometimes)

Again, you can ask me, and I or we are women here with? Well, let it be a hero, even trying, let runs and brings a lot of production and will be a hero, do not we (women) against ?

However, the hero for a woman – it’s not so much the man’s behavior as assessment of such behavior on your part.

For example, he brought home 50 thousand rubles. The man who has earned that amount – he is a hero to you? Or is it a minimum amount not to starve to death? Or is it the background action, which need not to pay any attention?

A lot here depends on the woman, not only on the actions of men. A woman can be happy in the amount of 50 thousand rubles. (The sum is taken as an example), which brought the favorite. The other, and the sum of 500 thousand rubles. not happy.

Thus, a man will feel like a hero, when his existing personal qualities and achievements of existing cause some women at least a minimum admiration .

If not, it is clear that talk is meaningless.

However, it often happens that a male hero for the woman, but he does not understand, does not see or even think that the opposite is true.

When a man feels like a hero ? If he tells a woman about her actions, and she listens carefully, admires, laughing, etc.

When a man does not feel like a hero ?

There is even easier. Enough talk with admiration about the way of life that is your choice at the moment can not provide. Talk with admiration that you want to 3 times a year to go abroad, to live in a luxury cottage, to have a man, similar in capabilities to Julius Caesar, and so on, and he may think that is clearly not up to hero.

The same is true about the stories with admiration of friends and colleagues who earn a lot, have some superintelligence, etc. it is desirable to keep tidy.

So, that article does not turn into an immense size, move the small results of this paragraph.

Be a hero for women – this is an extremely powerful need men. If he feels that he will not deserve, do not pull, something that he has (not talking about the material more, and the nature and abilities), you do not admire, he is likely to leave or relations will develop extremely hard. Because state does not make a man happy in a relationship with a woman.

As in all the above examples, it does not matter how things really are. The main thing feels like a man. Less admire others appreciate what’s in your partner and tell him about it sometimes. That’s the whole truth.

Let’s summarize the article . Meeting the basic needs of men – this is what is the reason that a man appreciates a woman. This is what man needs a woman to be happy.

If basic needs are not met, then gradually increasing irritation, cold, etc. and an occasion for a break or an argument can be anything. Therefore, the secret is simple. Meet the basic needs of man, and, of course, be sure to do not forget about their wants and needs.

Mr. Manaljaw has significant expertise in representing life sciences firms in conducting world clinical trials and has portrayed health care shoppers in developing ventures in Asia and the geographical region.